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  1. Hattons have a black Friday section - https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail?id=1101 On first glance seems to be all the existing offers under a new banner (last few hattons class 66 @ £120, Hornby coach bundles etc)
  2. Hornby King George VI, £94.99 last one... https://www.themodelcentre.com/r3639-Hornby-oo-gauge-lms-princess-coronation-class-4-6-2-6244-king-george-vi-era-3
  3. Thanks for sharing your similar circumstances, glad to hear you took the same path. I ordered the NCE on Wednesday and it arrived Thursday, seemed to be £20 cheaper than most other places that had it in stock so winner all round. Have also ordered a decoder which I'm waiting for so I can have a play on a spare bit of track/plank of wood before I look at putting it onto the layout, will have to workout a gradual conversion program. The CAB006 I think I'll definitely act on my original plan to include, seeing the powercab in the flesh that regular controller is a bit hefty. Thanks for the suggestion, I think I looked at this option, to be honest I can't remember why I didn't look further into it. Might have just been the weight of popular opinion for the NCE rather than something to put me off it.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, that sounds like a good idea for what I had in mind Thanks for this, didn't know about adjusting settings on the computer. That might be a nice middle ground for adjusting settings and to have the option for controlling locos at a later stage Thanks, I saw Sprog mentioned but must admit I didn't look into it as there seemed a bit more legwork, some solutions mentioned the Raspberry Pi and so on. I'll have another look into it though Thanks, eventually I think we'll try out sound once it's settled in a bit, will be something to bear in mind. Thanks for the two suggestions, the second layout is a way off given how much there is to do with the first, but it's on my mind (i.e. as it's in his bedroom I can't do anything that isn't removable to the spare room once he goes to bed, likelihood small or large that he'll lose interest and the main layout will need dismantling and I think I'd like to continue solo after that). I guess I was considering if it would need two complete starter systems or not, and the solutions suggested seem cheaper and within my capabilities to do. Thanks for the tip, part of the appeal of that handset was the dial, as the standard cab has the thumbwheel, which I think would be less suitable for him (a plus point of the Gaugemaster options). I will have to look into it a bit more as there were a few options and product codes I came across, also a wireless option, the centre off sounds like a good idea to go for. For info it's 00 gauge. Not sure which option I'll go with for using the system across two layouts, will probably depend on how I put it together and the room to attach a panel etc, it's a way off being a problem though, plenty of other things to give me a headache in the nearer future. Thanks again for all the replies, I'm fairly well set on going forward, think I'll find a suitable decoder for one of the locos so I have something to test it out when it arrives. I'm sure I'll be back with something else around that date.
  5. Hi folks, I know part of this post is going to be subjective so I've tried to stick to finding out the more straight forward points from what I've looked at so far. As title I've been looking at getting a DCC system, from other posts, my own browsing, budget and usability the NCE seems to fit the bill. By the time I finish the next small extension I'll have approx 7x5ft with a double circuit and some sidings/station etc, thus I don't think the higher power systems are warranted yet (and this is upgradable should the need arise, rather than starting from scratch). I read somewhere this would be suitable for approx 4 locos running at once which I think would be the limit of possible anyway. Am I right in that understanding? Many recommended methods include computer control, which looks great but I'm not currently seeking. The layout is a project with my 6 year old and I think that would be beyond him for a few more years. Also part of the attraction of the hobby taking me beyond just supporting him is that it's an escape from screens. In terms of budget this compares with the Gaugemaster Prodigy Express and seems to win on features, the Prodigy Advance seems equal or better however at time of looking is at least £130 more expensive and less easily available at the moment. As mentioned, use by a 6 year old is key, as I understand it I can buy an extra handset (CAB06) to plug in which seems simpler than the included handset, so the handset from the starter set I would use and presumably does the complicated programming functions, and he would use the addon one simultaneously, if I've researched correctly? In time I want to have a smaller layout that I'll probably do on the side, either the scalescenes boxfile or one to fit a wrapping paper box. Presumably I can unplug one of the controllers from the main layout to use on this, but which components would I need two of? (it is kept in different rooms so I wouldn't be able to wire them together for example). Are there any other options I should consider that don't go much beyond £250? For example I kept seeing Roco Multimaus recommended but it wasn't clear what else I needed to buy to go with it so couldn't get a total cost for comparison, that also looked more like the simpler NCE controller so I wasn't sure where the equivalent 'rest of the buttons' from the Power Cab would be covered. Apart from the starter set (and decoders which is a can of worms I haven't yet opened), is there anything else I need to buy to get up and running? Many thanks
  6. +1 on range/price/help with repairs and advice, it is within walking distance of work for me which is a blessing and a curse
  7. Thanks for the replies, looks straight forward to replace the motor, can only see two wires that need soldering. Don't know if I'd be up to opening it all up for brushes, and seems like hassle when a full replacement is a fair price, maybe something to have a go at on the side afterwards. Thanks for the alternative suggestion, had the problem before where I couldn't find the named parts and with help alternatives were the only way forward. In this instance also a lot cheaper. Will let you know how I get on
  8. Just wanted to check there was nothing remedial to try before I order a replacement motor. Above loco died the other day (R3086), around 16 months old. Checked it wasn't controller/track related and took apart to look for loose wires. Couldn't find anything wrong although nudging the smooth thing at the back (excuse terminology, flywheel?) did get it running as normal, until I stopped it, where it wouldn't move off again (here is the link to the part https://www.petersspares.com/Hornby-x6331-tornado-railroad-a1-scotsman-motor-flywheel-assembly.ir). I was going to order the motor and a gear set in case that also needed replacing (also to avoid separate postage). Thanks for any advice
  9. Had an email that the Nicausse peckett is down to £79.50 at rails, tempting since it was announced for me anyway - nice colour, brass? dome and a name. Without going astray, I'm sure it came out more recently than the falling out?
