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    A mixture of RTR alterations, kit building, kit bashing and scratch building locos, coaches, wagons and cranes.

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  1. Hi Martyn, Quite right with the EMU classes there, the 508's were originally four cars somewhere on the Southern and were transferred to the Wirral line as three cars leaving one of the centre cars behind that were spliced into 455 sets. Well spotted with the Cravens-Gloucester combo ! Gibbo.
  2. Hi Clive, Upon my travels and by way of accent, I was regarded a Wool when in Liverpool, a Scouser when in Preston, down market toward the Formby end of Southport, but best of all and by far and away yet funnier still, posh when In Wigan ! All this within 20 miles of where I actually lived. Any thoughts upon south west Lancastrian electric bug crates ? Liverpool Exchange with the Wigan train on the left. Gibbo.
  3. Hi Clive, The Liverpool to Southport line was electrified in 1902 and later to Ormskirk in 1913, the former Mersey Railway between Liverpool and Birkenhead was electrified in 1903 with the line to Wigan electrified to Kirkby in 1977. My first question is, which EMU's, L&Y, Mersey Railway, LMS 502 / 503 or BR 507 / 508's ? (those Stadler things don't count!) My second question is, when referring to the Wools, do you mean in the traditional or modern meaning of the word ? The reason I ask is that coming from Burscough, the terms Scouser and Wools were traditionally interchangeable terms for dockers and bargees, only more recently, as described by Mr Maconie below linked, has the term Wooly-back applied to the peripheral towns about the hinterland of Liverpool especially Wigan, populated by Pie Eaters not Wools in any case, where the juice rail didn't quite get half way. For further reading: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=moYLgQT35G0C&pg=PA62&dq=stuart+maconie+description+of+plazzies&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjzyJinx9fpAhWJY8AKHc_QApMQ6AEIKDAA#v=onepage&q=stuart maconie description of plazzies&f=false Gibbo.
  4. Hi Folks, I wonder if in the end this will be the silver lining ? https://unnwo.org/ It talks of "Happytalism" which sounds good on principal. Gibbo.
  5. Hi Folks, With me doing what I choose to do has as much to do with being in the moment at any given moment, sometimes it feels right and it is great and other times it all just goes back in the box for anther day. This is applicable in all sorts of areas from reading a book or just looking out of the window, to whether I wish to cook something fancy for dinner or just open the fridge and take a bite out of a chunk of cheese. Gibbo.
  6. Hi Fredo, This would be my first port of call: https://www.railcar.co.uk/data/vehicle/?number=52045 https://www.railcar.co.uk/data/vehicle/?number=51930 There are no photographs of M51908 and the earliest of M56491 is 1984 so that is a bit late for reference. Gibbo.
  7. Hi Folks, My Class 83 is looking rather forlorn, it has been in an unfinished state for nearly thirty years. It is built from a Trix AL1 body with Lima class 33 bogies that need a little more attention than previously, perhaps scratch built side frames. The body work could do with a slight cheer up although the underframe detail is about the best of it at the moment. What will be 83 010 from a Trix body. This is my class 84 built in a similar way but recently reworked from a similar condition, if I do a similar job on the class 83 then I shall be pleased. The Locomotive also rides on Lima class 33 bogies except that the side frames are scratch built. 84 009 Trix body and scratch built bogie frames. This class 82 is currently on the bench, the 83 to follow in (between DMU projects) and then there are three more class 81's to do do also and maybe another 85 as seen below. Trix bodied class 82006 mounted on Hornby Hymek bogies that will be further modified. Trix 81015 on modified Hornby 86 bogies. A modified Trix Al1 body forming 85 024 as above mounted upon Hornby 86 bogies. Gibbo.
  8. Hi Richard, This fella doesn't know either: Gibbo.
  9. Hi Clive, Don't do yourself down uncle Clive, I'm here for you ! Gibbo.
  10. Hi Mike, I seem to have spent my entire life being completely wasted, not by my own accord, but by those that mostly stood to benefit from my efforts both enteric and material. Non of it makes any real sense and now we have Covid-19 to utterly ruin everything, my only comfort now being that everyone in the whole world gets to share my melancholy this time around ! I feel that I gave that quite an introduction, anyway I'm staying wasted or not !!! Gibbo.
  11. Hi Clive, So long as Mrs M. doesn't become, “недоговороспособны” you will be fine. Gibbo.
  12. Hi Penuts, That reminds me of the old joke that when Liverpool play at home there is a traffic jam in Leamington Spa. Gibbo.
  13. Hi Folks, So long as Clive does not mix up, "Кто красивая лошадь?" with," Кто такая красивая жена?" all things will be well. Gibbo.
  14. Hi Caradoc, The west coast postal trains were turned on the Cathcart loop to get all of the pick up and set down gear onto the correct side of the train. Gibbo.
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