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  1. 93) Midland Railway No 118. Wirksworth station, 7th September 1961. The Wirksworth branch was used quite a bit for railway publicity. Even the Midland Pullman made it to Wirksworth.
  2. Hi TheDoctor, You've got quite a list there, I hope you don't mind me asking but whats the inspiration for going fairly big on the plans? To help on the LMS region of BR, I've dug out my copy of 'Rails Through Lakeland' by Harold D. Bowtell. The likes of Blencow station or Cockermouth could well tick some of your criteria. Check this link out http://disusedrailwaystations.blogspot.com/2017/07/ Hope this helps. Regards 17A Ross
  3. Good heavens, I never finished off my 7th day all line rail rover experience. Better late than never. Sunday 15th September. I have in the past been caught out travelling by train on Sundays. Sadly, there hasn't been any other choice and covering the amount of ground from Penzance back to Gunton could be anything than straight forward. The plan to catch the ex-09:30 from Penzance, check times once at Exeter maybe head for London or stick with the XC to Derby. In the end I'd had done London once this week and that is enough. Having made base camp on the XC and the added bonus of an unreserved seat to Morpeth I'd make haste for Derby. For my trusty steed to arrive on time into Derby and then change for the Nottingham service would require a shy of a miracle, as the ex-09:30 arrived into Derby at 15:39 and the ex-12:45 Cardiff - Nottingham departed Derby at 15:39, nothing like cutting it fine. When I have been caught out travelling on Sundays. Llwyngwril to Ambergate is one journey I remember, because the volcano in Iceland had grounded all flights. On getting into Machynlleth it's announced a freight trains had de-railed outside Wolverhampton, my connection at Birmingham is off the cards. However, another announcement came over saying this service will be heading for Crewe. To coin the phrase 'I want to go to Birmingham, but ended up in Crewe'. I couldn't tell you how happy I was to see a dog box / flying brick in the bay platform at Crewe for Derby, as this was the first time, I'd been to Crewe at all. Getting safely back into Ambergate my parents none the wiser. Making a connection at any station, any time of the week can be very unforgiving by a sheer miracle luck might be on your side. Coming back to my all line rail rover experience I find myself arriving into Derby where it was make or break, how on earth did my 6 hour and 9 minute journey managed to get into Derby early I'll never know. By and large I was a little over half way once at Derby for my train back to Gunton. When arriving into Nottingham I came up with a theory if I could say ahead of the Norwich train otherwise, I'd be waiting in Nottingham for roughly 45 minutes. So, jumped on the Skegness service to Grantham then try and catch to Peterborough and so on and so on, getting far as Grantham missed the Peterborough train, well now I have to wait for the Norwich train. Well 30 minutes later enter center stage right ex 13:52 Liverpool Lime Street, strange to think when I was between Bristol Parkway and Cheltenham Spa earlier that afternoon my Norwich train had just set off. I could sit back and relax now that I was on the home straight to a point. Upon arrival back into Norwich my connection to Gunton wasn't for another hour, so I caught the train to Sheringham which didn't call at the intermediate stations but I squeezed out a little more of my rail rover ticket. Finally getting back into Gunton station at 22:05 having left Penzance at 09:30 that morning. I think I can say I've had my fill on train travel to last me a few months. All in all, thank-you for taking your time to read my story
  4. My first thought was, what hasn't been covered already by other programs, honestly I was impressed with what I saw. When it comes any railway programs one of my pet hates is when the presenters are to join in with the activity. I mentioned something like this on another forum when 'Train Spotting Live' came out and back then I said something to the likes of 'Railway Roundabout' would be prefect in the 21st century. After watching 'Steam Train Britain' I'd say it's a close second to 'Railway Roundabout', as it's a nice torch for the volunteer's / apprentice to talk to the camera, a little commentary to what is happening and being 45 minutes long. I'll stay turned in for the next few episodes.
