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  1. I've got a controller in with them at the moment, it's a model 10LGB that has a faulty direction switch and only gives full power. I'll see if they accept it for repair or return it as is before I send the model D.
  2. All tests done with the same Mashima 1224 powered loco as a load on a rolling road.
  3. Thanks sharris You've got me there, I simply connected a multimeter across the motor. So it looks like track one is providing the correct voltage, but track two is under, it reads around 14v on the same multimeter? It's a long time since I looked at anything like this, I should have realised.
  4. Hello All I have a Gaugemaster Series D square cases controller that I recently noticed is supplying way more than 12v under load, slightly different on each track, but the worst one is around 17v. I want to send it off to Gaugemaster for repsit, but I'm concerned it will be a waste of time if they say it's normal. I note that a comparison test on YouTube between the new version and a Morley showed dead on 12v on the track terminals at full power from the Gaugemaster. I will be using it for mostly Mashima motors, so I don't want to fry any given the availability situation. Perhaps there are kinder controllers out there especially for 10xx series motors. Has anyone got any thoughts or similar experiences?
  5. Can anyone shed any light on the above wagon(s) was it a one-off? I want to build the Ratio kit as the wagon ran under TVR ownership, but I cannot find any details. My GW Wagons book has very little to say, just that the Wagons were absorbed and used without alteration. Thanks.
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