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  1. Having lived within sight of 17D/17C I just have to vote for the Ambergate - Manchester line. Regards Malc oops, I suppose technically it should be Matlock- Chinley
  2. 45137 @ Derby 10/04/1987 I used to go to Derby on Friday nights to see the Peaks On the Postal's ,Happy Days!!!
  3. Excellent , love the green diesels and maroon stock.
  4. No problem John , I have a few more peak photo’s to scan when I get time. cheers Malc
  5. 45124 Long Eaton 03-May-87 1C22 1215 Derby - London St Pancras
  6. Excellent work young man! I like the variation to the bus ON the bridge. keep up the good work.
  7. Hi Rich, The retirement project was always going to be Rowsley shed in the 17C era (1957-64) as I found this to be the time when anything could turn up, so 1980 ish started collecting Airfix 4Fs, Hornby 9Fs, 8Fs, Jocko’s,Mainline Jube,s etc. on retiring I found I hadn’t the skills to scratchbuild the shed or the space required so roundly round + sidings (fiddle and dead end roads) station and engine shed. It’s very much a train set NOT a model railway. It will never be finished but it gives me a huge amount of pleasure. plus the challenge of DCC keeps the old grey matter active.
  8. Hi Richard? Up till 1968 I had the pleasure of living at Northwood lane, Darley Dale. It’s under a 1/4 of a mile from Rowsley South Box so you can probably guess where I did the majority of my spotting. My father used to work on the railway but by 65 he had moved to Toton hence the move to that area in 68, I didn’t expect the line to have such an impact on me as it has. cheers Malc
  9. Hi I have been dipping into this thread for quite some time as it was the line that went passed the end the street that was home for the first 20 years of my life. The picture of 92049 catches the essence of the line to a T . If 9FEd reads this could I ask the title of the book? The different classes of loco’s at Rowsley was quite amazing, although GWR never appeared too my knowledge which may explain my indifference to them. any way keep up the good work. malc
  10. Hi Cameron, Just come across your post, I will have a go at in the near future. If (when) I come unstuck is it ok to contact you. malc
  11. 45108 at Saltley on the 2nd of May 1987 Nice pile of sleepers just right for "raised beds" plus ultra modern PA System. Lots to see in this photo if you are modeling a 1980s depot. Cheers Malc
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