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    Making little steam engines, trying to make my first layout (70D) at a very ripe age, Art, Music, my 4 daughters and their offspring, my wife, a deep pool of wisdom and intelligence very scary in a way.
    Modern European History, well any history really, travelling by all forms of transport, motor racing and much more I can't talk about.
    Oh! reading too, discovered the wonderful optimistic SF books of the late Iain M Banks - if only we could become "The Culture" we have wherewithal - just need to focus!

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  1. The K3 is making good progress RowanJ, getting the valve gear fitted and running smoothly can often be really tricky so well done. One comment and suggestion, this is an early SEF K3 body kit which was designed to fit an early Hornby chassis. As a result it had the underside of the boiler "missing". What I have done in the past is to bend a section of brass sheet to the correct boiler curvature and fix this (usually superglue) to the underside of the whitemetal boiler finishing with some "green stuff" filler and W&D paper until the brass boiler section blends in. If needed you
  2. That's good news Tony (Good Evening!) I have one to build that cost very little. Hope that I am not too stretched by the compound curves. 60022 looks splendid. Kind regards, Richard B
  3. Hi Clive, This thread has opened up some really important discussions about what matters. I realised soon after retirement (50 years a railwayman) that if life was defined by the work I had just completed then I was left with the question "So is that it?....what is next?" Like many I am immensely proud of my daughters who have turned into women of consequence doing great work in the NHS. I volunteered to work in the NHS visiting and chatting to patients in my local hospital. I have done this for nearely six years. I spend my three morning shifts on the
  4. Clive, In the nicest way, you are almost famous! A really great thread - keep it going - remember you are only young once! Kind regards, Richard B
  5. Siouxsie and the Banshees were rather special though - The Scream was outstanding I still have my copy of the album. I really enjoyed listening to John Peel's 10.00 PM sessions on Radio 1. Sometimes something really original and fresh turned up (like The Scream ) providing John played it a the right speed, then again sometimes it didn't matter! Happy days! Kind regards, Richard
  6. Just great Clive, our mission in later life is to surprise and delight our kids with the knowledge that our interest in life did not end with the production of them! Kind regards, Richard
  7. Welcome back! Kind regards, Richard B
  8. Yes Clive a very good song. My appreciation of the piece is somewhat jaded given that my eldest daughter (bless her, she is a senior ward sister with three kids of her own now) played this at high volume over extended periods. She was a Goth at the time (Mission, Sister of Mercy, Fields of the......) and whilst I cooperated with painting her bedroom black with the stars and planets on the ceiling (we are both fairly arty) I drew a line at building a coffin to replace her bed. Wonderful times though! Kind regards, Richard B
  9. Clive, I see that Cabaret Voltaire are back after 20 odd years with Shadow of Fear perhaps a bit too difficult in these times? Here is one they did earlier- Kind regards, Richard B
  10. Fortunately I didn't have to dig too deeply. Sorry about the picture quality and I would add that painting/weathering has not been completed. Richard
  11. Hi David, I can't claim any originality for this! I simply gently filed the bottom edge of the body casting, starting at the bottom and slowly increasing the area filed as the radius increased. There are limits to this given the need to cover the chassis mounted cylinders. Finished with very fine W&D paper. To improve still further the illusion of a thin sheet covering the cylinder casting I made two new front cylinder cover from, in this case ally sheet recovered from old Venetion blinds, and trimed these to fit as close to the body as possible without impeading body removal.
  12. As I was packing up the loco's I could not resist giving my very old "Little Engines" Q1 built many years ago but still a good runner and it don't look too bad, in a coffee pot way, either. Kind regards, Richard B
  13. Thanks all - the suggestions are all appreciated and welcomed. Kind regards, Richard B
  14. John, Thanks for your comments and encouragement. I build whitemetal and brass kits and both approaches have their pluses and minuses. I really enjoy the challenge of building any kit. Both these are a bit knocked about and tarnished but they were very cheap and I am certain they will build into great representations of the prototypes. Surely part of the pleasure of our hobby is overcoming problems and finishing up with something that we are proud to say "I built that"? It will be a month or two before I start! Kind regards, Richard B
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