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  1. Hi Folks, Easy on the eye ? You're just not trying !!! Gibbo.
  2. Hi Paul, This video may be a little before your time period but shews the line through Maghull quite well: Gibbo.
  3. Hi Phil, The biggest source of carbon on the underside of bridges and tunnels is the carbon from dirty diesel exhausts, in steam days it was knocked off by safety valves similarly to what caused the wires to be swayed in the video. The very reason that BR standard pacifics had their safety valves angled outwards yet strangely not continued on the smaller classes. Quite some years back 76079 blew off in a tunnel east of Edinburgh Waverly and caused such a flashover it knocked out the breakers. This was caused by carbon deposits bridging between the contact wires and the cab roof and safety valves, there were a burns about the size of you thumb nail caused by the arc in the cab roof and a smaller on on one of the safety valves. Some of the carbon deposits later found on the top of the firebox were up to nine inches long and almost an inch thick, they also shewed burns caused by electrical arcing. Gibbo.
  4. Hi Stephen, I would concur, and having read Locomotive Panorama many years ago here are some diagrams of fairly large engines: 4-6-2 and 2-8-2 from 1928. Gibbo.
  5. Hi Andy, Don't forget DA valves on vacuum systems. https://www.railcar.co.uk/technology/brakes/?page=direct-admission-valve Gibbo.
  6. Hi Titan, This video shews some of what you have written of, Gibbo.
  7. H Martyn, Looking at my notes I found that the oddball 24/0's had 24/1 & 25/0 style head code boxes and the oddball 24/1 & 25/0's had 25/1 style head code boxes with the faired sides, some with horns and others without. There are probably more and the changes will need to be researched as to when the alternate head code boxes were actually fitted. The oddities are as follows: 24 049, 24/1 at 2 end. 24 055, 24/1 at 1 end. 24 133, 25 faired at 2 end. 24 135, 25 faired at 2 end later 25 horns 1 end. 24 142, 25 horns 1 end. 24 144, 25 faired 1 end. 24 147, 25 faired 2 end. 24 148, 25 faired both ends. 25 006, 25 horns 2 end. 25 008, 25 horns 1 end. 25 009, 25 faired 1 end. 25 010, 25 horns 1 end. 25 015, 25 horns 2 end. Gibbo.
  8. Hi Dave, Railway Technical Centre red and blue, just being me !!! Gibbo.
  9. An interesting comment from a man that makes models of machines that kill fellow humans. By the way I didn't mention Afghans or laughing, however as an observation and not an opinion I would say the chap at the 0:22 point does look quite cheery.
  10. Hi LNWR, I would suggest that it would be somewhat more slippery than a Merchant Navy, especially as the boiler would be able to supply plenty of steam to keep such a slip going !!! Gibbo.
  11. Hi Rodent, The amalgamation of styles of streamlined casings of both the Merchant Navy's and the King class is even more mindboggling than the boiler and mechanicals parts !!! Gibbo.
  12. Oh Dave, If you are going to just blame Clive then it only counts if you don't paint them, obviously !!! Gibbo.
  13. Hi Dave, I've built* one of those so don't just blame Clive or I'll feel left out !!! *I say built, it is in the "Nearly Started" category along with loads of other stuff. Gibbo.
  14. Hi Monty, That would be an aircraft style repair patch, either rivetted or patch screwed into place within the structure of the stressed skin construction of the locomotives body shell. No cowboy did that ! Gibbo.
  15. Hi Corbs, You know its present condition is termed as: "Nearly Started". Anyway, how is your Metro-Camm coach getting along ? I haven't seen it since I posted it. Gibbo.
  16. Hi Mark, That is interesting as the container box is a 20' insulated container and it would seem that it is being used for the beef traffic of William Donald and Son's. The cement traffic in Presflo tanks had similarly sized logos attached to them to shew usage. Gibbo.
  17. Hi Folks, Posted before but to the mention of Kitson-Meyer types, here is my one: Gibbo.
  18. Hi Hroth, Imperial College's nuclear reactor isn't far from Windsor as it happens. Gibbo.
  19. Hi Northmoor, Its a start I suppose. I see you are expecting some serious power with those great big sand boxes !!! Gibbo.
  20. Hi Folks, No pictures as yet, is this because you are all armchair theorists ? Gibbo.
  21. Hi Folks, I think we need less talking nonsense about funnily fueled locomotives and see some drawings of what all these funnily fuelled locomotives might actually look like. Gibbo.
  22. Hi RJS, The trouble is you cant tell them, they don't want to hear it. Better yet below 150ppm all plants WILL DIE period. Gibbo.
  23. H Rodent, That is precisely what plants do, surely you have heard of photosynthesis ? The bad news is that it requires huge amounts of power. The good news is that it is solar power, its free and it works best when its not raining. Gibbo.
  24. Hi Johnster, You somehow missed out, WELSH !!! Gibbo.
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