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  1. Today I continued with the cab components and the smokbox wrapper. The Bentley Model Railway Club have asked me to number the loco 61784 which was allocated to Fort William and is un-named. It had a snap head riveted smokbox wrapper so more work required! The second cab side beading was soldered a lot less clumsely by me and has not yet been trimmed and cleaned up. Looking forward to receiving discs from Moleroda that John Isherwood has recommended sounds as if they will make cleaning off excess solder much easier. Although the RH cab beading is not as bad as it looks in the picture I think I might start again! Kind regards, Richard B
  2. HI Bucoops, Have you restarted work on the N7 then? Beading looks good. Kind regards, Richard B
  3. Hi John, Have taken your advice and ordered 19mm of all three grades. Have doubled the order quantity for the fine grade since I suspect this is going to be the most used. Kind regards, Richard B
  4. Many thanks John. Moleroda ar in Salisbury, just up the road from me so I will call in. Kind regards, Richard B
  5. I have disided to discard the rather "heavy" beading for the cab supplied with the kit in favour of wire. Fairly easy to bend to profile and locate to the cab edge by hair clips. I have also bent the cab roof to shape and soldered the rainstrips to the roof. Did these loco's have cab vents??? Suffered a bit by too much solder! Some more clean-up work to do. Kind regards, Richard B
  6. Smokebox saddle now completed so I have moved on to prepareing the cab parts prior to fitting and soldering. I have a few good images of K2/2's with some cab sheet detail but no close-ups. As the name suggests, the cab sides were usually made up of an angle iron frame with sheets riveted and/or set screwed to the frame. I therefore like to score the cab side with a scriber to replicate the seperate sheets and then add rivet and screw detail. Take a look at 61758 below. The cab edge beading is perhaps too chunky, I have tried to reduce but may solder fine wire to the cab edges instead. Kind regards, Richard B
  7. I agree with Joseph P - £300 for such a complete and, by the look of the prototype, a fairly complex kit is indeed a bargain. Jack P I recall that you also model UK Southern Railway? How is it all going to fit together? From what I ahve seen of your work the Ab should present no problem for you, good luck. I intend to follow this build, I have a Alan Gibson BR Std 5MT kit to build which looks a bit complex too. Kind regards, Richard B
  8. Looking forward to seeing Kingfisher 24's K2/2 when it has it's livery. Update on the fabricated (9 parts) smokebox saddle. Taken a little while! I have modified the kit slightly by scratch building the sides of the saddle casting from thin brass sheet and added rivet detail. Sorry not a very good image, side view showing the brass sides to the saddle. Next a couple of views of the chassis with saddle (minus sides) in place. Lastly a view of my "workshop" Kind regards, Richard B
  9. I was, I admit, over optomistic! Must check my specs again. Perhaps somone could enlighten us provincials on the subject, is Peterborough North ever on display to the average railway modeller? I have admired it for some time and it would be great to look at in the "flesh" as it were. Kind regards, Richard B
  10. Must go to the Southampton Show to see this masterpiece.
  11. I have soldered the splashers to the footplate. A bit tricky, there is a very narrow channel etched into the edge of the footplate into which the splasher should be soldered. I used my old friend bluetack to hold the splasher in place. I soldered from the centre of the splasher. One point to mention is the excess splasher top material at the cylinder end of the splasher. I bent this up so that it was flush with the footplate and then added a few rivets. Splasher ends were often secured to the footplate in this way. You can just see this feature in the first picture. Next job is the smokbox saddle then I can start on the cab. The cab front has an etched channel into which the firebox end of the boiler fits. Useful! Kind regards, Richard B
  12. Hi, Firstly thanks to Kingfisher24. The Nu-Cast version looks fine in its undercoat, have you finished it yet? A great bargain at £30. Anyone know where I can get a Nu-Cast LSWR T14 4-6-0 kit? Would love one. I have been working on the front of the footplate, the hinged cover and the buffer beam. I have some good pictures of the Scottish loco's some of which have snap head rivets on the buffer beam so have added those. Have tried to re-create the hinges on the cover using fine wire. Not too bad. Kind regards, Richard B
  13. Did a bit more today, best to be under cover! Kind regards, Richard B
  14. Ah! His Dark Materials AND War of the Worlds tonight on the BBC. Wonderful other world escapism. A bit like Railway Modelling really. Well, to return to "reality", the K2 chassis proceeds. It just requires the rear part of the brake rigging to be assembled but I shall leave that until rear body security and drawhook are all sorted. I now intend to continue with front chassis extended section (part of the body) and the rest of the body. Kind regards, Richard B
  15. Your kit does indeed sound a bargain. I think the P4 wheel profile will help the build too, the kit is really designed for EM/P4 rather than 00, flange clearances with, for example, the reverser trunnions is very tight. Will try a high Level gerabox on a future build. About another 8 loco's to build at present. Regarding the plunger pick-ups. I have not noticed any real problem with rolling resistance although I guess if you get the spring tension wrong then resistance will increase. I have used top mounted tread wipers and they are good too. Will keep you posted with any problems with the pickups. Thanks for your interest. Kind regards, Richard B
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