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  1. I don’t think the op is around any more as he’s not logged in for over 3 years.
  2. I like the surface treatment too! Is that sand or sieved soil or similar? Just needs some potholes full of muddy water and the stereotypical crushed oil drum !
  3. If the branches to Hornsea and Withernsea etc were around still when they arrived it may have been possible if still highly unlikely but otherwise I’d be very surprised as there’s nowhere suitable for them to work with their 40mph restrictions etc. They were unpopular with train crews as they needed two drivers when in ‘multiple’ and didn’t stay long. It was the loss of the branches that made the 14s pointless sadly
  4. I’d be in the queue too! An enthusiast and I’d love it but for the traveller or observer with no rail interest it looks a little …. embarrassing
  5. It looks like a Thomas the Tank engine character. Thomas ventures off Sodor over into mainland Cumberland and then onto the newly electrified west coast main line where he meets Eagle!
  6. Wow was that a regular turn? I don’t know why but seeing 20s on passenger services always makes me think third world country as they looked antiquated and inappropriate for passenger trains even back then. It may be that they look like the switcher type affairs that African countries etc use. Yes I’m aware that pairs of them were used on Skegness services among others.
  7. That Wikipedia entry is the basis of my thinking so yes that does suggest that Wikipedia is inaccurate. Having tried previously though I wouldn’t waste valuable time attempting to correct it as there is a hardcore of reactionaries on there who’ll constantly change it back again!
  8. I didn’t realise they were that high powered. There are even gaps in the 3x class range (32, 34 and 36) they could have occupied! Or 49…
  9. It’s a fair point. I think being class “31” rather than a 20-something makes people subconsciously assume more horsepower too! 11 type 2s but only 9 available 2x TOPS classes meant something had to give!
  10. I always thought that you couldn’t recover the ETH as engine horsepower on the 31s hence they were underpowered?
  11. Agreed it’s a potential improvement project but it’s too large.
  12. I’d love a Ford zodiac or zephyr mark 4 as I had both in the 2000s. Not a huge seller and probably more deserving cars but instant placement of a layout by era and a hell of an impressive car in 1/76. You wouldn’t be able to get away with H0 scale parking places with one of those lol! And if we’re being specific golf with black vinyl roof for the zodiac and anchor blue for the zephyr.
  13. If he was rude then fair enough, but if I was winning bidder on an item but it didn’t meet a reserve then assuming I was prepared to pay more than my winning bid I would contact the seller to see if any consensus could be reached
  14. Interesting to see an abandoned bay platform to the left
  15. Good decision. Dapol 21/29, Bachmann 24/1 and 25, Heljan 26/27, pretty much everyone 37. All the haulage ingredients are there.
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