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  1. Cab and splashers assembly now soldered to running plate. Boiler being prepared for fitting. I think the next step is to make and fit the front frame that forms the support for the smokebox. This will overlay the whitemetal section at the front of the running plate. The solder run onto the running plate has been roughly cleaned up, more work needed. I am pleased with the appearance. Kind regards, Richard B
  2. Brief S11 update - fitting splasher tops - made from 5thou brass sheet and soldered to cab assembly. Very fiddly but appearance is pretty good. Kind regards, Richard B
  3. Just to reinforce what Jack has said about PDK. I emailed Paul at PDK and he confirms that he is planning a T14 4-6-0 kit and will update his website with a few details. I am sure Jack would have been lobbying Paul for a T14 since we share an interest in these ugly but interesting locos. I have made it clear to Paul that I will buy one. All very good news, I have wanted a model of these Drummond/Urie hybrids for some time. They worked Waterloo - Basingstoke and Waterloo - Salisbury stoppers so should fit in well with late 1940/early 1950s Basingstoke. Kind regards,
  4. Hi Alastair, Yes agree, they are quite a problem. The gearbox is a Branchlines 2 stage box (53:1) but I have used the most accute axle position to move the weight accordingly and then removed the unecessary section of the gearbox to minimise the incursion into the boiler and firebox space. The motor is a 10/20 Mashima. Not a very powerful combination but fairly low gearing to help getaway and top speed really not important given the role these loco's performed in the early 1950s. Kind regards, Richard B
  5. A few pictures of my T9 to L12 "conversion" which involved a similar amount of scratchbuilding as the S11 project. Fair bit of greenstuff filling! Kind regards, Richard B
  6. The specticle plate is now finished and has been soldered to the two cab/splasher sides. I have drilled the Specticle Plate with all the openings for whistle control, steam supplies to cab, handrails and gravity lubrication pipes. The two cab specticle windows were pilot drilled and then enlarged with a selection of broaches from the inside of the cab so that a circular "burr" appears on the outside that forms the brass window frame. Gearbox and motor run well I have not yet located the motor mounting plate which accounts for the steep angle of the motor. So
  7. Hi, I have been in email correspondance with Mike King of the SW Circle re boiler backplate on Drummond L12/S1/T9 and he suggests that there was very little difference between the classes regarding fittings/controls. He has made this assumption with his S11 which is a re-worked L12! Thats good enough for me. Kind regards, Richard B
  8. Hi Blandford, I will get in touch with SW Circle, I am a member after all! I will let you know if a discover anything. As Dave suggests, with interchangeable boilers things need to be in the same place. If the "LSWR culture" survived into the early 1960s at Eastleigh, and I suspect it probably did, then spending money on unique to class boiler backplate fittings and locations would be a no no. The same was true of SR EMU's re-use if you can or if not adapt the EE507 TM for another application. Kind regards, Richard B
  9. Hi Jack, Page 216 of Bradley's book has a reproduction of the D15 GA and, at least in profile, the cab controls are pretty standard and much the same as the other 4-4-0's. Kind regards, Richard B
  10. Hi Jack, Good advice I agree assumptions not based on any logic are to be avoided. Bradley's book has a series of backplate GA drawings for his 4-6-0s. They are all much the same and much like the T9. Drummonds LSWR engines were driver LH side so that means the vacuum ejector pipe and drivers brake actuator are on that side together with the reverser lever. The regulator handle is positioned facing the drivers side. All of that can be seen in your images of the preserved T9 above (thanks, very good pictures). When you also add that footplate men were very conservative a
  11. HI Dave, Yes all noted thanks. I also have Bradley's book which has reproductions of many LSWR GAs. One point of interest is that the S11 cylinders were inclined wereas all other Drummond 4-4-0's were parallel with the frames. The GAs also show that S11 and L12 have 8ft 6in boiler pitch and D15 at 8ft 9in. I have suitable boiler fittings having collected over the years a good selection of Drummond bits. Thanks to Jack (and Matti) I have located a suitable chimney from Phoenix Precision Paints. Kind regards, Richard B
  12. Many thanks Matti. Yes that is correct. How are you getting on with this site? Lots of useful tips I hope? Kind regards, Richard B
  13. Hi Jack, Thanks for the tip - do you have contact details? I can only find a model aircraft supplier with that name. Kind regards, Richard B
  14. A bit of an update - I have now completed the second cabside/spasher section. They both look pretty good. On another matter my "goody bag" arrived from Markits today which included spot on wheels for the E4 0-6-2T that I am building and some of Mark's really wonderful brass Westinghouse air pumps but the star is an absolutely perfect chimney for the v.old Wills E5 kit that I will eventually complete. Thanks Mark, really good work. Cab sides looking good. I don't usually take pictures of parts sealed in bags but these Markets parts deserve it. If only m
  15. The loco I am modelling 30398 seems to have had the lipped chimney fitted until the end so the attractive one. Kind regards, Richard B
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