  10. Not Bachmann but within the last few minutes I've had an email that many (all?) of the Hattons versions are reduced to £119
  11. £19.99 for 6 months of BRM plus a wagon and Metcalfe kit: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/store/promotions/british-railway-modelling/BRM%2FRAILS4?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=rails&utm_source=Mailing+List&utm_campaign=26f4ece59b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_11_12_11_10&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74d01bc2ed-26f4ece59b-&utm_source=Mailing+List&utm_campaign=26f4ece59b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_11_12_11_10&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74d01bc2ed-26f4ece59b-5771681 
  12. I've not seen it mentioned but they seem to be on offer in several places - Rails, TMC as well. Prices seem to vary slightly on some things so depends what you're looking for.
  13. Just thought I'd leave a post for somewhere I didn't see in search results by way of a recommendation, used to be known as Andy Lowe Electronics if that makes any difference. Saw the advert in one of the magazines so went for a browse as they had something I hadn't been able to find in my local shop or from some brief searching of the usual online suspects. I ended up buying several other items relating to jobs on my to do list - cable ties, terminal blocks, wire etc, as they all seemed a fair price and it should give me enough to get on with for several weeks without needing to go shopping (online) again. Ordered Saturday afternoon, received a polite email on Monday that they didn't have enough of one of my items ordered to dispatch all together. Was given the option of having the bulk of the order sent with the outstanding to follow once back in stock, or exchanging the remaining items for a different size (adhesive cable clips for under the board, so nothing life or death). Went for exchange figuring the extra cost to them of sending me a few slightly larger clips would be less than a separate postage charge to them for a second dispatch when the remainder came into stock, either size would be suitable for me. Duly dispatched and arrived today, would use again .
  14. I like it, though as with most people already here that aren't starting from scratch it's not a purchase for me. As a kid I didn't get beyond track pinned to wood on a board which spent much of it's time stored vertically behind the bedroom door, so limiting what could be done. Hopefully the buildings and scenery will be a good taster to entice people into taking the next steps. In personal experience, with the layout I'm working on with my son I'm finding as I plan or pick up something to add it has a knock on effect of inspiring other ideas or things to try, which keeps it relevant and us going back to it, if a little expensive month to month . Maybe this hamper will give people dipping their feet into the hobby that bit extra push over the standard Flying Scotsman etc sets with just the loop of track which many seem to end up not hooking people in judging by ebay listings. On the view of the stock included, it would have been nice for the carriages and loco to be of the same region, also are those wagons of a time before the BR logo? On steam vs diesel inclusion, again from personal experience, my 6 year old will happily sit at the local station for half an hour watching in all weathers, though we are limited in variety (fortunate to still have HSTs on our line however). He's not too bothered about a trip on a modern train and will usually sit colouring rather than being interested in the trip, his favourite thing to do is stick his head out of the window on a heritage line so in the 1:1 world he prefers steam. In layout terms we have a bit of everything and train of choice varies from week to week, though I think steam slightly wins out. For anything new, in a model shop he just wants everything which isn't helpful on narrowing down what to look at in terms of any new stock purchases and what age to build the layout to. I don't think they'd include a 'big J15' in some boxes and a 'little Peckett' in others without someone taking issue on the perceived value, as I'm fairly sure the J15 is regularly the cheaper option in various sales.
  15. Hi Derek, there's also Wellingborough Trains & Models in Market Street and Osborne's on Rushden High St. The one in Northampton is still there and very good, will have to check out the Brackley one if it's still around. If you want a bit of a further trip then Trains4u in Peterborough is fantastic for browsing with all the extra space they have to display stock and a lot of pre owned to sift through. I think Tony's trains in/near Rugby will be my next closest place to have a look at.
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