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  1. Found in a box. I know some people like to put this sort of thing in one of those clear glass certificate frames to adorn their railway room wall. If you’re one of those people just pm me and I’ll send it free.
  2. Wouldn’t steal anyway given this is a public forum! Although N, 00 or even 0 would have been tempting lol!! Also these excellent 1988 railfreight distribution posters still in situ .
  3. Work has taken me to the faded glory of Dolland’s Moor in Kent today. In the corner of the office are these neglected and slightly damaged but excellent manufacturer’s models of the ‘all new Brush class 92’ locomotive and an SNCF 22000 locomotive. What a shame they’re unappreciated and too far away/ too large to liberate! The whole place has the feel of underuse as times have moved on since it was built...
  4. Some nice models thanks for the link. Now I come to think of it EKO the model vehicle manufacturer do H0 Scale paramedics too.
  5. Hi. I have sent you a PM. Thanks
  6. ianmacc


    It sounds like a lovely story. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not worth repairing as sentiment has no value. It sounds like a triang Set from how you described it. The wheels will be coarser and not run on newer track but it is easy to convert them. Just as easy to get old triang track and spares and keep the spirit of the original layout as it is. Please post a picture or two And you will get some useful replies. If you say where you live we can recommend local repairers. Welcome to the forum and stay around.
  7. Thanks also 2mm Andy as well.
  8. This is now sorted with a public thanks to griffgriff. Thanks for the help guys.
  9. Enjoyed the article thanks for the link.
  10. Permanent as it is no longer listed on U.K. model shops.
  11. I remember that as a young lad in the late 80s/ early 90s and buying old Lima models and getting them to test them for me in a grimy back room in the market! Had a western and a deltic if I recall. Theres actually a society shop in the yard at bury Bolton street station selling secondhand model railways out of an old grounded van that probably belongs in this thread!
  12. Here are the buses I have available. They’re unboxed as I’m a modeller not a collector.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I know preiser do a guy on crutches with a cast as I have that one. Match sellers and bath chairs somewhat out of era but appreciate the effort as I’m sure someone here will like to know that.
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