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  1. Hi i am looking for two pairs of the old style romford outside cranks, flat crank with brass crank pin fitted, threaded to fit romford extended axles to finish a rebuild of a Gwr Aberdare, many thanks in advance.
  2. no problems just glad you got fixed up,have fun building kind regards Ian.
  3. Hi I have the same kit on the "pile" i can copy and e-mail instructions for you if you can give me your e-mail address to send to, it will not be till tomorrow morning if thats ok,hope this helps Ian.
  4. Hello i am looking for some brass signal ladder in n gauge to finish off a project, if any one has any surplus i am interested ,thank you for looking. Now sorted thank you
  5. Hi Tony, i thought that you would say that, have you got J Russell Gwr coach books let me know as a pal of mine has just on the off chance it shows some details in them,thanks for the good luck on the hunt,regards Ian.
  6. Hi Tony, if it is just the normal Hawksworth under frame details your after take a look on the old Comet website under Hawksworth 3rd and view the PDF for fitting under frame components hope this helps, i am after the Mopok Dynamometer kit so i know i will not have the original paper copy, good luck Ian.
  7. Hi sorry as it happens i do not have any peco ones left, there is a seller on e-bay listing them separate if thats any help,
  8. Hi do you know if they are the same as the Peco extension pins, i may have one can check later,i have never used Hattons motors
  9. Sorry Wayne just a try, if i see any i will message you, what models are they from/fitted to Wayne, good luck, Ian.
  10. Hello try elaines trains she has a web site and has a lot of lima ho bogies for sale, good luck, Ian.
  11. Hi Tony thank you for reply,yes i was lucky to buy one very nicely built at a show in the north east some time ago then i bought a batch of pc models with one F15 not on the list its now half built for the second rake. They do turn up built now and again on flea bay, but there is built and built, good luck in your quest. Regards Ian.
  12. Hi Just seen the kit you are looking for on flea bay has one bid so far, if it helps the number is 153922751552 ( no connection to item just passed when looking) good luck. regards Ian.
  13. Hi, yes I was sent some scans of the instructions which I have attached. The sheets were large and had to be scanned in sections but I think it is all there. I have not started mine yet, but I have just received brass frames from Brian at Branchlines and will begin as soon I have finished current project. Hope all goes well.


    Nu cast K2 scan1.jpg




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