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  1. .......and if that doesn't work I'll be ripping it up or giving up* * I'm trying not to let it get me down but its bugging the hell out of me at the moment because it looks $hite
  2. I do have many other things I can be getting on with so I think that's a wise thing to do
  3. I think weathering is my only option at this stage Re Lamps I had considered the swan neck lamps for the yard but then dismissed it (for some reason?) I'll think on it Thank you for finding the link Chris
  4. Still a bit patchy this morning so I’m a bit stuck as to what to do
  5. it’s taken off my soldering iron stand and yes a very useful tool on or off the stand Sarah bought it for me when we went to Warley because I’d been a good boy
  6. Also true in this case because the pack of six lamp posts plus two wall lamps was quite expensive
  7. There isn’t unfortunately, that’s why I went for the tapered posts over the barley twist as I thought the barley twist posts looked even more ornate I think that’s probably the best course of action for the time being
  8. I’d bought a pack of DCC concepts gas lamps quite a while ago, I used one of the wall lamps on the pump house but I wasn’t too keen on the finish of the lamp posts (very poorly painted considering the price tag) Unfortunately Gaugemaster only seem to do the barley twist in GWR stone. I prefer the tapered post so I’ll be repainting the ones I’ve got using my own mix of stone colours dark stone for the base, a black lantern and light stone post.....hours of fun masking I’m planning on popping one about here...... .....and the remaining ones on the platform
  9. Not done anything on the layout this evening other than fix the grid in place and give it a coat of gloss The ballast is still patchy (not as visible in the photo) but I’m hoping that it’s not quite dry due to it being cold in the play room Still undecided whether or not to add a little flock around the shed, I’d planned too but I’m not so sure now
  10. What a great idea Thank you
  11. Loving the glow from the fire devil, a superb effect and very subtle
  12. I've just been looking at those very images, I see what you mean about the absence of [email protected]
  13. I've probably been a bit heavy handed with the mouse.......it was supposed to be moss
  14. Sorry for the stupid question but would old wheels be just left on the ground or would they put down a coupe of lengths of rail or on top of wooden blocks (or sleepers)
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