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  1. Just to praise the superb service! Ordered a brace of kits (MDV and Tunny) yesterday at 14:25, got the despatch notification at 16:06 and the two kits (with very nice mouldings indeed) have just popped through the letterbox here. Excellent, you’ll be getting more of my money at this rate! Owain
  2. And a bit more on the wagon fleet! The stuff that was fully transferred has been varnished, as an experiment I’ve got a bottle of Mig’s ‘lucky’ varnish, water based, air brushes on easily and dries Matt first go (so already beating the humbrol I used last time). The results, irritatingly despite decal setting solution the transfers on the CCT (which I already wasn’t very impressed with the printing of) have also silvered, unlike the Fox efforts on the gunpowder van and the ancient Dapol transfers on the presflo, so those are probably being replaced at some point. The 21t (god knows how an early one of these survived into preservation, maybe it’s ex NCB or Workington steelworks?) (having researched, it’s getting a couple of the chivers clasp braked versions to run as a short rake) and the medfit (which is going to end up as a maintenance wagon, carrying a cement mixer and other stuff) have has their transfers (unknown and fox) added. Owain
  3. More clearance, selection of copies of moorsline, 2004-current. Can’t guarantee they’re all there, collect from York before they go in the recycling. Owain
  4. The first stages of a long overdue clear out, a job lot of assorted model engineer (late 70’s-early 80’s), model engineers workshop (2011-2012), old glory (2011-12) and rail express (2011-12). These are unsorted, they’re not complete years and ideally someone takes the lot before they go in the recycling. Collection only, from York. Owain
  5. Never visited the shop but had excellent service by mail order, they’ve become my preferred supplier for kadee couplings due to their competitive pricing and excellent service. One day, I’ll get down there... Owain
  6. Now, the latest challenge, thanks to the shop at the Chasewater railway and my mouth. Fit a DCC decoder into the Bachman wickham trolley. It has to be invisible and having dismantled the offending item, I decided it would be better under the floor of the trolley (saved interfering with the motor on the trailer). I also decided to keep the electrics as original as possible, to save issues. So... First, modify the PCB in the trolley chassis, removing the capacitors and chokes, plus drilling out the holes in the PCB, to make it easier to connect the decoder wires. Next, I attacked the chassis with a burr in the Dremel flexi-drive. The idea was remove enough material to ensure the decoder (Zimo Mx616R) fits with its heat shrink intact and give a bit of room for the wires. Straightforward job, slow and steady sees it done. Like so. Hopefully, having trial fitted the PCB, all that remains is to solder the four wires to the connections on the PCB and reassemble. Stay tuned for part 2, to see if it worked. Owain
  7. A bit more playing with paint colours, following a bit of research, here’s an attempt to match BR unfitted grey and fitted bauxite to Vallejo colours (71.046 Pale Blue Grey and 70.982 Cavalry Brown) The 21t has also had the first stage of the internal rust added. Also, just like the 12”-1’ version, a restoration project. This meat van was built about 25-30 years ago, I’ve decided to sympathetically restore it. So it’ll be keeping the livery and transfers, with the missing doors being replaced with a spare set from a park side kit. Owain
  8. A few from a visit to Sedbergh, on the reopened Lowgill-Ingleton line. Rearranging the yard, with the Ruston and ex. Stratford/Carlisle Currock 08715 Ex. Barry 76080 brings the 11:30 into Sedbergh, with the ‘scratch (ie tatty) rake’ of coaches. The latest public exhibit, titled ‘The fascinating world of rot and corrosion’ Owain
  9. And to continue, they’ve now had their transfers finished on both sides and on the ends (in the case of the gunpowder van). Next, the CCT has been given 3 coats of Vallejo red with the airbrush (the jury is still out on how close a match to BR crimson this is, it’s darker than it looks in the photo, but it still looks a bit pinker than ideal). It’s still got to get a coat of varnish and weathered, so I’ll see how it goes. It’s also had 1 side’s worth of transfers applied, these came with the kit and I’ll admit to being disappointed with them, my memory is modelmaster used to be printed better than this (looking at the CCT marking, for a start). The style and location of the lettering is based on a restored example on the Mid-Hants. Finally, the last of the current batch of wagons, a steel medfit and an unexpected 21t open, which was found in the bottom of the kit drawer. Finished and ready for primer. Owain
  10. And a second very quick update, the gunpowder van has been finished in Vallejo’s Anthracite grey (an eyeballed match for GWR wagon grey) with the airbrush, as a bit more practice and it, along with the presflo have had their transfers (Fox and original Dapol, which considering theyve sat in a packet for 20 years went down perfectly) on one side. Owain
