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  1. Works out to be 50 chains or 0.625m so not very far at all
  2. Recently found this threat and I'm in love with with this layout, its just hustle and bustle of trains.
  3. I love just how much character that passenger train has, really shines on such a small layout. How did you make the carriage, is it a cut and shut of the Hornby freelance ones?
  4. Nice start, this sounds like an interesting layout. What is the building on the bottom left of the second picture? I really like the look of it
  5. I'm not refering to The Co-op but instead an actual Co-operative called Go! who were looking at opening the line in around 2011 as a shuttle service into Andover and improving the area generally. I only ever saw a little column in the local newspaper but from what it seems like they have all but given up on the Andover branch. There's only a little footnote on the wikipedia page about it
  6. Im really liking the bridge, with a bit of weathering it might look like the real thing. This is going to be a really nice module when its finished Thats the 2nd time I've heard about the line from Andover to Lugershall being reinstated, I think last time it was a northern Co-op around 2013 who was going to use it but nothing came of it. Though I have no idea about the rest of the track, the part visable from the station up to redpost junction (?) was rather weedy
  7. Kits are lots of fun to build (well the one wagon I built was) and also they're a nice way of keeping the cost down and variety up
  8. Progress has been good, the bridge is semi assembled waiting some black paint for the portal which I'll be getting tomorrow. I still don't know what to do with the backscene, it may remain white or I might try some watercolours on it, and paint a sunset/rise. I'm considering trying drybrushing to a wagon just to dirty them up a bit more and then maybe onto the scenics
  9. I'm quite the fan of shunting and inglenook and a nice start, I look forward to seeing how this progresses
  10. I've done a bit more which is worthwhile of an update, grass has been laid (perhaps too early I'm thinking now), the doors fitted and an image for inside incorrectly printed out. Both of the ends have been decided what they're going to be, the left is a railway bridge and the right is a factory wall with a window. I still need to decide how to do the right wall roof or do I just paint the sky above and forgo a roof there, and do the roof over the main building. I think buying a scanescenes set might be a worthwhile investment as the canopy doesn't look right, it might be the angle also I need to work out what to put in the gap left by the platform
  11. I like your idea of using christmas lights for the lighting, I'll probably end up using some but as I've all ready ordered some LEDs I'll give hand wiring my own a go. Also I have now settled on a metal bridge over the top as the exit
  12. I started a small static diorama on wednesday which will sit on my desk when I'm at uni and unable to play trains (not that it may last long) and also as a first try at scratch building and doing detail work. This is going to be put together rather quickly and cheaply as well, budget being ~£10 Progress has been slow but consistent and I've got a good idea of where I want it to progress and here is the current build log. Baseboard, made from a random bit of wood (MDF probably) with a cardboard sides Making up the platform, its just breakfast cereal boxes as thats what I have found around the house Jumping forward a bit, a length of peco streamline track had been found and cut to length and placed, the wall is breakfast card with metcalfe building paper placed in front, the roof is going to be metcalfe roof card but that might change, I am liking the idea of a second floor . The buffer is a shortened Hornby buffer First run at ballasting complete and door placement mocked up,the right doors are going to be open with a small view inside I still need to reprint the canopy as I made it too short before I can make it. I've purchased some warm white LEDs (£1.29) which I want to place underneath the canopy and inside the factory to provide a bit of atmosphere to the build Things to do: Grass on any remaining visable wood, decide what to do for the exit, I'm thinking of a tunnel portal but it might look out of place find a backscene for the gap to the left of the platform and the right wall weathering, I'll think about this when it comes to it
  13. I've just read through this thread a couple times and I'm amazed at how detailed and well done this is, even as a student
  14. Having just read through this entire thread, I'm in love with this layout. The attention to detail is amazing, I hope you have a great time on your at pickering. Also, what are you using for coal?, I'm in the planning stages for a colliery box file as my summer project and am curious as what other poeple are using for scale coal
  15. While looking around for inspiration for the shed and era I found this image of the SR (?) basingstoke depot in 1965. It suits the aesthetic that I have in mind for everything, Im currently planning on using a Hornby 2 road engine shed (R8004) and building on top of it with plasticard for the funnels or what ever they're called on top of the shed. Thanks for this tip Luke, I have bought some micro connectors, they are a bit smaller than I was anticipating but they should be alright to use. Also on the list of purchases was a GEM point lever starter set and 2 more levers from antics for all my points, they'll be used on points 1 and 3 (left to right on the track plan) and I'm planning on using an old H&M 2 way switch for the middle point to switch both the power and track together.
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