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  1. Let’s hope there are a few more about next week as I’m off to KX on the Monday morning train.
  2. Never agree to part refunds. Open to abuse. I always offer full refunds and return the item only. This quite often leads to remonstrations but they then just go away and keep the item instead which speaks for itself.
  3. Been there and got the tee shirt multiple times. You will almost never win a case like that. eBay will almost always side with the buyer in absolutely every conceivable dispute. You have practically no recourse as a seller. All you can do in your neutered arsenal is block them while they gladly shaft you and walk away Scot free. It makes me livid. I suppose you could send them a piece of dog poop in the post!!!! (Don’t obviously - just chuckle to yourself at the idea of it! It’s very therapeutic l)
  4. What a bargain. Said nobody. Ever.
  5. Lol! Didn’t even realise I was watching it.
  6. Can’t knock the quality of the setup. Taken someone a very long time. Sadly under the illusion that hours spent can be recouped in money charged.
  7. I’m glad they’ve found a home. They are in lovely condition. That looks like a dublo starter set brake van in there - quite a rare beast. It makes you wonder how much serviceable model railway stuff goes to landfill every year!
  8. Yes and overriding lifting the trailing wheels of the leading wagon off the rails. Worse when mixing manufacturers.
  9. You’re one calendar month exactly too late
  10. I think it’s replica. Bachmann had twin powered bogies and Mainline didn’t do that nose end variation.
  11. Oh I don’t know! This is a pretty good representation of the 45 at the battlefield line lol
  12. Yeah to be fair he’s not a bad heavy weatherer and some of his items look good. A whole line of them would be a good backdrop. He isn’t prototypically minded though as many of the items are not wearing their ‘death masks’ or did not linger long enough to end up like that. Blue pullmans for example.
  13. So. To my slight surprise my experiment paid off and multiple listings of the same item guy came through. 22 complete coaches plus two for spares including some nice Chinese Hornby items. 27 wagons including some kit built and three link ones. A few broken bits and a nice but useless to me aggregate sorter belt. 107 including postage!! Result to say the least!
  14. Sold by weight!
  15. A third rail is really easy to represent. If you just want the illusion then gluing scrap rail to the outside of the sleepers on one side will look fine from normal viewing angles and will bug you less than having nothing there. For catenary you can buy really cheap laser cut gantries and imagine the wires like I have done.
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