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  1. Thanks for starting this thread. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to it’s resurrection.
  2. And all the other lost coastal branches
  3. Starting an airline is a sure fire way to end up with a small fortune. As long as you start with a large one. (Industry joke)
  4. This is as recently as 2006. Chosen at random. Happy to take requests on Counties if anyone interested!
  5. I’ve done that. Percentage wise it’s about 10. It wasn’t unheard of to have more than one shop in towns as recently as the 80s.
  6. A great site and my go to when looking for retailers. I often send updates as there are still the odd retailers not on it.
  7. The green TOPS class 37 073 was sold as such only as a mail order catalogue offering (littlewoods or similar) in a train set. I think it was to distinguish it from the main range 37 071 in more conventional but still wrong blue livery. The Irish Hymek had a Lima equivalent in the Irish class 33. Which also had matching livery coaches. I guess in those days they would have been received favourably by the Irish modellers as the alternative was literally nothing!
  8. Lima were good at that. 33025 and 87022 in large logo blue for example!
  9. One of my favourite models as a child was the Hornby class 37 063 in rail freight red stripe livery. However, I can find no pictures of this locomotive in this livery in real life that suggests it is a work of fiction. Did 063 ever carry red stripe rail freight livery? I know it carried the later variant.
  10. I have got to say though If I was passing I would still have a nosey! Even the ‘Model Railways’ signage is missing half its stick on letters.... It would make a good modelling subject!
  11. Hi Phil. I wasn’t sure how to get an eBay link from the mobile application but thanks to the guy below who did so.
  12. Just found a few of these on eBay. Resin kits of the ubiquitous ford Mondeo. Ideal for those modelling c2000 layouts as not available from the main manufacturers.
  13. Bachmann scenecraft make modern uk style figures. Very good. Also Preiser make a large range of figures. These are 1/87 but there’s little difference and I mix 1/72 1/75 1/76 1/80 and 1/87 freely to give a realistic mix of shapes and sizes like real people!
  14. I have some. I’ll take a pic of it next to some depot detritus so you can assess later
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