  5. Something that worries me, the NNR now have two appeals on the go. Reedham signal box and now Sheringham Platform 2 buildings, it's a shame little has happened with crossing the line (footbridge) appeal, in regards to the Holt footbridge. I don't want this to come across as point scoring, when setting up an appeal to ask for £35,000 to build Holt footbridge and Sheringham footbridge for £80,000 respectively. To forge ahead with another 2 projects when the other one isn't started. Having put a little bit towards the footbridge appeal, I'd be very worried to see a turntable appeal set-up before anything happens on the Holt footbridge. https://www.nnrailway.co.uk/reedham-junction/ https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/railway-appeal-to-build-bridges-at-sheringham-and-holt-nears-its-target-1-4086262
  6. Having travelled a large part of the country for the week, I am surprised by how many posters both at stations and trains about delay repay schemes. On the one hand it's good TOC are now publicising these facility to the customers, because I'm sure only 10 years ago there very little mention about delay repay schemes. On the other hand quite a few TOC have a different approach delay repay, as East Midlands Railway has now introduced 15 minutes fresh hold compared to the likes of the LNER who have a 30 minutes fresh hold. Looking on the TOC websites brings up some very interesting results with how they go about delay repay schemes. Working from Top to bottom: East Midlands Railway LNER Northern Trans Pennine Express
  7. Saturday 14th September, another beautiful and by far my longest stint today. Edale to Penzance Today wasn't to get the quickest way down to get to Penzance, but to enjoy the ride. Which sounds cliché but it's what I've been doing all week so far. 9:33 from Edale to Sheffield, the walkers are out in force but like them I have a soft spot for the Hope valley as well. The tell tail signs of race day looms. My plans of going to do a branch line of sorts has back fired over the week and today was no exceptions on my list was, Derwent Valley line, the Looe valley line, Tarka Line. Maybe when I have more time. Sheffield to Birmingham, via Nottingham. Since the 10:29 EMR didn't want to open it's door to anyone, however in comes the Norwich service. A nice little jolly to Nottingham busy service with only 2 carriages. Changed for the Cross Country Birmingham service, oh boy did this train get very busy quickly but the WiFi worked..... just. But take note again no one had checked my ticket since leaving Edale and now in Birmingham New Street and what a difference. Last time I changed trains at Birmingham new street I remember paying 20p for a wee, it's a worlds away from the likes of Hellifield and Edale. It has to be said the ticket barriers at Birmingham New street or Moor Street didn't like my ticket. Having heard and seen quite alot about Birmingham Moor street station I decided to take my next train from there (rather than going via Bristol which is what I'll be doing on the 15th September). I think it's a wonderful station to be at with the likes of Skipton and Hellifield there are some TOC (more community groups than anything else) that are very sympathetic to the look of their station. Moor Street to Leamington Spa, Chiltern Railway's have a good system in place, again Wifi on the trains very good, clean and not busy compared to my train from Nottingham. Leamington Spa to Banbury, same again as the last. Banbury to Oxford, I guess since I last used this stretch that Chiltern Railway's have increased the service between these 2 stations. As I thought only GWR and Cross Country ran the service between Banbury and Oxford. Oxford to Reading, This is where I get a first ride on the new class 800, it's a thumbs up from me. I think I understand what folks mean by iron board seat now. Good lord the journey was quick between Oxford and Reading. Reading station, I can't compare to how it use to look. It's a fine line between bringing a station / track re-modelling into the 21st century like Reading or Derby compared to the likes of Birmingham Moor Street where the old ties in nicely with the new, on all accounts a revamp is never a bad thing. Reading to Plymouth, Another class 800 overall very nice. Signal problems outside of Castle Gary station didn't help much to my long stint to Penzance. My connection at Plymouth was down by 7 minutes following my train previously. Plymouth to Penzance, I seem to have forgotten how far Penzance was. I remember my grandad telling me when he did a rover ticket and getting to Plymouth saw it was a another 2 hours to Penzance, he turned around and went back to Exeter. Not quite sure what that says but there we go. So leaving Edale at 9:33 and getting into Penzance at 21:45 on Saturday evening.
  8. Friday 13th...…. what could go wrong when traveling by train? A beautiful morning to start todays leg of the journey from Todmorden to Edale. I did have several plans of where I wanted to head during today, one of them was Llandudno another Blackpool or Colne and Clitheroe branches respectively. First I headed for Blackburn, looking at connection times my best bet would be heading for Preston then take it from there. The Blackpool service was well loaded for the time of day at 11:20. I was Incredibly surprised how busy Preston station was, take note this was the first time that morning where I had my ticket checked by a human barrier ( revenue protection guys) Looking at my options and it didn't cross my mind that Windermere wasn't a million miles away and gives me a chance to go on part of the west coast mainline for the first time. Following my theory of the quiet coach having empty seats came up top trumps. Upon arrival at Oxenholme Lake District a very smart looking class 195 was waiting, what a bit of kit. A very enjoyable ride up to Windermere and with the returning train then headed for Manchester Airport, perfect get off at Manchester Piccadilly then for Buxton. Well Friday 13th was going to deliver something one way or another. All was going well until after Oxenholme when someone had from what I could see locked themselves in the toilet, this meant a we were held at Lancaster for those that wanted to use the loo. Okay no problem yet still a few minutes down, nothing to worry about. Upon arriving back into Preston the service terminates at Preston...… okay I like a challenge. Everyone from our train told to head to platform 2 for the next train to Manchester Airport.... Next train arrives but is going to Hazel Grove, I've never seen such madness from folks rushing to get on the next train. I think it was down to the way the information was delivered to passengers on our train and how it was given over the station announcements. The fun doesn't stop here for Friday 13th..... Jumping on board for the train to Hazel Grove, 2 announcements came from the guard 'Passengers please note that this service will no longer be calling at Leyland ,Buckshaw Parkway ,Chorley ,Horwich Parkway ,Lostock, Bolton ,Salford Crescent, Deansgate. Passengers wishing to travel to these station please get off at Preston' Quite a few didn't here this memo, so thundering through the likes of Chorley gave a few looks of 'oh there goes my station'. See I'm inclined to believe that someone locking themselves in the toilet on another train results in one termination and a semi express service to Hazel Grove? When getting to Manchester Piccadilly apparently signals have been playing hard to get. I cut short my Buxton jolly as I knew something would go wrong but also giving myself time to get to Edale then the walk from the station to my digs. I can remember from our family days out using the Derbyshire Wayfare ticket that New Mills as 2 stations. So on board the Buxton train as far as New Mills Newtown then walk to New Mills Central, perfect timing and in Edale station before the sun goes down. The number of times my ticket was checked on Friday.... twice, sadly this is a running theme all through the week.
