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  1. It is only a name, if you are like me always fixings locos or repairing secondhand the unrebuilt is important. It tells me that the seller of the spare part has spent some time checking which one it is for. Now you are going to say "but you can check the part number". You will be amazed at how many second hand spares on EBay just say that it can from an "xyz". I think someone recently was selling a TTS decoder and they called it a Merchant Navy one. It wasn't until I checked that it was in fact for the rebuilt variety.
  2. Not that it has much to do with the original subject, but the sound decoder manufacturers refer to it as unrebuilt or rebuilt.
  3. I received X4018/1M although the pack had a Hornby X9684 label on it. I told the Seller about it and they were checking all the other ones Hornby sent them. Then when I received the same part wrongly labelled from a different Seller I figured the mistake was at Hornby. I double checked the part with the one on my original West Country/BoB and two of my rebuilt West Country/BoB, a very late one and an earlier one. Definitely the part they sent me is in the wrong packing. As I said originally, I couldn't get a X4018/!M, the one on EBay was ridiculous money, so I ordered the rebuilt one as I figured it would probably fit and all 3 major Sellers had them in stock. I suppose what I should do is order one from Peters Spares, generally he knows the parts better, but as I say I don't need one now. I probably could make a killing on this spare one I have now, if I was that sort (which I am not).
  4. I must admit I have not suffered those sort of issues with any of my new Hornby locos. The new tooled ones do seem to be an improvement, things that were wrong on the previous version being fixed. I find a lot of the issues seem to come from when Hornby was run by a bunch of bankers (no not the rhyming slang, but a Hedge Fund), but because of economic pressures they haven't got round to fixing a lot of their models. I still think they have issues with quality, probably not helped by going for the cheapest production supplier in China. I must admit though a lot of the separately fitted bits seem to fall off, you always seem to need a tube of superglue handy. The worse thing is if a part falls off and you can't find it, Hornby don't sell them as spare parts. I recently lost the water control handle (well I think that is what it was) off my Merchant Navy tender, it just pinged off while I was refitting the tender top after adding DCC sound. Can I find it, no, can I get a spare, no.
  5. The actual bogie is the same if you take off the bracket. The rebuilt West Country has a fixed bracket with a slot in it allowing the bogie to move only side to side, the Spam Can version has a bracket that moves on a fulcrum, in this case a "stepped bolt"so it moves in an arc. To convert one to the other you need to change the bracket. I suspect either bracket will fit, in fact I was going to see if the rebuilt one made the Spam Can run better. On the Coronation class Hornby have fixed a derailing issue by doing exactly the same.
  6. On the original subject, the original order arrived today. The bogie was exactly the same as the one I got previously. So I thought "am I just wrong", so I got my latest rebuilt Battle of Britain out "Royal Observer" and the bogie was as I expected , not what has got delivered by two different retailers. So has Hornby got a labelling issue?
  7. I suspect the 10% increase put some people off fulfilling their pre-orders. These models recommended retail price is too close to £300, for some people that is above what they want to pay, even if they can afford it.
  8. I found this quite amusing but I don't know if everyone else will. I decided to build a unrebuilt West Country/BoB out of the spare bits I had acquired, I had the chassis, wheels from rebuilt one (seem to be the same). So I bought a body and tender off EBay. Anyway, I needed a front bogie, nobody seemed to have one, so I looked at the one for the rebuilt loco and thought it will probably fit. So I ordered one off one of the spares retailers. The package arrives and I find that the retailer has got the middle numbers transposed and I have a Coronation rear bogie frame. So I send it back to be told I need to wait while they order a new one from Hornby, somehow the original one has got lost. Knowing how good Hornby are at supplying spare parts I thought I will order another one off a different retailer. If the other one comes I will keep it as a spare, it has been nearly 3 weeks since I did the original order so I would like to finish the loco. Anyway the part from the new retailer arrived this morning there in a sealed packet is my bogie. Surprisingly the packet has the right part number but the contents are a bogie for an unrebuilt West Country, exactly the part I wanted. It appears Hornby had put the wrong part number on the packet, just to be sure I checked against one of my other unrebuilt West Countries.
  9. I didn't receive a numbered certificate with any of my Hornby Dublo models. So do they exist?
  10. I imagine if they continue making these next year there will be an A4.
  11. I must admit the exhaust beat synchronisation never bothers me, the thing I like about the Zimo is that it does random noises when it is standing still, just like a real one does. For little more than I pay for a normal decoder I get something that makes a noise. Mind you, now Hornby have put their prices up no longer such an easy decision. Even the expensive decoders can get the synchronisation wrong. I fixed a sound loco for someone, among a lot of other things wrong the motor on this loco was well shot and when I fitted a new motor the owner complained than synchronisation was wrong. The person that obviously fitted for him (obviously not noticing the fault with the motor) had set the cv values so that it was synchronised with his rubbish motor. Fortunately he got it fixed.
  12. I must admit I was thinking the same about a decent sound decoder. I have decent YouChoos Zima one in one of my other Duchess locos and as expected is substantially better. It should be at two and a half times the price. I tend to use iphone speakers for all my TTS decoders, they are thinner than the original supplied ones, easier to insulate and sound a lot better. Yes I have run it up and down on a piece of track, I do intend running it on the layout once I have fitted a decoder. Only tested it so far on DC on a metre length of track.
  13. Well I received my City of Leicester today from Bure Valley and I must admit I am impressed. It is incredibly heavy, I am wondering if they uprated the motor to handle the extra weight. Shame they aren't selling any TTS decoders for the Duchess at the moment.
  14. Trouble is with Hornby they are now using Hermes for deliveries, so it is anyone's guess when you will actually get them. Funny though, the "on line" shopping sites manage to get delivery in a day, so did Hornby get the cheap deal.
  15. Yes, that is my strategy lately. If I really want it I order it from Hornby. I ordered the Merchant Navy one from them as normally these are the ones that are most desirable (just look at the prices for second hand ones on EBay). Surprisingly I did really well, as it looks like Hornby honoured the original price. You also get it quicker from Hornby.
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