  11. A very quick update, the airbrush was hooked up to the new compressor (very nice!) and the presflo got three coats of Vallejo Deep Yellow. The gunpowder van also got finished and has been blown over with grey primer. Owain
  12. A couple more projects have popped up, first a souvenir from a bank holiday weekend visit to the Chasewater railway (never been before, lovely line with an interesting selection of ex. NCB stuff, modified/rebuilt 16 tonners and tipplers. It was a good price in their ship, so I did another bit of economic stimulation. Lovely little thing, but it needs a chip fitting. So it’s been stripped down, idea is a Zimo MX616R (which according to the net is 8mm square) fitted under the floor of the trolley. Modify/remove the PCB to get the connections and give us a bit of space. Another project is the GWR gunpowder van, being finished in the 1936-48 livery. So it’s half built up, currently sat on the surface plate whilst the sole bars dry. Owain
  13. I’ll maintain a diplomatic silence there. The clothes are actually a joke with a mate, he saw that figure in grey primer as I was doing the flesh tones and asked if it was Dr. Evil. Second from the right’s got a film influence as well. Owain
  14. A bit more progress, another batch of ModelU figures have emerged. The next project has been started, Southern Railway design CCT from the parkside kit. There’s dozens of these survived, so this is going to be a riding van for the crane, in BR crimson. First up, the basic body and chassis are assembled on a surface plate and left with clamps and weight to ensure it all dries square. Some lead is added And finished, in grey primer ready for paint. The roof will be fitted after the sides have been painted and th glazing added. Owain
  15. Monks cross shopping park. Between primark and Poundland. No alifiation at all, just a very happy customer. Don’t worry, they’ll see the light eventually. Mate of mine does missionary work down there. He says they’re really quite nice, once you get over the webbed feet and the three surnames per county. More OT from me too matey! Owain
  16. York’s got a reasonable display of plastic kits, mostly Tamiya, Humbrol and Tamiya paints, glues, Tools, some woodland scenics and some materials (stripwood, balsa). Never seen any railway stuff in there, except at Christmas when they had the Hornby Coca Cola set in. I’m in there fairly regularly,because they’ve got a good stock of other more general stuff (foam core board, paintbrushes, hot melt glue, craft foam, storage boxes (the ‘really usefull’ flat boxes are my preferred rolling stock storage these days) etc. One that’s always worth a look is Boyes, in York they’ve got a good games workshop selection, a regularly changing selection of tools (cheapest source of xcelite/exacto knife blades and razor saws I’ve found) and Vallejo paints. Plus they do decent work boot socks and 5 packs of Trebor XXXX mints cheap. What’s not to like? Owain
  17. That is simply the best idea I’ve seen in this whole thread. Because to me that’s a major step for someone to make in the transition from an oval of track to a fledgling model Railway, a board to mount it onto. With the arrival of laser cutting, surely a flat pack ply kit should be straightforward. Owain
  18. And a bit more! The gronk has now had the other side done, just needs varnish, the weathering touching up and some last touches, like that grab handle straightening. The latest batch of figures (all ModelU) have been painted, just need shading and finishing. Finally,another new toy. Following several discoveries (the effect on the electric bill of running the big compressor, the distant Dubdubdub in the background and that it causes television interference) I decided to splash out on something a bit quieter to drive the airbrush and supply light compressed air needs in the garage. So machine mart obliged and this rolled up. Quieter than a fridge, cheap to run, easily movable and well made. What’s not to like? Owain
  19. Agreed. Very strongly agreed. I had an interest in railways before I discovered the models, same for the offspring of a friend I’m quietly encouraging, same for my cousin. Agreed strongly again. That community is critical. Might be through a friends, shop, a club, a point of contact or online. Doesn’t matter how it exists, provided it’s there. Can’t say I watch him regularly, but I was aware of him and his channel. It’s stuff like that that got me back into the hobby, in my case it was Kathy Millatt and Everard junction. Oh yes. The role of that community cannot be underestimated. Good for him, long may he continue. I certainly got into this through friends, it was the attic layout of a friends dad that got me hooked. Agreed. I had similar with someone realising the significance of 76080 running on a fictional preserved line in 3 seconds flat. I’ve also been pulled up on operational details. Ease of research is something we now take for granted. Example - I was renumbering an 08 recently. Wanted a vac only machine that had worked in the NW long enough to have survived into preservation. Quick google later, threw up 08715, finishing at Carlisle Currock in 2004. Mention that on Facebook and hit the jackpot - a friend on there’s an ex Stratford driver, it was based there previously and a bunch of photos of it in banger blue land in my messenger that day. How I’d have done that in 1996, aged 16 unless I’d managed to get a photo of it at Carlisle I really don’t know. Agreed. Oh boy, agreed! To me it doesn’t matter a toss what someone wants to model, it’s all equal. Might be a Hornby trackmat, might be a P4 epic. Doesn’t matter. You enjoying it? Good. That’s all that matters. If you’re guilty of that, I’m as well matey, I wouldn’t worry about it. Thanks for posting. More power to your elbow and show us what your up to somewhere please! Owain
