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  1. Does anybody know a good paint match for the PLA Peckett? I'm building planet industrials' part date kit, and would like to keep the livery. Also does anyone know of a lining transfer set? Thanks
  2. Aldi have some Hornby sets on their website at the moment. The standard 0-4-0 + 3 wagons etc is a bit expensive, but I noticed they have a 3 coach javelin set for £79.99. I haven't seen it cheaper https://www.aldi.co.uk/Hornby-intercity-express-train-set/p/700103424284601
  3. Using this button at the top you can change how it is rendered: The translucent blue and wireframe options make it far easier to see what is going on. As far as I can see, they have just left some clearance around the axle ends. I would recommend looking at the models with the different renderings, you can even see the luggage racks in the compartments
  4. Hi Porcy, I know this was a while ago, but Ijust picked one of these up, wondering how you got it into it's component pieces? Is there a specific solvent you used? Thanks
  5. JIJ

    New Hornby Rocket

    With gears glued on perchance?
  6. Just perfect, I have been considering getting one and doing something similar myself. How well do you think the colour compares to the sdjr blue? It might be my screen, but it looks a touch on the green side to me?
  7. Hi Retiredoperator and Marc, The scale sleepers definitely add to the illusion, but I think the main thing is the Hornby track is code 100 where the rails I am using are n gauge code 80 (because it's cheap, and looks better imho), so the distance to the outside of the rails is smaller. Surprisingly, all of the stock I have checked will run across my test pieces without fouling the sleepers (my triang dock shunter with original gnurled wheels not regauged will even run on the 18.2 mm plain track ). I have started to place sleepers on the baseboard but I ideally need to g
  8. Hi Charlie, I don't claim to understand the intricacies of dealing with shapeways, or with rescaling in your CAD software, but would you be willing to sell the cab fronts for the 158 in OO as you have done with the 185 and 360? Thanks
  9. Update time! Over the past few months I've been slowly experimenting with materials and methods and improving my skills, mainly marking and cutting accurately. I have built and rebuild several times a simple open wagon that I'm still not happy with but I'm getting close to having something. Most of the wagon chassis have been converted to three links, which look much better than tension locks, and aren't that much more fiddley to uncouple manually. Here is a converted wagon chassis with another project, a Hornby railroad 08 body on a Lima 09 chassis: This evening th
  10. I picked my cattewater up for £15 last year, second hand (with slight damage to the glazing), but it gives you an idea of the demand... I was hoping I could find a similar bargain on a peckett, but no luck so far (as expected)
  11. Let's see, we're expecting something parallel boiler, inside valvegear, 0-6-0. Hornby have a preference for southern. And something eyebrow raising. An Ilfracombe Goods perhaps?
  12. According to Andy Cuckson's book on the SDR: "Livery for working locomotives was black with red buffer beams. Nobel's stack black and red lead paints... By the 1930s the numbers in unknown colour, but probably white were added to the buffer beams... In the 1940s the numbering was quite clearly white lead". This applies to both the Baldwins and the Kerr Stuart. As Killian states, the liverys were more flamboyant eariel in the railways history. The earlier Bagnall "Dennis" was painted in a larch green with red and yellow lining, Belmont was red lead, and Fernhill's livery was unknown. Th
  13. The trackplan will be unchanged from Jim's original, shown here: Here is a poor picture of the board. Apologies for the picture quality, I've never been any good at taking photos Next, the infamous airfix 14xx tank With the plunger pickups thoroughly binned, wiper pickups were installed. This drawing approximately shows what I've done. A piece of bent phosphor bronze strip, an interference fit in the hole for the plunger pickups, wiping on the rears off the tyres. The standard circuit, is used. . It does run, but needs some adjustments to the rear axle suspension. That'
  14. Hi all, Yff has made it's way safely to Germany, and I have created my thread for the continuation. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/137198-yff-continued-card-baseboard-transversers-and-three-link-couplings-in-oo/ Hopefully you will enjoy reading it
  15. Continued from: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/134882-yff-a-cheapo-cardboard-baseboard-micro-00-layout/ A quick introduction: Some of you may have been following Jim Read's thread regarding his OO gauge experiment, with a shellaced card baseboard. Jim is an O gauge modeller at heart though, and decided to give away his in progress layout, and I took it off his hands. Since then I have moved to Germany for work, and finally managed to bring over my modelling equipment (including Yff) this morning. This will be the thread showing my work on Yff as well as some
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