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  1. Thanks all, some really interesting feedback here. You've given me plenty to think about! (who wants to buy a lightly used Power Cab )
  2. @WIMorrison that's good to know, I wasn't aware of the reliability issues of the DR5000. That's an immediate no then!
  3. Hi guys, looking for advice/feedback. I currently have a Powercab and whilst it works fine, it feels a little archaic. I thought I was sold on the Z21 until I started to see the other systems listed in the title. The DR5000 seems to do everything the Z21 does (including using it's app) and more, which makes me think the Z21 is redundant? The ECoS has a more traditional feel and appeal. A screen and haptic controls, which I think is nice, however it doesn't appear to the have the flexibility of the Z21 app where you can control a train and points on the same screen? If any current owners of these systems could chime in with pros/cons, or even better if you've moved from one to the other, that would be extremely helpful!
  4. Hi folks, do you have any advice for this i.e. removing the socket (already done) and soldering directly to the PCB? For ref and why I'm doing this: N Gauge using a Zimo 6-pin Class 25 loco and I want to retain the cab and lights The socket is just a touch too far to one side Removing the socket and using pins direct to board gives enough room. My first attempt failed to accurately solder the chip. I'm going to use some wick today to remove all solder, but before I try again I was hoping for some points/advice. Otherwise, I might be calling Graham Farish for a spare PCB!
  5. I appreciate this is a very old thread, but is it still possible to get a copy of this?
  6. Some amazing work here, it's taken me quite a few days to go through the history of this thread! Can I ask Dave, what's your ballast and weathering process for rails? They look great. edit: , just seen prev page.
  7. Ted-ish

    DCC Sound Videos

    My first video and it's a bit naff, but it gives you an idea! I'm a novice (started a few weeks back) - this is my N Gauge class 08 sound install (Zimo + Minnow5). Stalls at the end, I've since found a slight pickup issue on the rear wheels which I'll fix.
  8. Thanks David, some really useful links there that have helped me tweak a few bits. This is the now 90inch wide (started off 60) version: The idea here is that there's a loop for refuelling and that will be the busy area, with locos waiting and cycling around. With head shunts to accommodate. The TMD will have more stationary and stored trains, those that need access to the main line simply sit in the head shunt if there's 2 or more locos refueling, then cycle round as they leave. There's a little 4 wagon refuelling siding near the tanks. There's a large siding for a full length 16-17 single boggie wagons. Can be used a bypass too, or for shunting wagons before refuelling if the loco has wagons. Then of course the main twin loop. Not completely prototypical, but seems like it will be interesting to operate?
  9. Okay, I was looking at this layout from Clive: I like it, flipped on the horizontal line for my layout. However, there's one bugbear - trains can come IN to the yard, but to get out they have to reverse on to the mainline? That seems, odd. Wouldn't it be better with a diamond above headshunt A's point - and changing the breakdown siding in to a feed back on to the mainline?
  10. I think I get it - thank you. This is a really helpful link, thanks!
  11. I've had another crack at the TMD. I think this is more prototypical? Access to all 4 shed lanes from the mainline (in). Refueling bays x2 can be bypassed. Shunting siding has plenty of room and sweeps wide around the edge. Green comes from and goes to mainline, they are not the actual main line (loop). Does this seem 'legit'?
  12. Thanks, sorry if it wasn't clear but this is a max 6x3ft. Sides where it gets close would be behind scenery so just some perspex to stop anything falling off. Thank you - I thought a run-round was a headshunt? Also, great link - I didn't know of that site. Very detailed - thank you! To answer: The mini yard on the bottom was going to be for fuel, so 1 shed (blue block) and a siding with fuel rails. But thinking about it, that's probably not prototypical? Noted on the spacing between TMD lines. The 'beige/brown' area of the layout was behind backboard so fiddle yard and un-modelled. I have an 08. I like the idea of a shed for it - if that's what you mean? Sorry, I don't understand "facing crossover"? I'm new! Sharp curves at back, but soft at front. I don't like trains speeding around, so they'll be running 40-50mph (scale) at most. Again, thank you for the comprehensive reply and ideas.
  13. Hello all, I'm planning my first ever layout. I'd like prototypical but doesn't have to be a replica, as this will essentially be my test build for everything. As a novice, I'm not entirely sure I'm using the correct terminology as I'm finding it tricky to find real photos of real yards etc. I'm open to suggestions, here's my start: Era: 8/9 Stock: mid-90's yard, diesel bias and freight Scene: TMD next to a main line Size: 5-6ft x 2-3ft (table top style) 2 loops, siding, TMD and fiddle yard (too big?) I'd really like to see examples of real life and models - if you know any, please do share.
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