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  1. Richard, I think 60506 is a really good effort, looks great and I hope the running issues now soerted. Good luck with the coach kits. I have some to build too but havn't started due to.... Followed your link and purchased a Crownline A1/1 and a DJH Urie S15 from WM. So now too busy for coaches! Many thanks a really useful tip! Kind regards, Richard B
  2. Jack, Have emailed Ace Products and put my name down for a 4mm T14 kit. By the way, lovely picture of 443 in full flight as an opera soprano! Kind regards, Richard B
  3. Thanks Jack. As we have discussed, I would certainly purchase a 4mm kit. Will contact directly. Kind regards, Richard B
  4. I am building on Original Merchant Navy from a Millholme kit. The casing has been cut-away at the front of the cylinders and it has a "wedge" shaped cab. It will be one of 35003-5. Does anyone have any images or knowledge of the variations to the chimney? Various "streamlined" caps were fitted and I have a number of suitable etches left over from my earlier building of a PDK kit (35008) that I would like to use if possible. Many thanks. Kind regards, Richard B
  5. Attractive and graceful 2-8-0? I think these are troublesome adjactive's when applied to a 2-8-0. I rather like the look of most of Gresley's designs and the O4/5 design had an almost classical simplicity of form appropriate to its job. The S&DJR 7F design is interesting but like a big 4F really - didn't they have the same size axle journals as the 4F?? Attractive and graceful for me (and I am no fan of the GWR but clearly Churchward was one of the truly great loco engineers) is best expressed by the 28XX class with the 47XX second because the boiler looks ungainly in my view. I have rejected the 2-8-0T's as not qualifying. Pity there is no SR contender, shame Mr Urie's 2-8-0 was not built, guess it would have been based on the S15? Kind regards, Richard B
  6. Many thanks Tony, very helpful. Your loco looks very, very fine and Mr Rathbone's painting is first class. Something to aspire to certainly. My recollections of ex LNER pacifics was centred around Kings Cross and watching those wonderous (to us Southerners they were) eight wheeled tenders backing out of the tunnels into the station and trying to guess which class was attached. Is it a streak, an A1 or an A3 or (rarely) an A2? Tender identification came a little later. We did "bunk" KX shed once and that was tricky over the coal staves. Perhaps there was an easier route? All a bit risky really but it was all great fun and as Mr Coster would say ..."its all a long time ago now..." Kind regards, Richard B PS I have a DJH A2/3 to build too so maybe a tandum build?
  7. Tony, I have just sourced a Crownline A1/1 kit to build as something completely different from my usual SR stuff. I am fully aware of the controversy surrounding this locomotive (Peter Coster's books on the LNER Pacifics are just superb) but I must confess a liking for its somewhat ungainly and unique appearance although this admiration does not run to the original attempt at a cab! I seem to remember that you built one of these a while back but can't find a link. It seems a good idea to learn from your experiences and avoid any pitfalls. Can you point me in the right direction if there is a blogg? Many thanks. Kind regards, Richard B PS - I do tend to agree with you that the A1/A10/A3 pacific was (is) perhaps the most graceful ever built.
  8. I always thought that the various NER Atlantics were rather fine looking engines and the NBR Atlantics looked robust. Kind regards, Richard B
  9. And now for something completely different! These locomotives have been responsible for many words forming many opinions about them but the brief time I had with a few drivers on the footplate at the end of steam on the SR (I had a footplate pass in 1965) suggests that they were never short of steam and that is what really matters to an engineman. This locomotive was the last to keep the original style of cab - PDK kit built by me about four years ago. It was converted to the wedge cab and painted green early in 1953. For all you LNER fans, thanks for the livery! I think it looks good on the MN. Kind regards, Richard B PS Something a bit smaller next time.
  10. Jack, Downton would be a good choice, T9s, S11s, L12s lots of Drummond 4-4-0 although not the D15? You could even have a 2 car DEMU ? Re T14, yes I would love one, just missed a kit for same! managed to get a Urie version of the S15 though. Will stay safe and well as far as one can and the same goes for you two too, Kind regards, Richard
  11. As has been said many times before, ugly but effective brutes! Whilst one wants to be as accurate to prototype as possible, I don't think your Q1 would suffer from a scriber approach! Kind regards, Richard B
  12. Lovely work Jack, so back to the SR rather than the S&D? Wise choice in my book. I have contacted your suggested layout builder and as soon as > 70 lockdown is lifted we will meet up and make a start. Thanks for the contact. Kind regards, Richard B PS "Beattie" is now finished and running well but a real struggle ! Pleased with the result though.
  13. Final final comment. A real devil to fit the chassis to the body so that it does not short out electrically - in particular the leading wheel touching the boiler barrel! This would not be a problem, I suspect, with EM/P4 versions. Runs very nicely and can pull four + Hornby Maunsells on my test track. More than enough TE they were only 4P! Kind regards, Richard B
  14. Interesting prototype to model. Hope the kits come with interior moldings? I remeber these units at Waterloo back in the 1960s and had a trip or two whilst on route to check a unit fitted with an engineering experiment. I remember that the main weakness was the additional station dwell times to unload/load. Clever packaging but limited benefit due to the UK loading gauge. Good luck. Kind regards, Richard B
  15. Great model I have 3 Hornby and a white metal 700 which is 30368. Can't help on the DCC probs sorry! Kind regards, Richard B
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