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  1. If you have your DCC80s wired up and track live and you bridge the insulated fishplate on the vee to the outlet track (first to straight ahead then the reverse track ) can you hear the relay click. If you can try running a loco through it. As I said previously I HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM. cheers Malc
  2. I have used DCC80s for some time and have found that some locos do not "trip" the unit. Bridging the insulated fishplate with a screwdriver would activate it, I have replaced them with GM 500D relays and all is ok. hope this helps. malc
  3. Hi Ian, thanks for posting the silver seal guide as it is a future project for me when I have rewound a 1970s duchess of Sutherland armature, I have just competed a rewind and made a new commutator for one 70s d of s now I have to sort wiring to enable a decoder to be fitted in the future. I do like the tender drive ringfields at least you can work on them. Cheers malc
  4. Check the cable between the handset and facia plate they tend to fail near the plug due to flexing.
  5. Having also purchased a Clayton from rails this morning I ran it in as advised all ok, fitted tension locks and had derailing issues when hauling wagons this was overcome by ensuring the 3 link coupling sat inside the loco's tension lock coupling. Still running on DC will fit a chip when certain all is ok. cheers. Malc
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