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  1. I'd have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that pesky coving and skirting board
  2. as daft as it seems I did consider attaching a 50mm wide piece of timber up one side but then I came to my senses
  3. Much better idea! I wanted to move my display unit to the wall above the fiddle yard which is on a chimney breast, unfortunately the unit is 50mm wider than the chimney breast and my OCD won't allow that ....and I'm not brave enough to trim off the 50mm
  4. The display case was a purchased item, but if I were to make my own I would either use my circular saw with the depth set at just a couple of millimetres, use my router with a small diameter bit, either option would be run against a straight edge clamp If you don’t have access to a circular saw or router the simplest alternative would be to do as you have but perhaps glue the lengths to the shelves, although possibly a more expensive option you could buy used track off a well known auction site maybe Hope that’s helpful?
  5. Looks like you've made a great start I've never attempted a Wills Craftsman kit, a combination of self doubt and laziness..........mostly laziness
  6. I use to be a volunteer at Foxfield in my early twenties before my youngest was born and my priorities changed
  7. I use to be a volunteer there about 20 odd years ago
  8. So basically it looks like I've put it in the correct(ish) position Thanks for your help, I'm glad Warren only has two semaphore signals and three ground signals otherwise I'd be totally lost
  9. This month’s calendar pin up Don’t think I’ve quite made it clear what days I’ve booked off…..where’s my highlighter gone?
  10. Is this also a detector/interlock (GWR ground signal) If so should I not move the ground signal one sleeper to the left and this rod connected to the tiebar? Although in this photo the rod appears to be attached to the very tip of the point blade Apologies for asking stupid question
  11. Thank you very much for your help once again I'll have to have a play and see what room I have, as mentioned I won't be cabling them up but if I could at least have the pulleys in the correct/feasible position that should do........maybe
  12. Does that mean that potentially I don't have to bother with the pulleys in green on my sketch? And also if there is room to put the pulleys under the rodding that would be acceptable
  13. This is what I'm thinking Unfortunately once done I'll have no excuse not to ballast this area
  14. Hi Mark Well Oscar Wilde said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery If you look through the thread I’m sure you’ll be able to correct/adapt areas that may have been done better. If I were to it again I’d have longer goods yard sidings and wouldn’t have cut the board as close to the rails to make the good yards bigger Chris
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