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    1955-1960 L&Y lines
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    A mixture of RTR alterations, kit building, kit bashing and scratch building locos, coaches, wagons and cranes.

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  1. Hi JDW, For the roof I would suggest a lamination of perhaps .040, .060, and .080 strips of plasticard which could be filed and sanded to exact profile. When ever I have used this method I use a sheet of sand paper on a flat surface to ensure that the profile is correct along its length to finish off. A benefit of this method is that you will have a stable section to attach the sides to, this could be made easy by way of a location strip on the underside to make sure the sides fit up into the correct position. Clive Mortimer built a fleet of Baby Deltics using this meth
  2. Hi Clive, It is perhaps then that we are just a couple of Herberts ! Gibbo.
  3. Hi Mr Goldfish, While watching a supremely crazy film I found the antidote to the above: "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." Gibbo.
  4. YOU DID WHAT !?!?!? I thought you were sensible. Gibbo.
  5. Hi Folks, Have the recent postings been as a result of paint fumes or just good old solvent based glue ? Gibbo.
  6. Hi Dave, I've had a thought, if all of Clive's cut and shut stock was painted in primer and also should he take black and white photographs then he may well get away with fooling us into thinking that he had actually painted his coaches. It might just work. Gibbo.
  7. Hi Dave, As you well know there is a term that forfeits a 10p donation to the swear box. Using words such as "paint" in relation to home made coaches may in the future, should you put the idea into Clive's head, incur a 5p forfeit to the swear box. Be careful of what you wish for !!! Gibbo.
  8. That's the whole point of being a modeller !!!! Gibbo.
  9. Hi Darren. I have a book of 4mm scale drawings called, "BR Main Line Diesels in 4mm Scale", by RS Carter and I marked out the shape from the drawings onto some .030" plasticard which was cut and filed to shape. Simple placing over the locomotive body and a scriber made the outline on the body side. I shall do a sketch in the next day or so and post it here for you. Gibbo.
  10. Hi There, It may be because you ordered the wrong type of sauce, brown or tomato may cause consternation in some quarters should mustard be the "correct" option ! Gibbo.
  11. Hi Jason, I've had some rough rides across there on steam locomotives the worst being on 45407. On that occasion two of hit our heads on the cab roof and one of the other's leg went down the gap between the engine and tender as the fall plate was bounced up and stayed up, both sets of cab doors were bent out of shape and the tender coal doors burst open causing an avalanche of coal. When we arrived at Crewe two of the three lamps were missing, one oil and the head light. Gibbo.
  12. Hi David, I have some modified Hornby class 25's one into a 25/3 and two were converted into class 24's. An easy modification to make is fitting them with wheels form either class 86's or LNER tender drives. Once this is done they sit slightly high, I rectified this by cutting off the buffer beams and replacing them 1.5mm lower so that the body sits lower on the frames. The locomotives somehow look longer One modification that I did too late for most of my locomotives was to scribe the triangular panel into the sides. The class 25/3 that I made has it but th
  13. Along with a third hiding behind the advertising hoardings.
  14. Hi Clive, I would like to know more about the period 2 CK compartment side. Does the NING CAR have anything to do with Spike Milligan ? Gibbo.
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