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  1. Hi, I'm in the process of building a Scottish themed layout and would be grateful for any of the following information: What would be the best way of finding a 2mm drawing of a distillery? Are there any manufacturers out there that produce any models?
  2. I was this at a couple of shows and wondered what to it.
  3. As York resident, it has been fascinating reading the progress of this build. Do you have any updates? Allan
  4. Hi Bill, Can you send me a private message about selling the layout. Regards Allan
  5. Any updates for this fabulous model railway?
  6. Sorry for the garbled message. Did you well the layout of is it still gathering dust in the back of your workshop?
  7. Hi, Did you well the layout, or is it still gatherings dust intheworkshop?
  8. Are there anymore updates on this wonderful piece of railway modelling?
  9. Have I seen this fantastic layout for sale on a popular auction site?
  10. So does this mean you are selling some of your excellent stock?
  11. Any updates for the layout Gary? How is the 2mm project going?
  12. Sean, I need to make contact with the owner of Bonchester Bridge. I was vey late getting to the show after work today and saw the layout at York today but didn't make contact with him about purchasing the layout, because I needed to get the proper planning permission. This has now been given! and I'm seriously thinking about making a bid if it is still available. Can you help. Allan
  13. As a York resident, I've not missed a show since 1977 and this year's show was one of the best. I also noticed that a certain EM layout was for sale. Does anyone have any contact details?
  14. David, I think Stephen is spot on with his comments. If you ever consider selling I would be very interested! Allan
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