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  1. https://railsofsheffield.com/bundles/109/class-74xx-br-black-late-crest-pannier-tank-with-br-maroon-suburban-b-2-car-coach-set?utm_source=Mailing+List&utm_campaign=888fdf139c-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_06_20_02_35_COPY_07&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74d01bc2ed-888fdf139c-5771681  Looks like a good discount, email said only 10 in stock
  2. The Hornby non-corridor coach bundles are on offer again at Rails, four coaches for £99.50 - https://railsofsheffield.com/news/articles/3475-bargain-coach-bundle
  3. Thanks Ray, I think I had been under the impression/misunderstood the instructions that switching between A and B also switched between 1 and 2 or 1 and 3, aka under the same wiring and switch. The frog wiring is as you say and seems to be working when under a separate switch to the point motor. Just curious on whether it’s doable or what I’d need to change to bring it all under one switch and to confirm using DC for the polarity switch isn’t going to burn the house down or anything. Hopefully the next thing on the list (CDU) will be easier. Cheers Tom
  4. Hi all, thanks for the replies. In response to Ray, it was one switch for both motor and polarity switch, as per the image below of the instructions. They also mention only a momentary pulse is needed, which fits the bill for centre off, happy to be corrected. Back to the switch, I followed the diagram below, with the crude hand-drawn diamonds to show where I added connector blocks to split wires off to two things. You made reference to my saying about the negative from the motor and return from the polarity switch meeting up to go back to the controller, which was done to my understanding as
  5. Hello, I've attempted wiring up both my first point motor and a polarity switch, between the forum and the instructions of the various parts I believe I've installed everything correctly however it isn't working as intended, I've made some attempts at locating the problem and I'm seeking advice on anything else I can try to rule out a faulty part. The issue: When using the point, locos will move over it perfectly in one route (straight ahead in this example), however when the switch is thrown the loco stops on the frog area. Parts: Peco electrofrog point (with the wires
  6. Thank you Pete & Karl, lots of useful information. The CDU sounds like a good idea and I particularly like that it can be added later, it continues part of the appeal of the hobby of not needing to go 'all in' and spend lots at once to get something done. I might go with the cheaper switch option now I have those ideas in mind, I couldn't move from 'switch with wires dangling out of it all loose' to 'mini control board' type setup in my mind. The wire I think I need to sort out some 16/0.2 as you both suggested. The mains cable I mentioned before on the bus was 1.5m
  7. Following my purchase of the starter pack from CM3, I spent some time looking for a bulk buy on 2mm and 1mm as following a test build I went in for the retaining wall and will need several feet of it, if my sanity can take the cutting and building of it all. I had a look on amazon and ebay but some of the comments on here had me err on the side of caution and I went with PaperCutz in the end, as suggested on the scalescenes site. The 25 sheet packs bring a good discount and I ended up getting a pack of 25 x 2mm and 25 x 1mm greyboard in A4, total cost £17.24. It arrived fairly quickly given th
  8. Hi folks, I have a point that is in a hard to reach place so I'm going to take the plunge and motorise it. If it's not too bad maybe I'll look at doing the rest, but this one is a bit of a trial run as I have no experience in this area. I wanted to check my thinking and shopping list so I'm only paying one lot of postage in these times and to make sure I don't burn the house down if I manage to get the parts together and have a go. I've found I need a Peco PL-11 side mounted motor as I have timber underneath the board where the hole would be. I've also learned I need a Gaugemaster
  9. Kernow have another virtual exhibition set of offers, different terrier to the one mentioned above at £59.99 (K&ESR).
  10. The Bachmann C1 Atlantic in GNR or LNER green is on flash sale at rails for £149.99
  11. Also a thanks to the people that post these bargains, I don't think I've bought anything directly but it's shown me to some sites I wouldn't have known about that I have bought from at a later date. Personally I'd prefer everything in one thread, having a new thread for each bargain or shop would add a lot more browsing time in entering each updated thread since the last visit to check, as the same occasional non-bargain posting would occur, however scattered over all the separate threads that it relates to. In comparison I find it's a few seconds scrolling through some of the non-
  12. One for £99 on bure valley, did a full sweep last night for birthday ideas
  13. Cheers, some tempting, can't remember seeing this anywhere close to that price - http://herefordmodels.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=340_350_355_356&products_id=11541
  14. I recently bought the starter selection pack from CM3models ebay shop. Was going to buy in bulk but I haven't done scalescenes before and wanted to try something before committing further, this was the cheapest way I found to get everything needed. Looks like there's enough to do a couple of the free downloads, if I'm capable enough of building them this will be much cheaper for the end aim (retaining walls) and I imagine for other things you might use lots of such as platforms. Ordered before Easter and it duly arrived on the estimated date, well packaged with cardboard to protect the corners
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