  20. You learn something new every day, didn’t know they’d done the pannier with that number! It’s something I think there’s mileage in. Owain
  21. Going off topic, but the full sequence went thus, bid on collection of stuff that’s collection only due to weight. When this is pointed out, demand a postage cost. Agree happily to postage cost, then leave foul feedback about excessive postage charges and the time it took. Having told ebay precisely where to stuff it following their attitude towards said feedback, took up selling the rest of the stuff on a small ads site. Lead to a far more pleasurable and profitable (no fees!) experience. What this has to do with getting people started in the hobby, I’m not quite sure, but here we are... Owain
  22. Agreed! This is something I get onboard in a big way! Sets that people can see. Flying Scotsman, Tornado, Black fives as 45407, 44871, 45212 with a few WCRC mark 1’s or Pullman’s for a bit of variety? Also other preserved locos? 45428, Repton, 825, 80135 (now that has been done) 80136, 63395 (and that’s just the moors current fleet). Any one got any idea on sales of the version of 80135 Bachman have done? I accept there will be licensing issues with the latest paint schemes, but it’s something to consider. Owain
  23. 16 years ago I did a web design course that lasted a day. At the end of it, I knew how to build a website that featured separate pages, images and looked passable (I’ve done naff all web design since then, but I suspect if my arse was in the fire and I needed a website to make money, I’d relearn how to quickly). I’ve made a few homebrew transfers, they worked, sort of, if you didn’t look too closely. But again, if I wanted to make money out of it, I’d learn how to do it properly. Currently teaching myself CAD, not due to any wonderful plans, more something I want to be able to use. Agreed. I’m certainly not. Diplomacy’s not one of my strong points,, for a start. Now that’s where I’m not convinced, because I’d have spent my money with one of the sellers if he’d take PayPal without a levy. His loss. Personally, I think it sort itself over time. I would say eBay as an alternative, but I won’t use that due to a spat selling second hand engineering tools and an idiot buyer who couldn’t understand the concept of ‘collection only’. Then again, it would be a very dull and boring world if we all felt and believed them same. Owain
  24. Following on from my post, I can’t help think there’s two issues here. First, catching our genuine beginner, second, keeping hold of said beginner and encouraging them down the road. So at the first, we’re aiming a reliable, cheap train set which grabs them by the wossnames and gives them the bug. The second we’re adding to that train set. So more functionality, better details, getting into kitbuilding, all made as easy as possible. Personally, I think we’re OK on the first. The second? If it’s a toss up between a kit for a spitfire that comes with all it’s transfers and a wagon that needs transfers ( I recently finished a parkside fish van kit off that was first built in the mid 90’s. No transfers, because at the time aged 16 I couldn’t source any. Yet at the same point I was building the Avro Lancaster airfix kit in BBMF colours which came with a full set of transfers. I can remember being infuriated reading wagon building articles in the press where transfers were covered by a dismissive ‘using my stash of Appleby Model engineering transfers’. That’s no use to me matey, AME are unavailable. This is may sound like sour grapes and maybe it is, but it certainly was a factor in the sabbatical I took from the hobby. So upon my return, I’m spending my money with those who actually seem to want to take it off me. Owain
  25. Fair enough. Agree to disagree again there. I didn’t say what my items were, deliberately, because I suspected people would be able to identify the traders and take this as a direct snipe at them and their products. It isn’t intended as such, more a comment on how I see the hobby. But in this case, I was looking for transfers for a parkside dundas kit and an 08. That kit our beginner has bought after building an airfix spitfire? Now I know Parkside are now sold with transfers, but I picked up three from my local yesterday and two were older stock with no transfers. Yes, I know there’s a fourth transfer supplier out there whose website isn’t too bad, but I wanted to see who else was out there and I’d hope I compared three similar one person operations. The big supplier I referred to is Peco. You know, the first hit in google for a search on ‘Parkside Dundas kits?’ Having dug my chequebook our, the last cheque I wrote was 8 years ago. Owain
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