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    1955-1960 L&Y lines
    1970-1975 North West WCML

    A mixture of RTR alterations, kit building, kit bashing and scratch building locos, coaches, wagons and cranes.

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  1. Hi Clive, We live in an upside down, inside out and backward world where to access the content that we have all created has to be paid for so as to gain access. Don't worry, I guarantee it will all get so much more weirdly worse before it gets anything like better. I have pulled three cards to divine the future of not just but mainly RMweb, and also social media as it stands. Two cards jumped out in reverse they were the Eight of Pentacles and the Queen of Cups, followed by the Knight of Swords that was pulled upright. Eight of Pentacles, Reversed, A concentration of immediate returns at the expense of long turn success. The misuse of skill, dishonestly in business affairs. Diversion of business opportunities to improper ends. Queen of Cups, Reversed, She is grasping, miserly, or else a spendthrift. She pours her wealth into new forms of display, extravagant luxury, overwhelming opulence. She is narrow in her outlook and suspicious of what she does not understand. She uses her power to surround herself with sycophants and shuts out criticism or reproach. Her life is circumscribed by her material possessions and she is unable to rise above them. Knight of Swords, Upright, He is courageous, strong, highly skilled and at his best in a difficult situation. He indicates the approach of battles that must be fought and enemies who must be defeated by strength of arms. he is the archetypal warrior. I could explain why this is the case in much greater detail, and will do so if requested, however most on here would think me even more completely crackers than they already do, not that I care of course ! Gibbo.
  2. Hi Kevin, Have you not yet noticed that Climate Change IS the new religion ? It is part of a process that is known as Hypernormalisation. Should you not get any sort of reply from me it is because I have gone against, Guardian-BBC-Daily Mail-RMweb- Woke Mentality editorial and have been booted off yet another thread for not engaging in hive mind-group think ! Gibbo.
  3. Hi There, Get it while you can because global madness is affecting electric locomotives: https://www.railfreight.com/railfreight/2021/10/13/freightliner-takes-down-electric-locs-due-to-high-electricity-prices/?fbclid=IwAR3Zmw4or4RoLEtwL_A8PebZJsEAi4W81eSmDPxr2D81tZ0lfMZ14hN_Wqs&gdpr=accept&gdpr=deny You can't make this stuff up !?!?! Gibbo.
  4. Hi Rodent, The locomotive was built for a friend of mine and although we since both looked into converting a coach neither of us have actually got around to it. Gibbo.
  5. Hi Jazzer, If you cut a John Deere in half longitudinally very, very carefully, do you end up with two Harley Davidson's ? Gibbo.
  6. Hi Phil, Are you aware of these ? : https://www.shapeways.com/product/72972X29J/0-148-cl-502-motor-brake-coach-1?optionId=63752013&li=marketplace Gibbo.
  7. Hi Paul, This should cheer you up. Gibbo.
  8. Hi Fritters, Could that be a consequence of misrepresentation of the objective observation or, just an allusion of the subjective due to the [side] effects of Nursey's medications detaching ones faculties from the conscious knowing ? Either way, in Bandit country, hardly ideal even if transcendental ! Gibbo.
  9. Hi Clive, I've found Haynes manuals to be a bit like that although I do like the pictures, especially ones that have spanners in the shot. That said I'm more a reader of Schopenhauer, I say reader, It took me nearly two years to read his big thick book that contains very small point text, only a few diagrams, worse still, no pictures. I've even got a special hat to make me look even more intelligent than usual for when I review such texts ! Gibbo.
  10. Hi John, As Freidrich Nietzche once put it: “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” Gibbo.
  11. Hi Mel, There was charging equipment set up in the depot and the batteries were exchanged at regular intervals. Gibbo.
  12. Hi Martyn, With a nod to pedantry I have reviewed your stretch wrap pallets and it seems that there is stretch wrap over the top of the stack, this would only happen if the palletised stack had been over-wrapped. Stretch wrap is often done by hand, simply tucking an end into the pallet and then walking around the stack with some tension on the wrap until it is suitably wrapped. There are machines that do the very same automatically, either way the wrap tends not to stretch much more than six to nine inches over the top of the stack. Here is an informative American chap: Over wrappers use a machine that draws down a polythene tube that is heat crimped as it passes over the stack before heating elements secure it. I only know this for I stacked pallets as a Saturday Job thirty odd years ago and I have had the displeasure of repairing far more ancient over-wrappers to the above in a water bottling plant near Penrith. Two things I should like to add are that stretch wrap is the very best way to subdue annoying colleagues by attaching them semi permanently to posts, chairs, or even to their own bicycles, and also isn't YouTube just great for such nonsense informative videos !!! Gibbo.
  13. Hi Folks, Just for fun why not post photographs of any of these prototypes that you may have built, no RTR stuff that is cheating ! I can only claim the APT-E as the HST is by the layout owner. This is E3173 it was the testbed locomotive for the Flexicoil suspension system and was also fitted with a streamlined nose cone as part of the HST program to asses wind resistances though lineside structure especially tunnels and past other trains. Another notable achievement of E3173 was that it was the first locomotive to officially exceed Mallard's 126 mph record in Britain. Gibbo.
  14. Hi Folks, Mol_PMB is quite right in that the turbo generators are indeed thirsty for steam for what little electricity the lamps used. I can also say that there was no battery back up should the generator stall for any reason. I had experience of the turbo generator on Tangemere and if a lot of the marker along with the cab lights were turned on then the generator would start to labour. The lights over the driving wheels were good for oiling up in the dark though. As for AWS batteries were only for providing the power for the electrical signals from the read switch in the magnet sensor, the cancellation button, the sunflower solenoids, and actuating the solenoids that put the brakes on in the event of a missed cancellation. They were not connected to any lighting systems. Gibbo.
  15. Hi Folks, Here is David Bowie to sing a strange song about the same archetypes my strange post indicates: Gibbo.
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