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  1. Someone else on here was after this exact model last year and had a devil of a time getting one then too. They also did 86404 (or 5) in the same livery. Maybe one of those and the requisite aftermarket accessories from Fox?
  2. Also don’t use friends and family option as the cover is lesser
  3. When they reopen I’d recommend a face to face visit as they are very friendly and well stocked assuming of course it’s driveable from your home town.
  4. The big difference in loading gauge between the United States and United Kingdom means the H0 and 00 scale American Locomotive and British Coach doesn’t look wrong. Other way round would be a different story!
  5. Good job. My attempt in thick card resulted in temperature induced warping leading to poor running (lifting wheel off contact rail) that is on my to do list!
  6. I did yes. RAF blue actually looks good on little locomotives now I’ve seen it. Wouldn’t have thought of it.
  7. The hopper is good. Like the scrapes on the side. Not sure how the crew would access the coal on the grey Locomotive?
  8. Oh well I’ve invested a tenner in plates and numbers now so I’m going to apply rule 1(a). That is milder than running a Jinty into saint Pancras international but still enough to upset the purists!
  9. Doesn’t matter I’ve found a set by Fox transfers of names and the numbers. Stand down
  10. Just bought the Hornby Stephenson thinking ideal for a 1990 WCML layout. Noticed it’s 87001 Not 101 and is royal Scot on one side and looked it up to find it’s a preserved Loco in 2021 guise. Perils of not being able to Browse. I can cover over the royal Scot plate with the etched Stephenson provided in the box. I also thankfully found that Stephenson had cast numbers so no need to scratch the body side of a 170 pounds Loco. Can these be bought anywhere? Don’t want to return a nice runner.
  11. Hi all. Bachmann 85026. Any Heljan 86 in intercity. Any decent AC locos for the below. Margate and Vicenza need not apply. For a c1990 WCML traction depot. Thanks
  12. Interesting, although the update I found was 2018 that’s still heartening. The model shop must have restarted too as it was downgraded to just a souvenir type tat shop attached to the layout in the early 90s.
  13. York Model Railway I assume and not the title Rail Riders’ World? That would be something!
  14. Reading this thread in 2021! Nine years later and it’s great. A bit like the fact that someone somewhere in the world is hearing the Beatles or Elvis for the first time :)
  15. There was a large model railway and model shop at the trago mills outlet store in Newton Abbott. Model shop closed in 1990 but the layout was still there a little later. Not sure if still there now. Also not far away was the Exmouth model railway on the esplanade. That was certainly still there around 2000.
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