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    Tom has built models for many years. His main interests are diesels of the late 60s and early 70s and the early years of nationalisation. Tom is also interested in narrow gauge and industrial railways.

    Tom is more than happy to discuss current modelling projects and can be contacted by email or he can be contacted via RMWeb.

    He runs the Grasslands models blog (www.grasslandsmodels.wordpress.com) and he is the webmaster for the Swindon Model Railway Club (www.swindonmodelrailwayclub.com)


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  1. I'm building an 88DS from a judith edge kit and my first reaction to the Hornby images were a bit underwhelming with the look of that full-frame chassis block. It doesn't do a lot for the look of the prototype. Is it a final chassis design?
  2. that sentinel has a lovely finish! I am trying to build a 4mm one at the moment.
  3. Hi David The biggest issue (literally) will be the Lipo single cell battery. Mine is laid out across the trailer of the pickup truck. Something like the NI170 NiMH battery might be easier to squeeze into a transit.
  4. My central axles are just dropped into the holes with no brushes. You could plausibly drive all wheels but you would need a gearbox that can run across all three axles. The one that I have for my DS10 motor is just one ratio gear (fixed to the leading axle) and joins to the worm on the motor shaft. You could investigate the gear boxes at High Level Kits, but there isn't loads of room inside the chassis.
  5. Sure! I have the central axle floating in the slot in the chassis and I didn't add any brushes to that axle. All it means by floating is that is effectively loose to follow the rest of the wheels. The slots inside the chassis means there isn't too much excess play. I was okay with this arrangement as it is similar to how the Heljan Westerns are set up. I added bushes for the other axles though. And yes, I soldered those, but I used a low heat solder for white metal and a variable temperature soldering iron (set to a low temperature). I got all that stuff from Gaugemaster.
  6. I modified the original instructions (partly by mistake) and I installed one DS10 motor on each bogie and linked them together so they could pick up off both bogies. I retained the floating middle axle, and the model doesn't pick up of the floating axle (but I might change that). I used an Ian Rice design of pick up based around some lengths of brass wire with little bits of copper cladding soldered on them which slip behind the wheels. It hasn't run in a while, and I still have some work to do, but the tests went well and it runs fine.
  7. I was curious and had a look through a few photos of these last night. It does seem that the recesses on the gang doors are more prominent on the two/tone green versions (most shots including a dusting of dirt). Conversely, the doors are very smoothly welded on most BR Blue versions.
  8. Here are some more BR Blue and yellow comparisons for you (doubling as a bit of NBL porn). And a Lego robot for no reason.
  9. I would agree with Phil for D6129 and it looks like the other Dapol BR Blue one that is imminent has a different iteration of the yellow (I think the 'yet to be released' one has yellow ends that go further up the cab). Any feedback on my headcode paper query? Was it missing in mine or does the model simply not come with any optional headcodes?
  10. Funny you mention that... I did do an NBL line up last night. Kernow win for me with that nice satin finish... the Dapol blue of the 29 is a bit flat or matt, but it is much closer to correct than the seaweed colour of the first Class 22. I'll take some more tonight
  11. My BR Blue 29 arrived today and I am very happy with it. I'm yet to give it a run, but I will do that tomorrow. I don't see any changeable headcodes in the box, though. Does the model not come with any?
  12. Indeed, some inspiration from these types of design could be amazing, but I guess all things have to start somewhere. Off topic, but there is a train in Final Fantasy XV that is clearly based on the loco that is 3rd down in your pictures, by the way.
  13. I think the 3D printed figures look great!! If such a range is successful we could see some really interesting fantasy locos in the future!
  14. Hi! @ChrisA4 yes, that is the one I used. It comes with the early footplate grid-work and smaller cab windows for the sides, but it doesn’t include the square windows for the front of the cab (I made mine from plasticard).
  15. This is a great bit of weathering. I saw it on the BRM Instagram feed today. Well done. Your layout also looks great
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