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  1. Hi Benard, Considering that 10000/1 had the same power unit and ostensibly similar traction equipment as the class 40's it does seem strange that EECo. managed to build a locomotive 5.5 tons heavier ten years later. Should that the bogies that were developed for Deltic have been used along with a shorter body and a reduction of the thickness of the body skin sheets the class 40's could have been quite different especially that DP2 came in at 105 tons again with the same basic power unit. The only thing that stopped BR from uprating the power unit in the clas
  2. Hi Folks, Here are some bells for you: Gibbo.
  3. Hi Folks, One must be aware that upon occasion sports such as football descend into the realms of religion for the thick. The skill of the players is paramount along with the honour to be had in accepting defeat at the behest of a team which played better on the day are what really matters. Monied television rights, shiny trophies, and overpaid salaries are nothing but Fools Gold: Gibbo.
  4. Hi Jack, Definitely Carnforth, the houses with the steeply sloping roofs are on Grosvenor Court and the hills in the background extreme left are those above Kirkby Lonsdale. Gibbo.
  5. Hi Dave, What are you using for masking tape currently? I use Tamiya masking tape with generally good results. Gibbo.
  6. Hi Dave, Turn buckle is the term for which you search, sometimes known as screw shackles as with screw couplings. The screw link coupling was invented by Henry Booth of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway. Gibbo.
  7. Hi ph, Not really, the driver had that under control immediately, the length of the slip is due to having a full steam chest and the steam has to be used up before either the regulator is reopened or the gear wound back in depending upon driving style. I would guess y the sound of it that the regulator was closed and then reopened rather pulling up the gear. I've been on big engines travelling in excess of 90mph and the wheels have let go and seen the speedo needle go right around the clock to read just under zero, nothing came of it. Gibbo.
  8. To busy helping Frank Santrian shovel coal to bother with all that, Les Jackson was driver. If anyone looks closely at the drivers cab side sheet from that day you will note a small white rectangle, it was the company name patch ripped from my Riley & Son's overalls stuck to the cab sheet with grease. Gibbo.
  9. Hi Mr Wombat, I agree, its a shame for them especially the ones that don't build their own models such as I do. Here is some of the absolute rubbish I produce from bits of old Trix body shells and incorrect pantographs ! Gibbo.
  10. I found out by being on the footplate of the first big lizzie over Shap, on the up line, since the end of steam, beat that folks !
  11. Hi Mike, Here is the Aberdeen Flyer with a Lizzie on the front: Gibbo.
  12. Hi There, The more usual county for one of those at such latitudes would be Westmorland not Yorkshire. I don't know, what is the world coming to ? Interestingly the photograph taken from approximately Junction 38 of the M6. Gibbo.
  13. Hi Folks, Hindsight is a wonderful thing, it certainly highlighted the inordinate rush that caused so much junk to be procured. Claytons, anything from NBL, even the class 25's were not that brilliant juxtaposed* with the 26 and 27 The better types were certainly four stroke EECo. with exception of the class 40 and the class 33 from BRCW. It is entirely moot as to how lion would have faired although with the success of the class 33 I would suggest that large numbers would have been good engines. Despite numbers built the class 47 got off to quite a ropey start and
  14. Hi There, That reminds me of when 45407 was derailed on the trap points at Bury Bolton Street about twenty years ago. As it was a mainline registered locomotive it had to have an ultrasonic axle test, and so the man from Derby turned up with his oscilloscope to do the examination but couldn't because he had brought with him the trace diagram for the axle of a class 45 diesel. Gibbo.
  15. Hi Stephen, In simple terms the pivoting around the centre axle increases the incidence of hunting, therefore a long wheelbase two axle bogie will have a greater stability at speed. Gibbo.
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