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  1. Awful livery. How about we repaint a few GWR locos into GBRf livery? What about Scotsman or Tornado - they’d look good in GBRf blue? I am afraid that using branding to change heritage locos is a big nooooooo for me. I won’t be going out to see them now. Glad I had them both at the SVR.
  2. And there is the nub of a common problem. Different suppliers using different livery interpretations. Hornby would sell more if they matched the colours of their stock with the coaches that would form a prototypical rake.My money is going to continue to head to Bachmann despite the higher price if Hornby match the colours to their Mk2es.
  3. Another question. Will Hornby get the colours on the blue/grey coaches to match my Bachmann Mk1 buffets and Mk2s? I have a rake of Hornby Mk2es and they look pants when in a train with my Bachmann stock. Otherwise a good announcement.
  4. Just received my order. Fantastic wagons - some of the best I’ve seen. Thankyou Ben and Mike for your hard work and attention to detail. I now have to work out where I am going to store them as my wife tells me that the railway room is ‘full’!!
  5. I know that this doesn’t really help but I have fitted mine with a Dapol Imperium and all works fine. You could try asking the guys/girls at Kernow.
  6. This is the wrong place to discuss this as it has nothing to do with Hatton Commissions. I would repost in the Model Shops section.
  7. Classy52 These prices are the new ‘normal’. For a super-detailed model that replaces a basic Hornby rendition, the pricing seems reasonable to me.
  8. Kernow have had the Mk 2fs, POTs and DBSO for several days so I think any conjecture over supply to ‘box shifters’ is misfounded!
  9. There is a photo of 37175 accelerating out of Fort Bill on 28 May 1985 with 3 vans (VBA/VAA?) and 7 PRAs in ‘37s in the Highlands’ by Roger Siviter. This book was published by Kingfisher Railway Productions in 1989.
  10. Yep! I am an accountant and this is dangerous thinking as you will need to make a certain gross margin to cover your operating costs, some of which are fixed (such as business rates, shop rent, wages that are not zero hours etc.). So the last item you sell, you still will have fixed costs to enable you to process the sale. The risk with selling excess stock at a loss is that you risk running out of cash if you wipe out the profit that you made on the earlier sales. Andrew
  11. What some of you don’t appreciate is that retailers will sell at a loss to shift stock. This generates cash and, ultimately, in business cash is king. In a nutshell, Hattons and others will be making losses on some of their lines in order to move excess stock.
  12. Hi Mike, the books are referenced in my earlier posts. One is from the Strathwood stable and the other is from the Ian Allen Portfolio series.
  13. Mike, the photo that I refer to is of D600 after overhaul at Swindon in May 1962 with a green battery box cover - the other is missing. It is not a trick of the light but simply the same colour as the body. Have you seen the photo? This may lead you to question your assertion.
  14. Also green after overhaul not just after delivery.
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