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  1. Whilst I have not built any coaches (yet, like you I have a number of old Roxey kits to build) I have built a number of brass loco's that require lots of bending to a profile. The advice received is sound, I use various diameter dowels of smaller diameter than the required profile and progressively roll the brass section to profile. You have a template, the end of the coach, to compare with. As to painting, that's the way I would do it but no doubt there are many coachbuilders out there that have much more experience than I do! Kind regards, Richard B
  2. Very helpful Joseph that justifies the purchase.
  3. I must admit to being tempted to buy a Q6 and the J27 when available. Tricky justifying them for 70D though when the layout is complete. They did work the odd South Coast cross country service didn't they??? Double headed?? Nice thought. On another matter, I visited Darlington Works way back in December (Saturday the 7th I think) 1963. I was an apprentice from Eastleigh Works and I was shown around by a Darlington apprentice called Steve Shaw. He was a year or two older and we met up about 20 years later in our railway career and Steve gave me a copy of the letter asking him to take me around North Road. I have since lost contact with him, I think he lived in Darlington and was a railway modeller. Anyone know anything about him? Most grateful if you can help, Richard B
  4. Dave, I don't know what help this will be but I have dusted down my v.old ACE products N15X kit. A few pictures of the motion: I started this a long time ago and have learnt much since! I fabricated the cylinders since those supplied were not too good. I intend to complete in the not too distant future and hope to learn from your experiences. First change will be a two stage gearbox! Good luck and regards, Richard B Started it a long time ago and have learnt much since, as you will notice! I fabricated the cylinders since those supplied were not too good.
  5. Some very interesting and slightly controversial views on the Bulleid pacifics expressed, that has been the case since the 1940s. A few minor historical observations that tends to colour opinions about these locomotives is simply that they operated the last main line steam service. The level of maintenance declined and many drivers (and firemen taking a turn) thrashed them since they all knew they were shortly going for scrap. That's not to say that all drivers thrashed them all the time, just more often. This, coupled with the fact that enthusiasts flocked to the Southern to take a last look probably reinforced the view that these engines slipped more than others. I was lucky enough to have a footplate pass in 1964/5 as part of my training and I witnessed some of the behaviour described as well as 100 mph running memorably on Worting junction flyover. Happy days. Kind regards, Richard B
  6. How many of you can remember those Orange station signs etc for the NE Region? The J27 will be a great addition and what a very sound locomotive design, lasting (along with the Q6) until the end of steam in the NE. I may be a Southerner but I travelled a fair bit in the early 1960s and what a hospitable lot they were at N/S Blyth, Tyne Dock, Sunderland and Gateshead. At least they were when I visited! Oxford Rail are doing a good job and reasonable prices when the opposition are increasing their prices. Kind regards, Richard B
  7. Hi Daddyman. I haven't decided yet but probably the centre axle with the (short) motor in the firebox. There is just enough clearance for the top of the gearbox but if not I can trim it by around 1.5mm which should do the trick. Just checked the firebox backhead casting and it might just be possible to drive the rear axle without impacting the cab floor. The motor you used looks a little longer than the 1220 I'm using. Buy the way, whose driving wheels did you use? Thanks again for the advice - made me look again at the options! Kind regards, Richard B
  8. Hi Denbridge. Thanks for the comments. I guess it all depends on what you mean by leading and trailing! I am wrong in suggesting the return crank is set at TDC, it is set a BDC! If the crankpin is in that position the return crank on the Moguls and N15X is set at, say 12 degrees (or there about!) before vertical and most other classes (Not sure if there were any other classes set in this way?) set at, say, 12 degrees after vertical. So I apologise for my sloppy wording! I think we agree on how the return crank should be set for the N15X and Maunsell Moguls. I just wondered if anyone knew if this gave any benefits in terms of valve timing or loco performance? Kind regards, Richard B
  9. Some progress - footplate now fitted (temp) to frames I have reversed fixing arrangement - 8BA screws soldered to footplate instead of nuts, easier to align. Gearbox completed and motor mounted - gear train run in with electric drill. Will order Alan Gibson 20mm 16 spoke driving wheels. Kind regards, Richard B
  10. Thanks Jack, much appreciated. Please keep me posted on the N15X, I started a layout based on Basingstoke Depot, 70D. Had to pack it away but will re-start soon. So I need to complete my N15X in the near future given where the seven were based! The U class doesn't look too bad I just wish I could take better photographs. Kind regards, Richard B
  11. What and excellent thread this is! Some really wonderful model loco's to a very high standard. I am particularly interested in the N15X, is it now finished? I have started an ACE products N15X and have put it to one side to indulge my H15 and SR 0-6-0 tender locomotive obsessions. I model the BR period up to mid 1960's. The N15X (and if I recall, the Maunsell Moguls) all had the return crank set in a leading position compared to TDC? Most loco's were set in a trailing position. Can anyone enlighten on this variation? Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Richard B
  12. Micro Kristal Klear - which is a white thick liquid works well where the window is fairly small - circular cab spectacles for example. It doesn't look good when first applied but dries to a clear finish. For anything larger I use that clear plastic that seems to cover everything now days - the type that usually stops you opening the package without a real struggle! It can be cut with sharp scissors and filed to shape. Kind regards Richard B
  13. Many thanks Daddyman - have checked alignment between NBR chassis and PDK footplate mounting holes and all fine and as you suggest I have gone for a similar motor mount as you. Yes, I think the NBR chassis was designed to fit an old GEM kit of the J36. Once again thanks for the help, Richard B
  14. Hi, As promised, now that H15 30491 is finished its on the the J36 for my friends at The Bentley Model Railway Group. Some progress with the frames - I have used the excellent fret produced by NBR Developments which were supplied by BMRG. Firebox grate and ashpan fret soldered in place and guard irons likewise. Note that unusually NBR use small machined "plugs" which fit into holes in the frame to locate the brake arms rather than just a hole. Trusty old "Poppy" frame jig doing its job. Frame spacers soldered in jig. First two frame spacers soldered in place. Kind regards, Richard B
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