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  1. I have just populated my station platform sears with an unearthed and very old bag of these:)
  2. I have a China-made Hornby class 110 with the ring field motor. It runs ok forwards and backwards in a straight line. However, when running forwards it will not go round a left hand bend at all without stuttering and stopping. This has to be some sort of electrical interruption but I’ll be damned if I can identify it! Any ideas? The bogie pivots on all the 110s I have had have always been stiff and unwieldy.
  3. I assume you will be making the figures slightly over scale in keeping with the toylike theme a la Thomas the tank engine? I would not like to try and scratch build 1/76 figures nor would I see the point given the breadth of products already out there! That said it’s your layout and scratch built figures is certainly a rarity.
  4. Truly a shame that it may go to waste. Sadly I have no space even though I’m local. Perhaps it may be necessary to offer the buildings and track to someone to try to remove without damage and dispose of the boards?
  5. I’ve seen nice models come from unlikely places so good luck. Post your work when done but I have to say those scales look all over the place in the construction set!
  6. Hi. Sent you a pm. Had to sadly dismantle my large WCML layout so have lots of track.
  7. I take it I’m way too late with these now? Dismantled the layout with them on and remembered this random thread!
  8. Hi Wayne. Sadly I don’t have either type. They’re definitely not off the car carrier (top left of the picture are the European and U.K. derivative of it) or the Br Mk2 coach as the spring setup is different. The grey and red ones are Jouef.
  9. Hi. I was sent a few wheels and bogies for a stem project a few months ago by a couple of kind souls on here. Let me see what I have (seeing as coronavirus has killed that kind of thing for the foreseeable).
  10. The model railway shop in Featherstone is reopening. Customers will need to use the hand gel station on the way in and numbers will be restricted to a couple of people due to narrow aisle.
  11. Found one as below no longer needed thanks.
  12. Very good. I always thought (having lived for a few years adjacent to the old factory) that the Humber name came from Humber Road in Coventry rather than The river Humber? Hence wondering why there was a Humber museum in Kingston upon Hull!
  13. Yes that’s exactly it! Imagine trying to access that depot and turntable if they were part of an actual layout....
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