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  1. Great weekend in Perth as always Stan . Well done to all who organise and volunteer over the weekend . A bit bit hot but we coped with the aid of a couple of fans and a close by open door . Looking forward to to next year already . Mike b ( scottish modellers )
  2. As one of the organisers I should really know but I don't ! Shame on me ! I will get Bruce who was in charge of such things to post them up for you all . Mike b
  3. Jeeeez Phil I haven't a clue what I am doing as it is ! M b
  4. Dont know how good this copy will be as I am doing from my phone . M b
  5. Stand 1 where you go into the show . M b
  6. Good luck with the show lads . Wish I could come but just a little too far for a day out . Mike b
  7. Interesting point Steve . I had forgotten that very important point . I wonder what would happen if you put him in a room only containing two of his own layouts . When do you intend to start exhibiting your layout ? Mike b
  8. Very nice looking layout Steve . I assume you locked Dave in the room with the train set to stop him wandering off ? !! Hopefully see it somewhere soon . Regards Mike b
  9. It's not a restriction . Layouts over 20 foot will be discussed as to possible alternatives but not excluded as you suggest . Mike b
  10. Early start from the Ayrshire Riviera to the Far East so better get some kip . Usually a good show and I don't expect this year will be any different ! Hopefully see some of you there . Mike b
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