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  1. Hi Ian, I was brought up on Willerby Rd in the mid 60's (a little later than your memories) and regularly played on the rusting tracks of Springhead and Barchards woodyard up to the Springhead Lane bridge. I also vaguely recall the engine shed at Springhead still standing - large pale blue wooden doors? My memory may be wrong on the door colour, but the sheds were long abandoned by then..... I always wondered what it was like to see and hear locos on those rusting rails - the nearest I got to see were the occasional coal trains serving the nearby coal yard on Calvert Lane (now also lost under housing too). Chris.
  2. Superb photo Mick - look at the crowds! I presume we're looking in a westerly direction towards the SB? When was the subsequent footbridge over the line built?
  3. Hello Mick, I've been 'lurking' on this forum for a while now and have reminisced fondly looking at your posts and pictures of Hull and surrounding areas, however your mention of Barchards prompted me into corresponding. I lived on Willerby Road/Derringham Bank from 1964 (aged 3) through to 1984 and spent many happy childhood hours exploring the then redundant/rusting, but still in-situ Springhead sidings, (up to Springhead Lane bridge) Calvert Lane bridges and the H&BR alignment further towards town. As you can imagine I was also born just too late to appreciate the end of steam and experience travel on the Victoria Dock Branch lines to Hornsea and Withernsea, however I do recall steam locos traversing Botanic crossing on my way to and from town on the bus. As a young lad my mates and I always used to refer to the area where the sheds still stood in the 1960's (next to where 'B Batch Group Shopfitting' currently stands on Spring Bank West) as Barchards (wood yard). I'm interested to know as to what extent did Barchards property extended over the area west of Calvert Lane and where exactly (based on modern landmarks) the Class G2 No68 derailed in your photo. Many thanks in advance for any information and recollections you may have on this area. Best Chris.
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