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  1. Yes, that's what I meant. I have some bullhead rail and turnouts, but I really could do with a couple of turnouts that are slightly curved.
  2. How easy would it be to build turnouts that are compatible with the bullhead track from Peco? Pete
  3. The storage boxes arrived today. Yep, they are 20L RUBs (cost £12.50 direct from the RUB web site), but the pre-cut foam is what I purchased them for and it's good quality stuff. Compared to the foam trays from Ten Commandments (5 slots for £18 and no plastic box, compared to 10 slots and a 20L box from Trainsporters for £30), these are good value for money.
  4. I could've guessed there would be negative comments about this - someone trying to make money, how awful is that?
  5. I was looking around the web for storage boxes/trays for my collection and came across a new company called Trainsporters. I like the look of the storage boxes, so purchased three (OO Gauge). Will let you know how they look once they arrive. https://trainsporters.com/ Pete
  6. At the root of the problem is, of course, Russian interference.
  7. Anyone think we will get these by the end of the year? I know the expected date keeps getting pushed back - the Hattons web site says October - November currently.
  8. Try Orwell Model Railways, they have some in stock.
  9. I prefer oranges, except on Tuesdays when I abstain from all fruit.
  10. Thanks for the info, I'm going to get some too
  11. How does the routing work on a single slipswitch? I have a double one so know how that works. Cheers Pete
  12. Thanks Jeff, yes I have the info from that site. I just had a look through my paint collection and Humbrol 160 Red Brown seems like a reasonable match.
  13. Can anyone recommend a model paint that represents maroon brown as used by the GWR on their buildings? I have Phoenix Precision GWR Stone paints, but they don't do the maroon brown colour. Cheers Pete
  14. Where I live, there is a flue that goes up the chimney, so that's entirely possible.
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