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  1. Do you mean download and print the templates from peco ? Thanks Andy
  2. Hi I'm changing from set track to streamline. To create single/ double junctions do you use y points or like set track you use right and left points to get the right spacing /geometry . Thanks Andy
  3. Hi I'm aware that diamond doesn't need a point motor i was thinking that the electro frog point before the diamond could be wired to change polarity or can i just use isolating fishplates on the diamond frog
  4. Hi Can any one tell me how to wire a peco electro frog diamond crossing that as two separate power inputs (up and down lines) for dc. I am using peco point motors but would buy something that was more suitable. Would a dual frog juicer work? Thanks Andy
  5. Hi What track underlay do you guys use. Thanks Andy
  6. Hi Just got back into model railway 00 gauge. I'm looking at using flexible track and using peco track setter templates or are there any other brands. Can anyone please tell me what size track setter templates equate to 2nd, 3rd,4th and 5th radius curves. Thanks Andy
  7. Hi I've been away from model railways for 20 years or so and now time allows me to get back into it. I was looking at the splendid crewlisle layout and was trying to work out how the reversing loop works on the lower level. On the track plan it doesn't show the reversing loop track plan. Any help explaining it would be much appreciated. Thanks Andy
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