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  1. It isn't something simple like one has more pickups than the other. On my old Lima class 66 (I have just changed the chassis to latest Railroader specification) it had pickups on both wheel sides on the unpowered bogie, but I have noticed on all my other Lima diesel chassis there is normally only one. So normally the Lima loco will pick up one side of the power on the power bogie and the other side on the unpowered bogie. On the class 66 it picked up one side of the power on the power bogie and both sides of the power on the unpowered bogie. That would make a huge difference to the running. S
  2. No real issue then. I posted my original order with Rails, that got cancelled when they stopped dealing with Hornby so I moved it to Hattons. Hattons cancelled all my other preorders so I thought I really want this one so I cancelled the Hattons order and ordered from Hornby and Derails meaning to cancel one of them, as I assumed Derails would probably cancel it for lack of stock. Derails were so nice I didn't have the heart to cancel the extra order and I had paid a deposit, so I now have two. At least in your case you got 10% discount and you know the profit goes to keeping a preserved railw
  3. You are so right. A lot of people, enjoy the going into shops and buying things, it is a big part of their social life. It is just like we like going model shops or if you are like me motorbike autojumbles. You don't get the same buzz buying mail order. When I go on holiday to around York, there is an abundance of model shops selling model trains, it is great to see the stuff in the flesh and being Yorkshire usually reasonably priced. For particular stuff mail order is better. There used to be a Model Railway shop in Rochester Kent that used to sell Wrenn locos, he made virtually all his money
  4. Generally Manufacturers don't want the hastle of selling direct to the public, it means setting up a separate department to sell single items which is expensive. In fact in lots of instances it costs a lot more, then there is the warranty. Currently most of this is handled by the Retailer. In my last job, I quite often wanted small batches of electronic components, phone up the manufacturer and they were not interested unless it was thousands. It is like buying bricks, you only buy them off the manufacturer if you want a lot. Hornby has a department that sells to the public, but I bet it could
  5. It may well be an ugly box but have you seen the second hand prices for these models both Wrenn and Hornby. The Wrenn ones are especially worth a lot if they are blue. So they may well be ugly but are obviously very well liked. As I have said on previous posts probably a lot easier to produce, simple valve gear, simple shaped body.
  6. To me, smartphone's screens are too small, a pad is a much better option. For setting things up you need something with a decent keyboard. Once everything is setup then you could do things using icons and sliders. Then there is the fact that like any app on a smartphone, pick it up on the wrong place and you fingers inadvertently touch one of the buttons and the whole display disappears. The thing I want wifi for is when a loco derails. My layout is in the loft, the controller is hardwired at present if the loco derails I need to switch the DCC off to disable the loco and then switch it back o
  7. Does that mean you can get accessory decoders that work off CAN?
  8. Why not just buy yourself a wireless DCC controller, they are around and a much better idea. I have been looking around for one for a while but I was waiting until I can go to a model railway exhibition to look at one in use. I think there are a couple that use an app on your mobile phone.I must admit I wish someone would come up with a CAN system to control accessories, much better protocol and is a bidirectional communication system.
  9. My apologies, I just got the opinion that this was new as Hornby only seemed to have unrebuilt West Countries and Battle of Britains in their latest catalogues, Sam of Sam's Trains implied it was. I get the opinion that they retooled the motor as it now has a flywheel, which most of the 2017 locos didn't seem to have, but I don't own a 2017 one so I don't know.
  10. Generally the way I look at it is if the Supplier covers their decoder in heat shrink, I assume that their module can dissipate the heat with it on. I buy a lot of Zimo decoders they generally come with clear heat shrink sleeved over them, the only exception being the 6 pin direct plug in. I suspect in this case the Supplier assumes it is not needed, as where it is going it does not to be insulated. Similarly all 21 pin decoders are not insulated, because where they fit there is little chance of them touching anything. Then we come to the 8 pin decoders, especially Hornby, they are supplied w
  11. I actually said "There seems to be few issues with the new Merchant Navy" which in my speak means virtually none. I think Sam of Sam's Trains found a few minor ones but compared to the A2 ones, were insignificant. On my A2 the front smoke deflector was wonky and the seam at the top of the boiler was terrible and a couple of things fell off. Looking at all these posts it looks like I got let off lightly. There again the Merchant Navy is a really easy model to built, simple valve gear, nice square shape body, easy to mould. So if they had messed that up there definitely would be no hope.
  12. I would imagine one of the big issues with Hornby and quality at the moment is the disjoint between design and production. I don't know how Hornby handle this but when I worked in Design we had people flying all over the world to production plants to sort out issues. People will go on about video conferencing until the "cows come home", but generally there is no better way than actual face to face discussions and "on site" visits. For a start it is much easier to see body language and sadly tell if people are lying. Currently flights into China have probably been limited, so this didn't go on
  13. The thing is, they are not all getting moved to Hornby generally it appears they are getting spread out to other retailers. I suppose some people just don't bother, but generally the numbers will be roughly the same, unless Hornby is wanting to stop Hattons grasp on the market. There were a couple that I wanted, so yes I ordered them from Hornby directly but the others I shifted to other retailers. I imagine things are not that too great between them anyway after they rushed through a class 66 design and now the 4 and 6 wheeled carriages.
  14. It seems to be only this year that my preorders from Hattons have been cancelled. Previously they have been pretty reliable. There must be some good reason. At the moment it appears all those emails and YouTube videos tempting us to buy off them seem to have been a waste of time. Sams's Trains managed to get his Blue Merchant Navy off them, but I suppose if they had cancelled his preorder that would have been financial suicide. I have now spread all my orders between lots of different Dealers, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Perhaps it is something to do with the pandemic.
  15. I have just had my LNER Garter Blue W1 cancelled, that is virtually all my preorders with Hattons cancelled by them, except the blue Merchant Navy that I cancelled before they did. I still have a LNER Thompson A2 on preorder with them, but I am not too bothered about it. Unless Hornby has improved the quality on these compared to the BR versions, I don't see a big rush for them. I eventually ordered my LNER Garter Blue W1 from Derails.
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