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  1. Lovely stuff, Ian -- the colours of the weathering on the coal office and the bridge girder are fantastic. Adam
  2. Looking very nice Rob. That fiddle yard is quite a feat, too! Adam
  3. You've got a gift for this, Mark. That's some of the best terrain modelling I've seen Adam
  4. Hi @turtlebah, I was just here to look again at something I'd remembered you featuring in a previous post. So while I'm at it, is there any news to report from West Park? I love the sense of scale in the photo above, by the way -- the huge starting signal looming over the platform, and the even bigger buildings rising behind it make for a wonderful scene. Hope all is well. Adam
  5. Glad I wasn't missing something! A very nice selection of content, and it's handy to be able to access it at whatever time and in whatever order. The layout interviews and demonstrator videos in particular are great -- thanks to all for organising it. Adam
  6. Looks like the painters have another job on their hands with the gate Mark, very nice! The brazier on the previous page is another detail I don't think I've seen done anywhere -- it looks excellent, right down to the holes in the bottom of the barrel. Just goes to show that there's room for all kinds of inventiveness in this hobby beyond the regular 'always modelled' set pieces. Adam
  7. The Times are reporting this morning that a plan is under consideration to effectively scrap the eastern fork of phase 2b, and replace it with a link from the western fork towards Leeds which will be seen as both HS2 and the 'Northern Powerhouse Rail' rolled into one. I'm not too clued up on the detail of HS2, but has this been reported anywhere else? Link (probably subscription) -- https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/hs2-money-saving-plan-to-run-trains-across-pennines-7nw9s7q9n Adam
  8. Every time this thread comes up I feel a sceptical glimmer of hope, which is always promptly extinguished... I’d like to state for the record my prediction that 35024 will arrive within a fortnight of the Rails D Class, to wreak maximum wallet damage!
  9. Very nice to see another layout from you, @lash. I did enjoy Milton Quay, and had a read back through the Portsea Town thread not so long ago, which was informative and very interesting to look at too. Your layouts are right up my street in terms of setting, and you always seem to find wonderful quirky buildings and kits to make them just that bit different. I shall keep an eye out for more of this one. Adam
  10. Looks really nicely composed, Rob. Should work a treat with your usual scenic standards applied -- I'll look forward to seeing it progress. Adam
  11. KMRC Guildford also reopening in full 'shop' mode on Monday (lucky us); Camborne reopening for click and collect. http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/171/COVID19 It might also be of interest for anyone in the South who uses them, that Pullingers art shops are also reopening on Monday or Tuesday, depending on branch. Who could have imagined that the prospect of a basic trip to the shops would ever seem so liberating. Adam
  12. Really wouldn't have guessed that fence was flat to the backscene if you hadn't said, Mark -- fantastic. Adam
  13. That's all rather nice @TechnicArrow. The mooring posts and the guard rail are both good lessons in how to make something from nothing -- great stuff. Adam
  14. SVR may be the first (?) to announce a target reopening date -- 1st August, per supporters' newsletter. Bravo to them for showing some urgency and pushing to get things moving, and doing it in a responsible way with plans for the safety of staff and visitors.
  15. Great to see that the fundraising target has been reached. I'm really interested in the number of donors quoted in the Bluebell Times fundraising column though. Written at just beyond the £250k mark, they report that amount having been contributed by 1,900 individual donors. I'm really surprised it's that small a group of people: an average of £131.58 per person. I'd written elsewhere on here previously about the slow start to the Bluebell's campaign, but once they 'relaunched' it the total skyrocketed at a staggering pace. I'd thought this was because the Bluebell has a relatively large supporter base compared to some railways (i.e. with membership of the society actively encouraged and publicised, they're less reliant on goodwill of the general public or a less formal group of 'supporters'). But on the assumption that, for all railways, there are actually quite a few donations more in the £10-£20 range from the public (evidenced by social media comments, JustGiving pages with visible amounts shown, and the popularity of the 'text ____ to give £10' which many railways are doing), that makes me think these campaigns must still be hugely reliant on a very small number of people giving very large amounts to make up the serious sums. There are doubtless some railways who have the best of both -- the SVR clearly has a huge volume of general public support and more dedicated member / supporter backing to have reached £745k -- but this seeming reliance on serious sums from a small group in some places naturally gives some concern about future sustainability. I think it's also why some railways are finding the campaigns have stalled a bit now, compared to how they were moving at the beginning: once all the people able or willing to give £200 have given it, the steady flow of £10s take a long time to add up. If we get to a time in the future, as we surely will, when these kinds of supporters are even fewer and further between, where the money comes from then is an even harder question to answer. Adam (I should say, the above is not at all intended to disparage the generosity of those who are giving comparatively smaller sums, as it clearly all helps and giving anything at all is a kind act indeed -- merely thinking about how this passion of ours keeps itself going, as we all do.)
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