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  1. Thanks Geoff for welcoming me to the forum and the inspiration and advice is endless.
  2. I'm pleased i tried this method Luke as it begins to take shape the more slabs you apply.
  3. Luke nice to see some more progress on your layout it's great to see the hills taking shape.
  4. Luke thanks for your reply the wall is made from the card off an Amazon A5 envelope and cut into 3-4mm side strips and the length of each slab is different as stone walls are are different shapes and lengths. Each cut piece of card is laid individually.
  5. Started work today on the stone walling on the diorama, I got the idea from 009 micro modeller who has built a stone wall on his cakebox challenge. The stone wall is really taking shape and just need to complete the wall along the side of the railway track. Will be painting the wall grey with weathering once it's dried tomorrow.
  6. I really like the stone wall you have built from cardboard would be interesting to see how you achieved making the wall as others might want to have a go at building one.
  7. A great little layout with great pictures.
  8. It's amazing how a few sheep can bring a layout to life a lovely cakebox challenge.
  9. Diorama update managed to plaster the hill sections ready to paint an earth colour before applying grass. The baseboard has had a couple of coats of grey paint ready for work on the road area.
  10. Thanks Andy for the reply i was curious about using this stuff but I will keep well away from Bird grit and use the right stuff for ballast.
  11. Having watched a couple of YouTube videos about making dioramas i noticed quite a few modelers use Bird grit for ballast has anyone on the forum used this method.
  12. I really like what you have done with the two silos the tree work looks great. I have yet to have a go at making trees. This is a great looking cakebox challenge.
  13. I like what you have done on your cakebox challenge and looking forward to your next progress update.
  14. Luke great progress on your layout I'm just catching up on your thread and it's great to see a Scottish theme.
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