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  1. 45144 at Derby 9th October 1987 cheers malc
  2. 45124 7/8/1987 at Derby. poor scan from a poor slide! cheers malc
  3. B1 for me, don’t think I saw or remember the L1. Then again I lived in the deepest midlands! cheers malc.
  4. Time to bump this thread . 45141 at Derby on April 24th 1987. cheers malc
  5. Most definitely the Duchess's or Semi's as we knew them. malc
  6. the signals add another dimension to the station pictures. excellent work, keep it up. cheers malc
  7. HI jay it looks like 68068 has retained its round buffers on your photo , I must admit I didn't realise that it hadn't got the additional hand rails on the tank. Any idea of the date of the photos. cheers malc
  8. Hi Jay ref your post 28/12/20 I am pretty sure 68030 and 68034 both retained early crests and numbers on bunker sides, 68013 late crest numbers on tank, 68068 retained high bunker and had round buffers when I saw it (probably worked from Cromford wharf end) the rest had oval buffers. cheers malc
  9. Having lived within sight of 17D/17C I just have to vote for the Ambergate - Manchester line. Regards Malc oops, I suppose technically it should be Matlock- Chinley
  10. 45137 @ Derby 10/04/1987 I used to go to Derby on Friday nights to see the Peaks On the Postal's ,Happy Days!!!
  11. Excellent , love the green diesels and maroon stock.
  12. No problem John , I have a few more peak photo’s to scan when I get time. cheers Malc
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