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  1. ... to be swiftly replaced by “It’s the wrong shade of blue!”
  2. According to Hornby's 'coming soon' page, 35024 is now on the boat. Blue Merchant finally incoming...
  3. Really enjoying watching this one, lash. All very nice and cramped (in a good way), the parcels stock suits it nicely. Do keep up the posts! Adam
  4. Thanks @Dunsignalling for the interesting posts, on both counts. I'll have to have a scout around and see if I can find any more photos. Also very interesting that in this period there seem to be photos of everything from T9s, N15s/S15s to standard 4MTs and 5MTs or light pacifics on these workings. Perhaps there's some more information to be found in a book somewhere. Adam
  5. Evening all. I hope nobody will mind my resurrecting this thread in the interests of sharing a thought-provoking photo from Transport Treasury -- 5MT 73115 passing through Clapham Junction with a single 3-set of 59' Bulleids, dated 9/61: https://www.transporttreasury.com/p697255697/h95c54173#h95c54173 This, to my mind, seems very unusual -- to see a service like this right through to London with only three coaches. Headcode and formation suggest a Basingstoke semi-fast, which admittedly seemed from photos to be services on which a great variety of motive power and stock
  6. Now that's looking great, @lash. Very inventive and different (something not already 'modelled to death'!) and yet looks totally believable and authentic. Will look forward to seeing it on the layout. Adam
  7. The road and the greenery break the scene up very effectively, Rob — I’m sure they’ll be just the ticket once finished. The lichen detail on the roof tiles is an inspired touch. Adam
  8. I think Hornby's interest here must be strategic rather than anything else. Coming in a red box, there will be huge demand for these as expansions to train sets / as a perfect 'bridge' between simple starter products and the high-fidelity expensive stuff. They're small, easy to buy one or two of at a time, look attractive and will doubtless sell in all sorts of colourful mix-and-match combinations to that sector of the market, and they're realistically priced at £29 rather than £49 for a main range 'big' coach. The motivation here is very different to that from Hattons, I think, th
  9. Calidore

    2021 hopes

    I do feel that, given some of the curiosities announced / released in the past few years, the H16 / W / U should be ‘when, not if’ at this stage. I’m sure any of them would do very well. Personally I’d love the H16 — given H’s penchant for S15/N15 type things it can’t be too much of a stretch. Edit for an afterthought — perhaps they’ll go left-field and we’ll get an H15 ‘chonker’!
  10. Calidore

    2021 hopes

    Something which I'm surprised isn't more frequently requested is a new tooled Ivatt 2MT tank. They're versatile and geographically wide-ranging, important to modellers of two regions, several are preserved and relatively accessible to people who like to buy what they see, and the old Bachmann model is now one of the most outdated-looking in the range, in my opinion. Having seen Hornby's efforts with the Standard 2MT 2-6-0 (that lubrication piping!), this is one duplicate which I'd be more than happy to see announced.
  11. Hi Ian, long time no post on my part but it's wonderful to see the last few updates on this page. The huts and clutter in the yard are perfectly observed. The trackwork, ballast, beaten-up vans and dilapidated C Class -- all so atmospheric and the level of detail is ultra-realistic without being overbearing. Most of all, the composition of the whole scene just looks spot on now that it's all come together -- foreground detail, arches, railway, and buildings half-hidden behind all go together so naturally. One of my all-time favourites on the forum, no doubt about it. Adam
  12. Beautiful stuff, Rob — I’ve not had the leisure to browse RMWeb recently (and sadly no modelling time at all) but whenever I think to look, this is always the topic I hope to see an update on. This project is combining all the best bits of your previous efforts and of course has your trademark atmosphere in spades. Have you seen any photos of Newham Wharf (in Truro)? This rather reminds me of the place; I think you’d find it interesting if you’ve not already seen. Let me know if you’d like me to pm some pictures. Reading this, I find myself ever more tempted towards one
  13. Lovely stuff, Ian -- the colours of the weathering on the coal office and the bridge girder are fantastic. Adam
  14. Looking very nice Rob. That fiddle yard is quite a feat, too! Adam
  15. You've got a gift for this, Mark. That's some of the best terrain modelling I've seen Adam
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