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  1. Thanks, I too like the idea of a raised track bed, it would give more scope for bridges, ponds etc. Also we are of "a certain age" and bending down is someting to consider these days!The site is part of our lawn at the moment, very soft soil, no problem for digging.
  2. Hi all, I'm in the process of constructing our first garden railway. My wife and I have decided on a patch of ground behind our garage, it measures 6m X 5m. We want it to be a rural type sleepy branch line/freight based scene in G Scale. A feature of the layout will be to use real plants for landscaping, a water feature, and a few buildings. The base for this is undecided, we've thought about laying a patio on the entire area, to provide a base for everything, either that or decking, butnim wondering if it would be better to dig trenches and fill with gravel in the traditional manner for the t
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