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    Now happily retired! Diving, archaeology & (naturally) railway modelling in 'EM' & 2mm. Activity in any interest depends on weather, money and the house extension..

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  1. scanman

    Anew venture...

    First - thanks for all the supporting comments folks. Glad to be back! Yep, South Tyne hit it in one! Whilst it will do as a working title, I'm going to have to put my thinking hat on... I've paid something of a homage to the Lieghton Buzzard line by naming the woeks unit as 'Rollright Works'. They of course are at 'Stonehenge Works'...
  2. Well, a long time has passed since I last blogged on this forum - and a lot of virtual water has passed under the virtual bridge - some of it quite rough1 The main disruption has (as is usual) age-related health issues. First, I have developed (or rather ' am developing') 'Extemity Tremor' or shaking hands. Annoyingly my left hand (the dominant one) is the worst affected. Whilst it is not yet debilitating it IS time-wasting - particularly when soldering small objects. Second, my eyesight is definitely degrading, some of which is diabetes-related. So the last few months have be
  3. Ahh - the benefits og GWR Standardisation
  4. Body only wanted - livery not important! No reasonable offer refused...
  5. Hi Folks - Does anyone have a set of instructions for this kit that they could scan/email me?? I'm completing one for a friend and the instructions are missing. Particularly relevant are the bogies/underframe. Any assistance gratefully received, Regards Ian
  6. Hi Chris - If you havn't seen it already, this one might do! https://www.shapeways.com/product/ZZ3G874YR/gwr-saint-class-locomotive-n-gauge?optionId=57360000 Regards Ian
  7. First - the image that started it all... presented by kind permission of the artist. The barge in the lock is the afore-mentioned 'Unity' and, as can be seen, is a 'wide barge'. She spent her working life plying the 'K&A' between Reading and Bristol carrying carbouys of acid... So on with construction. As previous blogs and other entries have mentioned, I am a firm believer in Knauff 'Floormate'* - sold as an underfloor insulation sheet about 250mm wide, 2.5m long and 75mm thick. Fortunately my supplier (Hampshire Insulation')* use it for purposes other than that for which
  8. Okay, what CAN you do in a space only 600mm by 240mm?? When the idea was first mooted as a 'Challenge' for the 2mm Associations 'Diamond Jubilee' in 202, my first thought was 'Not much' - even in 2mm, and I made my thoughts plain on the 2mm 'Virtual Area Group'.... However, I am also a member of a local photographic club - who for one of IT'S challenges this year, the subject is 'Transport'. Thinking of THAT I remembered a painting by a member of the 'Guild of Railway Artists' entitled 'Saints & Sinners'. The scene depicted a double-track line bounded on one side by a picturesque vil
  9. Well done Pete - and a credit to the Association. Are you entering 'Thurso' in the 'Diamond Jubilee Challenge'?? Regards Ian
  10. By the time the EU get round to certifying it, the UK may well be out. Much easier dealing with ONE government than twentyeight!
  11. I DID find the 3D button and the render looks great! Let me know when it's on the market & I'll definitely have one (or two!) Nice work (again) Chris Regards Ian B
  12. Something like this...? http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/108310-darkly-labs-emblaser-affordable-laser-cutter-review/?p=2376233 If I can help, pm me - all I need is a dimensioned drawing/good image. Regards scanman
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