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  1. I have this which was my Grandfather's workshop lamp, which he bought between the wars apparently, and with a modern LED bulb fitted is very good - I restored it in 2017 - It is a Herbert Terry model Model 1227 and has all its original features including the adjustable spring holders. I have a Rolson Magnifying Visor, which I wear for high detail stuff, it has a little light but I never use it.
  2. .... from what I know, the american air system had a set up so that as the coupling pins were retracted the brakes were applied - it could be something like that ? - any how, I have been doing a bit more as and when work and family allow !
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDRzc16CWzc - looks a bit duff to me.
  4. .... fixed it ! .... now with 30" wheels, altered underframe with repositioned pivot and adjusted wheel holder casting.
  5. .... conversely, the adapter bogie frame looks a lot better with 30 inch wheels !
  6. .... did nobody spot the major error in my work ? - today I started to assemble the adapter bogie and then it hit me ! - those wheels look small, I thought - a bit of checking and I have done all the work on the underframe etc upon the Roadrailer on 2ft rail wheels like the US version ! , the whole way through I have for some unknown to me reason worked with the wrong size wheels ! - when I look at there are proportional clues it is obvious - how did I not spot it ! - .... this will require some major rework of the underframe components, as they will be 3 inches too far rearwards and the big casting is 3 inches too short, all the brakes have been done to fit around a diameter that is 6 inches too small - what a fool !
  7. OK - its been detective time, looking at the bottom photo below -: .... it shows some extra bits that are not on the prototypes (circled) - I know what some of them are as they are in the 'Eagle' illustration as below, ... but what is the indicator board part, it seems to fit around and to the right of the vacuum brake handle (that is on the prototypes) and the needle points down and slightly rearward when in the rail configuration - there are a couple of other parts that I am not sure of as shown above (not on the prototypes) - any help appreciated ? I was intrigued to the date/timeline of this photo so started looking - the cab of the lorry tells a story - it is an Leyland with an LAD cab, but not the late 50s version, it has the later rounded arches, after a while I had deduced it was a Leyland Beaver, then some luck - whilst looking for Leyland Beaver images I found a dated photo of a Leyland Beaver with a Roadrailer Trailer ! - incorrectly labeled as Container semi-trailer “RoadRailer” - looks like its outside the factory, like some of the other pictures of it and the one above, that I have found (from the same set ?) .... its date 24-09-1962 it is available here http://www.britishcommercialvehiclemuseum.com/image-archives/product/leyland-beaver-power-plusl069499a/ All these items are only on the production versions from what I have found - any proof otherwise greatly received. Andy
  8. .... definitely Brush ponies - I have a picture where you can see the Brush logo
  9. .... it is not just a compressor, it's a complete little 3 wheeled truck (as below) and proportionally I would say that sheeted down it about the right size for one of the black lumps, perhaps there were two of them ?
  10. ... any recommendations on wheels and bearings?, I see you can get 14.1mm metal disk wheels, and brass top hat bearings, I have started the model underframe and bogie so have to plan for what to fit, and how to make it so as to be able to be assembled relatively easily.
  11. ..... of interest -: I bought a magazine with a free 'grounded wagon' kit attached and have taken a close look at the detail and rivets - the angle iron frame is 0.5mm thick (38mm true scale) as is the rivet diameter, best measurement I could get on the rivet head thickness was 0.46mm) so was probably the same. It gives a convincing visual representation of a wagon so some scale fudging may have to be done (like the original kit) Andy
  12. ... OK, this has come out better than I thought ? .... but in my rush I did not wash it properly ! - (stupid boy !)
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