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  1. I feel they could have been a bit more inventive than just ‘Lego’ but I suppose it is what it is.
  2. Hi there, Does anyone have any good alternatives to the Hornby Rocket stock wheels, nothing I have fits and searching online yields little as axle measurements don’t seem to be very common. For reference the rough dimensions are: 12mm wheel diameter and 25mm axle length. Trying my hand at period stock with resin under frames cast from the 3rd class coach: Thanks!
  3. Only just heard about Bellerophon the other day from Railway Modeller and I am tremendously excited for it. I distinctly remember watching some gala weekend film of her in operation thinking 'I bet no one will ever do that'! Well done KR Models
  4. I must say I do like the weathering here. Much more sophisticated and toned down than previous weathered releases.
  5. I'm very happy that Accurascale are further ahead with theirs than Dapol, it's nice to see other manufactures getting more opportunities. Well done for listening to what the market wants and all the best with this guys!
  6. Thanks a lot, Gibbo, this will be very useful. I have been avidly following your excellent efforts at period stock with a close eye, very impressive stuff!
  7. It is interesting that the majority of early railway art I've come across is extremely flat and unrealistic (at least that which was published for public consumptions in magazines etc). I wonder if that was just the art style at the time or more to do with the fact that people had never seen such things before and were very unfamiliar with drawing them... Take the piece here for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_rail_transport_in_Great_Britain_1830–1922 The carriages seem awfully small and crammed and the wheels are barely visible, looking like they aren't supp
  8. Gosh that's blooming' gorgeous, well done. This is probably the most temptation I've had to delve into fictional modelling, I really, really want one!
  9. Thanks Oh boy, don't make me start modelling era 3, I have enough to be getting on with as it is!
  10. Does anyone know if Stroudley 4 wheelers are suitable for a J Class? I doubt it but much stranger things have happened. Thanks
  11. It is slightly odd as the LNW prototypes look great but you have to remember there have been two RTR Midland Compound models out and a 1P in the works for much longer than there have been a Coal Tank (something which many, including myself until recently, think of as solely a goods loco) and much more recently, a Precedent. Additionally I would argue that the clerestories look and feel 'more LMS'. After all, they have always been red!
  12. Additionally, it would be really nice to see the Rocket range rolling stock wheels sold separately to aid scratch and kit builders. I can't seem to find any on eBay or Peter's Spares, unlike various bits of Rocket herself. Is this a likely prospect from Hornby in the future?
  13. Indeed I stumbled upon this short 'documentary' of the layout and amazing mid-victorian models of Mike Sharman, well worth a watch: Great untapped era and huge scope to model, such vibrant and unique designs from countless semi-forgotten companies. I'd love to build an LSWR Shark one day...
  14. Yes, compared to previous years there aren't that many new steam tools IMO.
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