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  1. NLT to forget the old Hornby Dublo concrete bridge. Spray it up and it looks ok. I used an old airfix kit and made it appear to have received laterlife modernisation by trespass-proof side walls and track catenary protectors complete with requisite cone and graffiti!
  2. Kind of thing I was hoping to explore with this thread when I started it. For me it’s simply that there are a few shops in my immediate locale round Leeds that mean I don’t need to go to Harrogate or Huddersfield as my money is spent before I get there! Having said that I always look where the shops are when away with work etc to see if there’s somewhere different I can visit.
  3. Just messing around and thought I’d knock together a model model railway for a temporary outside exhibit on my Beatties store! Image of a Hornby track plan mounted on card. Ignore appalling workmanship I just thought it made a nice little cameo!
  4. Excellent work. That Sierra and the Vauxhall could pass for OO easily.
  5. Good luck with the bid and the SD1! Maybe you convert a Sierra? Can’t end up any worse than the Metro!
  6. My only experience of France was a day exploring Marseille after a baggage handling audit in the airport. There is a model shop there down a side street that was shut as it was weekend. I also saw a fantastic toy shop also shut that doesn’t look like it’s been renovated since 1975! I would love to have explored their ‘trains electriques’ section! Interestingly an at least one-time Hornby stockist. Zoom in for the logos etc!
  7. Just realised yes - mine are executive intercity rather than swallow. A Frank Hornby and this ‘Boys’ Brigade’ - an exercise in finescale modelling
  8. Looking again I think the beetle and the Capri are based on the wiking models as they’re quite accurate. It’s the cortina and metro that are home grown affairs. P and D Marsh make some excellent item so not denigrating them by any means but I think N Gauge cars may not be their strength.
  9. £272.91! My god. I really hope you won it. I think I will stick with my £30 Hornby versions.
  10. How awful. Even if he’s insured it’s unlikely he would ever be able to replicate his collection again.
  11. Here’s one in a set of six. The Sierra came with the two other 1980s cars as a set of three when new. The other three older era cars were another set of three. Also so there’s a set of similar era cars from p and d marsh but they’re terrible. Particularly the metro and cortina!
  12. These have found a new home thanks for interest
  13. I lived in Macclesfield from birth until about 30 and only realised this week there was then (and still is) a model engineering supplies shop in the town! Less than 2 miles away!
  14. Hi. Have a few old Hornby and triang catalogues/ Track plan books from 1974-80 and a Leeds MRC exhibition programme from 1979 free for cost of postage. PM me.
  15. I returned to my former town over the weekend and thought I’d pop in hence the post. The Signage was taken down and the interior gutted so there is no way back for it.
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