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  1. Such as the whole shape and surface details of the different boiler, along with the position of the S-curve in the running plate compared to the lower front of the firebox???
  2. Have you by any chance fitted the castings for the shoes and pushrods inside-out? Unless those brake levers both (unusually) have reversing cams at the base of the V hanger, hidden by the door springs, it appears to me that they will release rather than apply the brakes when pushed down. If it is an error it won't be the only wagon model to have been built that way.
  3. For pale lettering on a background of stronger colour, could you match colours sufficiently well to allow a reversal of approach, i.e. paint the relevant area in the desired letter colour, then apply a home made transfer that is effectively a negative (like a permanently applied stencil if that makes more sense) to provide the surrounding colour so that just the required lettering shows through? Later added: Or for belt and braces include the intended colour of the letters on the transfer too, with the "undercoat" in the same (or same-ish) colour.
  4. Should I still bring that cornucopia of crossheads next weekend, just in case?
  5. Many thanks Jamie, that picture is good evidence.
  6. Hello Jamie and others, I missed the first showing on here of the 3D printed Klondike cab and boiler - I was away on a brief holiday. What's the source of the 3D print please and is the surface finish quality truly "ready to paint to a high standard" or is it strewn with fine (or not so fine) ridges? Photographs don't necessarily reveal such things. I've actually looked a couple of times at the possibility of adding a slimmer boiler and new cab to C1 underpinnings, in my case probably using a resin J6 boiler suitably extended, and resin J6 cab slightly modified. I even considered doing the conversion on a Bachmann / NRM base, ignoring the fact that the motor would not allow the boiler to sit quite low enough. In mock-up scale drawings it did not look too badly out of proportion. I might even have gone ahead with the project earlier this year, having enquired last autumn about availability of any suitable returned / damaged / defective "donor" models from Locomotion models. I accepted, and fully understood that they have struggled through a difficult lockdown, hence I was quite willing to wait so long as my enquiry was dealt with in-turn and not repeatedly pushed to the back of the queue. But I'm afraid that nine months of very patient waiting for an informative reply from them proved futile, despite sending them polite periodic reminders. I was ultimately forced to suspect that my enquiry was being ignored and that I was simply being "fobbed off" each time I reminded them. When I eventually submitted an on-line complaint all I got was an automated reply promising that they would be in touch soon - that was at the start of August and I've still heard no more... As I don't mind keeping my money in my pocket rather than buying from them, it's no skin off my nose.
  7. I've recently declined to participate as an exhibitor at a show next month, even though I felt I had something of a duty to good friends to try to help out at this particular event. Having done my best to find out whether the organisers were prepared to insist on the very minor inconvenience of mask wear by all visitors it seemed to me that they were not prepared to do so. I may be double "immunised", if it worked, but even if masks have an imperfect / unproven ability to prevent transmission of infection it makes no sense to me to spend two days trapped indoors in the completely un-filtered exhaled breath of any (or many) strangers who don't feel like wearing a mask, . My view is that event organisers who propose to allow visitors to simply do as they like are actually discriminating against those who would like to attend but who have a medical need to be maximally protected from Covid infection, and against those who very sensibly prefer to follow the continuing official advice to take care. Now that I'm free of the chore of the working week I intend to remain alive and healthy for as long as I possibly can, so that I can in due course do plenty of all of the things I enjoy. There's no sense rushing desperately / impatiently back into activities that may not yet be safe, so for me it will be only outdoor events, small quiet indoor events, and genuinely Covid-safe larger events (if there are any) until it is clear that the general risk of Covid infection has fallen, lastingly, to a very low level. A beautiful sunny day viewing the North Norfolk Railway steam gala from a safe distance yesterday was just the job!
  8. A brief look at the website a moment ago suggest to me that Scalelink wheels are still available. I'm well aware that they are generic, not esoteric, and have plastic spokes that do not flare into the rims, hence they simply won't be good enough for some with refined tastes, bottomless wallets, and a habit of using a lot of heat when soldering near the wheels, but they are self quartering, with a reasonably narrow tread and shallow flange, they fit Markits axles and they are easily tapped to take Markits crankpins. Having failed to develop any burning enthusiasm for Gibson driving wheels, and on account of the greatly increased and seemingly still increasing price of Markits wheels a couple of years ago, I stocked up on Scalelink wheels to cover my anticipated needs. I'm glad that I did, as they seem to have become less of a bargain to buy new since that time, and I'm not sure if long term continuing Scalelink production is assured.
  9. All relatively minor gods, subservient to the great Sod.
  10. Would the world be a better place if the name of the shark(?) who offered only £350 for the collection were made widely known?
  11. Fiddle yards aside, I think the question of "operating potential" is in itself an interesting one. I imagine that there are, among users of that term, those who mean totally different and probably incompatible things. Some are only satisfied if complete, complex, unfathomable interlocking ensures that every point and signal has to be set according to the real rule book or nothing on the layout will work. Some are not satisfied unless every move of a previously written sequence, derived from a real timetable, is executed precisely. Some expect the trains to appear thick and fast on a large, complex layout. Some expect all three of these goals to be realized. Having attempted to work in a team striving to do just that, with only just enough team members to cover "duties", I can only say that I find the experience of trying to entertain the public in that way to be tiring and oppressive - except on occasions when a prolonged failure or delay in another operator's section allows me a breather. I crave the opportunity to drive the sort of trains that interest me, with the minimum of complication, on the scenically realistic parts of a large layout, in a sufficiently relaxed way to have the chance to watch them properly myself too, not just to put on a show for the public with no opportunity to watch and enjoy it myself.
  12. Check your e-mails Jesse. Another Skype call in 11 hours...
  13. I suppose the tone of the valve cover on Queen Alex could equally be that of fairly heavily tarnished brass - but the brass splasher beading on the loco looks well polished as does the steel reversing rod, possibly the handrails too. Maybe that cover was just a bit too awkward for the crew to get at, so it didn't get the regular proud buffing that the rest of the bright bits did?
  14. In the photo of Queen Alex the cover looks paler, so not Brunswick Green, black, or any variety of red or red-brown. Might it be grey?? On the 2-4-2T I'd say it matches the tone of the green paintwork. Remember that the GC livery "rules" were slightly different for each class, they changed over time in some cases, and there's that historic observation of many variations on the shade of green on locos at Leicester, so you can probably paint the safety valve colour according to your own judgement and ignore anybody's claims that it is "wrong" unless they can produce firm proof of what would be "right".
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