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  1. Hi, It's been a long time since I have posted here. The layout is now "complete" (although there is always a detail to add). The motive power has been downsized, no more SD40, GP40/38, ... I selected only 4 engines more suitable to a short line: SW8 (#8), SW1200 (#120), SW1500 (#152) & GP9 (#160). Here is the more recent shot of the layout : GP9 #160 completing its daily job.
  2. Hello, "LVN #151 & #149" pulling covered hoppers". This area is not yet finished, I have a lot of detailing works to do around the warehouse.
  3. Hi Wendell, Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated. :-) It's been a while I have posted here. The layout is still alive and I'm working on several new projects. A spreader truck has been recently added on the Grain Elevator complex. This area is still in progress. Grain bins and the bucket elevator are in place but a lot of detailing work is needed. The truck is from Athearn, the spreader is scratch built. West Coast mirrors are still missing and I have to apply more weathering and some mud. This photo was taken during one o
  4. It's been a long time since I posted here ... This photo was taken during an operating session some days ago. To be continued.
  5. Hi, Two pictures taken yesterday during an operating session on the layout. I'm also working on a new engine to add to LVN's roster : SD40-2 in "Grey Ghost" scheme. A lot of work remains to do (and many detailing parts to add)! To be continued ...
  6. Hi, andrew's trains, on 18 Jul 2018 - 13:36, said: JAMO, on 29 Jul 2018 - 23:24, said: Thanks Andew and Jack for your comments. :-) Sorry Jack, I did not design the layout for exhibitions. That will be too much risk of damage on it. My purpose is to preserve this layout in perfect condition as much as possible.
  7. Hi all, LVN GP10 8229 crooses the main road at Lakemont Yard. This road goes to the industrial park located behind the Yard. To be continued ...
  8. Hi Jordan, Yes, I like to know the real names
  9. Hi all, Thanks to "F-Unitmad"; Mick, & "Regularity" for your comment!
  10. Hi, Over the last few days, the layout has been totally disassembled in order to do some painting works into the room. During the building phase, I have spent many hours making all parts easily removable. All those attentions have paid, all parts have been disassembled and stored in another room without damages. Since yesterday, the layout is fully operational again :
  11. Hi all, Just a little photo ... To be continued
  12. You're welcome Barry! Hi Duncan, Preiser 28032 & 28010
  13. Hi Barry, The trees are made from Zeeschuim (= Seafoam = "Super Trees" from SE). Trees are first painted with a dark green acrylic color. After the painting step I glue a mix of foam, leaves and grass to simulate the foliage : - Foam : Heki 1611 & 1612 - Grass : Mini Natur 2 mm "Late Summer" (http://www.sceneryexpress.com/2MM-LATE-SUMMER-STATIC-GRASS/productinfo/SF00223/) - Leaves : Polak or Noch I hope this information will be helpful to you.
  14. Hello Mark, Thanks for your comment. I have got those cell phone speakers from a local supplier, but very close those you could find here : http://www.sbs4dcc.com/sugarcubespeakers.html I'm using static grass from Mini Natur to reproduce the tall grass.
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