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    1955-1960 L&Y lines
    1970-1975 North West WCML

    A mixture of RTR alterations, kit building, kit bashing and scratch building locos, coaches, wagons and cranes.

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  1. Hi Wickham, If smoke is to be banned those new fandangled locomotives will just have to VAPE !!!! Gibbo.
  2. Hi Mr Wombat, Here is a quote from Aldous Huxley that may make you smile: "Beware of being too rational. In the country of the insane, the integrated man doesn't become king. He gets lynched." Gibbo.
  3. Hi Northmoor, It could be argued that humans have stolen all of the metals form the earth and smelted them with fire which Prometheus stole form the gods. I may also be asked, who claimed the earth in the first place, how did they do that, and why do we all put up with them placing themselves between us and our earth ? Gibbo.
  4. Hi Martyn, Having worked in fabrication shops I can tell you that most of the chaps have no idea quite what they are making at times, some don't even seem to be all that interested. The only real concern is that what is made is made to the drawing and fits within any tolerances given. With regard water filler hatches, the chaps in the fab shop would not have any way of knowing if the locomotive would be boiler fitted or not and just build the body shell to the drawing as it was presented to them. Only if there are amendments or deletions would such details be left off a fabrication. These two seem to shew hatches reasonably: Gibbo.
  5. Hi Mike, Mr Bullied's Q1 class of locomotive had cylinders of the same stroke, yet with an inch extra on diameter and an extra 30lb of boiler pressure, so the inside cylinder layout causing hot boxes does seem to me be be a nonsense. As for being simple the Q1's were certainly that ! Gibbo.
  6. Hi Martyn, That is because you cannot make it your own without detracting from where it started, unlike eBay specials that were tooled up forty odd years ago ! Gibbo,
  7. Hi Monty, I think you find it is this nearly started model, despite the different jib runner. Gibbo.
  8. Hi Tony, To be fair to Clive, the subject is only the painting of DMU window frames so there are certain considerations to be taken into account. DMU's are not strictly coaches. Clive hasn't glazed his coaches or his DMU's either, so putting masking tape on the glazing that isn't there would be very tricky. Unpainted DMU window frames don't need painting anyway, even if they haven't got any glazing fitted. Gibbo.
  9. Hi Melmerby, You ate quite correct, the class 37 with only the barrier/translator wagons is to be seen a minute two earlier. Gibbo.
  10. Hi Martyn, I've got myself another 25 which is going to be a late 25/2 probably 7616, I shall be cutting up a Lima class33 body to provide the cantrail vents. So far I have, 24 021, 24 033, 5184 (25 034), 25 064, and 25 317 all are painted blue with arrows except for 24 033 which has a crest. Which means I am missing 24/1's of both cab styles, a 25/0 and 25/2's of both body styles, only another four types to do if my latest is numbered as a 25/2. Also all of the above are blue and so a two tone green and an economy green version might look good in the mix. My plans so far are 5081 in economy green with full yellow ends, a grey roof and arrows, 24 136 in economy green with a blue boiler blank and a crest, 25 247 in blue just because and also it was a Springs Branch engine and 7616 (25 266) two tone green and tablet catcher recesses. I have even considered 24 055 which in 1973 had odd ball cabs with a head code cab fitted at No.1 end and the original cab with discs fitted at the other, that will definitely be for another day though. Gibbo.
  11. Hi Folks, The first few seconds shew a BG being hauled by a single HST power car. Gibbo.
  12. Hi Bogie, You have to realise that poor old Dave is recently married. Gibbo.
  13. Hi Martyn, The gears on the back are indeed the same, in fact the motor unit is the same as is used in the class 86 although the outer of the the two drillings is used for the longer wheel base of the class 86. Do be aware that the ride height is raised by the difference in radius of the the wheel sets which works out at 1.375mm. I cut down the lugs that project upwards of the sides of the bogies to counter this effect, is saves about .5mm. Gibbo.
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