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  1. Testing is now progressing at Yollock Harbour Creamery...
  2. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction of sourcing a vacuum brake exhaust ejector that was fitted near the smokebox on all 0-6-0 4F tender engines. I’m converting a Lima model, and the part is fitted to the wrong side of the engine for the one I’m modelling.
  3. You wouldn’t think that such a “mundane” topic, would spark such brilliant posts. I think knowledge of the ins and outs of this is reserved for a privileged few. Thanks to everyone who has posted.
  4. A bit like my CWS tanker in the picture above...the weathering is not finished yet...
  5. Great thread and replies. Thank you all. The creamery at Yollock Harbour is under construction now to house the two 6 wheel tankers that have arrived...along with some nasty weathering... The base of the concrete enclosed trackwork is currently being laid.
  6. Hi Jason, Yes, I’ve read those notes, and they are a great help, but I’m sure I’ve seen a photo somewhere of one...prototype for everything maybe? The earlier Midland built engines were all RHD with the earlier tenders, so it’s going to be engine’s after those and excluding the S&D ones. Thanks for the reply. Cheers Martin
  7. Hi guys, I know that this is a minefield of a subject, but I’m specifically interested in finding out the running numbers of left hand drive engines that were fitted at one time or another with the earlier Deeley/Fowler tenders similar to the earlier Midland built engines. So it’s engine commencing at 44027 and upwards. I’ve seen a pic of 44042 with this tender, but that is RHD. i believe there were others that were also fitted but were LHD. Any help on this will be grateful received. Cheers Martin
  8. Brilliant, exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks.
  9. Did six wheel milk tankers from one company ever end up at a creamery with other companies tankers? Or were they all the same livery depending on who owned the creamery? Cheers Martin
  10. These are pics of my Brother’s engine. I think it looks a lot better than plain black
  11. That’s what I thought. How can they make such a fundamental error? Hi Jason, Yes the Departmental ones had red buffer beams as did the LNER ones, but what did the BR ones have? black as in the model or red...
  12. Hi Jason, Yes the Departmental ones had red buffer beams as did the LNER ones, but what did the BR ones have? black as in the model or red...
  13. Just a quickie and I’m not sure if it hasn’t been answered before. The BR version has black buffer beams. Shouldn’t they be red? I know the departmental ones were red.. Cheers Martin
  14. Hi guys, Ive just acquired an ready built 0 gauge Meteor Models DCC hard wired version of this engine and I’m wondering if anyone knows if a sound decoder is available for it. It looks a bit odd trundling around silently... Cheers Martin
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