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  1. Trying to locate some decent modern 'People' figures (OO Gauge) for a layout, including preferably a good mix of seated figures. I sometimes feel it's hard to get the 'People' part right. Having no figures has the layout looking too empty, but having figures 'frozen' in action can sometimes look false too, depending on the scene. Figures in 'stationary' positions (forgive the pun!) often look the best, l think, such as being seated, or leaning on something so it was kinda that l was thinking of but any help is welcomed! Thanks. Rob.
  2. Yeah, it is impossible to get any type of 'standard' VW Passat/Golf, Ford Focus etc. There must be some reason
  3. Looking for 'modern' cars (Year 2000+) for a layout (UK / lrish). Seem difficult to locate as most are vintage / 70's & 80's etc. Any help would be welcome!
  4. On a closely related topic, any tips / suggestions on how to weather ballast- only (not the track?) Track is laid, ballast from Woodland Scenics laid, just not 100% happy with the ballast colour. If there was a simple way to slightly darken the colour of the ballast, (l don't possess an airbrush gun!) it would be great.
  5. Hi. Looking for 'modern' Platform Seating (preferably in seats of 4 but not essential) similar to the shot below- OO Gauge. Any sugestions would be greatly welcomed and thanks in advance for any help. Rob
  6. What do people feel is the best Camera model / type for photographing your layout, especially for longer / wider distance shots? Close up shots work fine on the mobile phone (Samsung) but further distance shots are poor. Any tips / views are welcomed! Rob.
  7. Looking for Wheelie Bins (Yellow preferably) OO Gauge, similar to domestic type bins. Can't locate them anywhere, any help welcomed?
  8. Looks brilliant! How did you 'weather' or 'stain' the concrete to make the yard look realistic? What did you use, and how did you do it? I have a plain grey concrete look and want to make it look more realistic?
  9. Hi Anyone know where l can source an OO Gauge GCA Tainer similar to the one below? Any help would be much appreciated? Thanks Rob.
  10. Hi. Any suggestion of where l could pick these up, somewhere that they are in stock? Cheers. Rob.
  11. Just wondering- anyone got pics / vids of taking the roof off a Mark lll? Seems impossible !
  12. Any idea if it's possible to buy Hose Pipes for trackside refuelling pump points- (OO Gauge) similar to the photo? Or any tips on how to 'make your own' realistic ones? Cheers!
  13. I'm looking for a set of Tunnel Portals for a Double Track (curved). OO Gauge. A base width of about 150 mm at the tunnel mouth- any of the standard ones l can find are too tight for a curved track- preferably grey. I can't see any for curved track on-line anywhere. I hope someone can help !!
  14. Hi Hope someone can help! Looking for Mark 3 Lima MM (IÉ) Standards- see photo. Also, looking for matching Mark 3 EGV. Would love to get hands on these so any help is welcomed! Cheers! Rob.
  15. I'm in the process of moving my layout in the attic. The bulky roof-insulation foil meets the back of the layout at an angle, leaving only a narrow space (especially height) in which to insert any scenery- see photo It's not possible to move the track forward due to space. Any tips / suggestions on how to best make this area realistic, maximising the effect? Eg inserting trees / foliage to mask the foil, or covering the foil in some way? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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