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  1. Loco is now complete and ready for painting. I am very happy with the result and, I hope, Ray would have liked it too. I can imagine him looking at it closely and then saying but you have missed the......followed by one of his full blooded laughs! I have really enjoyed the build and LRM have done a good job with this kit. I hope the painting doesn't distract too much from the model as it now is. Can roof temp. fit. I hope we come out of lockdown in the near future (although not too soon, we seem to h
  2. Just a few pictures today - I've said enough already! Soldered two channels on the inside of the cab roof so that it can be removed. When fitting the vacuum pipes along the running plate I discovered I had fitted the front steps the wrong way round easy to fix. Kind regards, Richard B
  3. Mike, Thanks so much for your kindly comments and for the picture - is that a J21 in the background? Will probably have a break from loco building to continue with 70D layout and then on to a Urie S15 at some stage. Have watched and enjoyed the NYM programme. Back in the 1980's I spent a week up there having a break from the family. Cleaned the Stephenson fitted Black Five 44767 and then helped to fire it for a few days. For my 70th birthday treat I drove ..... Some of my daughters who fired for me. and with t
  4. Hi Mike, Many thanks for your kind comments. I am surprised that the kit was developed all that time ago, it is really well thought out. The instructions are a bit sketchy in places but then I tend not to stick to them anyway (explains a lot I know!) a result of experience I guess. I am getting worried about my modelling - I have a B9, V2, V4 and A4 to build and am ordering a B7 kit. Whats more I have a whole raft of Hornby LNER big engines and a J27 (spent a bit of time in NE sheds in the early 1960s on my free pass trips collecting engine numbers) on order. I MUST GET
  5. Almost finished the build. I just need to add the vacuum pipes along each side of the running plate - on 305 the drivers side is fully visable on the firemans side much less so. Lamp brackets, cab roof and a few odds and ends on top of the side tanks and then it will be ready for painting. The build has presented a real dilemma in that I wanted to produce a close copy of 67305 as Ray Goad would have known and photographed it as well as make it as robust as possible for layout operation. The loco runs very well on the tight curves of my 70D layout and has good pick-up performance u
  6. Lovely work Mark, lining transfers(?) can be a devil though. If you have done the lining by hand - well done I don't have the knack! The kits are first class. 40022 was the first ex LMS engine I ever saw at St Panc. so many, many, years ago. That loco had condensing gear fitted though. Kind regards, Richard B
  7. Hi Jack, The reversing lever end attached to the valvegear is made of scrap brass bits. The drivers mechanism is a combination of LRM parts and scrap brass parts with the wheel from an old etch. I suppose most lever reversers at the valve gear end look alike. The drivers end is an imperfect representation of the prototype but as close as I can get it! The real thing. Valve gear end As you know I have a scratch built an 0395 - an early effort so don't judge too harshly! Sorry, a poor picture.
  8. Brake gear today - fairly complex set up - need to make sure brake cylinder is positioned correctly! Etched parts are nicely made and fit together well. Handbrake operating lever still to fit. Detail a bit clearer in this shot, 30777 looks on in the background. The very fine angled sections fitted to the base of the sidetanks seem to have caught the light in a way that suggests rivets - in fact - these are extrusion markes. Kind regards, Richard B
  9. The Push-Pull fitted G5's had a very busy bufferbeam! Not only 2 vacuum pipes and a steam heat pipe but the RCH lighting trip and set cables/supports and conduits. There won't be much space for red paint! Conduit passes into cab to, I assume, the trip and set switch. Tanks side looks very rough, it is fairly smooth! Will polish up before etching primer applied. Front buffer beam has most components fitted. Still needs trip/set conduit and cables for connection to coaches and under bufferbeam pipework to vacuum hoses. Camara is very cruel!!
  10. Much work on adapting some Alan Gibson castings for Vacuum Push - Pull as fitted to LNWR locos. Brass angle for base of side and well tank has arrived from Eileens Emporium so thanks for the suggestion Arthur. Kind regards, Richard B
  11. Spent much of today's time dealing with lack of traction when pulling with drivers leading. My test track does have a bit of an incline but much wheel spinning initially with two Bulleid coaches. Front of boiler is now stuffed with lead and added some to the frame too. This improved matters and she will pull three Bulleid* coaches from a standing start up hill. Pushing is no problem and I suspect on more level track things will improve further. Four coupled wheels not as good as six - as in prototypes. More detail added - cab roof just temp fit. Thanks David - Fro
  12. With today's progress I guess the build is closer to the finish than the start. Cab detail is about complete and the chassis is running in now that additional weight has been added - lead embossed to look like the two internal cylinders from the front. Running as a chassis or with thebody on it runs best as a 4-4-0, which is good given it is push-pull fitted, but will add further balancing weights to improve traction further. Chassis runs from very low speed. All that brake gear to fit soon. Fairly pleased with cab details.
  13. Today's update - worked on the tank filler's and the clips that secure them - some very tiny scratch built parts. Handrails fitted on boiler/smokebox sides. Those eagle eyed will notice that the leading wheel is not in contact with the track - due to trailing wheel compensation issue - the gearbox idler shaft just fouls the boiler preventing movement - easily solved. Kind regards, Richard B
  14. Thanks Arthur, I have ordered a slection of brass angle from Eileen's, thanks for the tip. Kind regards, Richard B PS Ken Hoole's book on order.
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