  9. Thank-you Pandora, a visit back to the likes Todmorden and Knaresborough and surrounding area will be on the cards. I think as long as I left wanting more than the Yorkshire tourist board are going to be very happy.
  10. Having now been let across the boarder back into North Norfolk, it's time to report on the rest of my travels. Starting on Thursday 12th September. Newcastle Central has a real buzz, where I stood on the end of platform 4 I couldn't keep track (no pun intended) of the amount of movements. From Newcastle my destination was a town called Todmorden where I hoped to catch a bus up to my digs in Mankinhole. As I've based myself around the Northern half of the country for most of the week I've heavily used TPE (Trans Pennine Express) and can say I'm not disappointed. First point of call was the Bishop Line, as I wanted to catch a glimpse where tornado was built and see what I could of the Newton Aycliffle Hitachi factory.... Not a lot. Back at Darlington and I made haste to Doncaster. I have found traveling over the week that within the quiet coach can deliver on quite a few seats being empty / unreserved. Cross Country Trains and LNER especially after the morning peak. Arriving at Doncaster on time gave an opportunity to go to Lincoln, it's been on my bucket list and knowing there are a direct trains to Sheffield and Leeds for onward travel to Todmorden. I am staggered to find a class 153 to run the service to Lincoln but saying that a class 153 runs to Derby to Crewe line. Lincoln station is very pleasant and I do commend East Midland Trains for giving the station a nice ambiance. On the Northern service to Leeds, compared to my Settle to Carlisle journey the previous day, the scenery couldn't be more different. I went as far as Barnsley to change onto the Penistone Line. This is where I should have planned a lot better, as I didn't bank on how long the journey from Barnsley to Huddersfield was going to take. Needing to bare in mind my last check-in for my digs was 21:00, onward travel to Halifax was my option but connections would mean I would wait 40 minutes at Halifax. So enter centre stage right...…. The bus. Running like clock work and with top notch WiFi on board the bus, I made my connection at Halifax to Todmorden with a few minutes to spare. Still missed the bus up Mankinhole so used a taxi. The lesson here is best to research train times before one gets off at a station then not knowing very little about the connection further up the line later*. But having done the distance and seen what I might have missed it's still worth it, even if I have to improvise. *Still didn't learn my lesson later on in the week.
  11. Well a little behind on travel my reports, Wednesday 11th covered quite a few miles starting in Keighley which is a pleasure to wait for a train. Keighley to Skipton, a fast and frequent service. Skipton never been to before and keeping in with the theme of Keighley colour scheme well done Northern. Skipton to Hellifield, starting to get into the dark depths of the Yorkshire dales now. I didn't know what to expect at Hellifeild, it's certainly out in the sticks but reminded of North Norfolk with what was waiting in the other platform..... Hellifield to Carlisle, oh this is what has been on my bucket list for every since I've found out about this line. Wait pays off @Pandora . Something that bugs me about this line, with all the hype about the Settle and Carlisle why isn't a more regular service being run? All the same the service was on time the class 158 being a little tired but there we go. Carlisle to Newcastle, the Hadrain's wall country line is a little gem of a line and I don't think it's publicized enough which is a great shame. To say that Dr beeching would have kept the Newcastle to Carlisle line open had his second phase of plans of cuts gone ahead. Newcastle to Berwick-upon-Tweed return, just a quick call to Berwick-upon-Tweed can't help myself by falling in love with that stretch of coast line and Berwick-upon-Tweed it self is very pleasant. Ps more photo will follow later as the WiFI on XC to Birmingham is a little slow, as I feel I could be slowing other people down.
  12. So Tuesday 10th September, from my nights digs in York, I wanted to do what I can only descride as a large figure of 8. York to Leeds via Harrogate, No problems and what a pleasant journey with Knaresborough definitely worth a holiday on it's own. Leeds to Hull, Signal trouble outside Hull but other wise TPE very good and smooth which is a odd thing to say. I've found class 185 ride very well. Oh I was interested in seeing 2 HST sets at Hull. Hull to Seamer, Another pleasant journey and first time on a class 155. My plan was to head to Scarborough but the change over time between the Hull service and the Liverpool lime street serivce was to large, I bottled it in the end. Besides Scarborough isn't going to disappear anytime soon. Seamer to York, A another journey pleasant, I just can't get over Malton station everything tells me that the second platform should still be there but like Dunbar lost it's second platform due to reduceding serivce in BR days? York to Leeds, To complete my figure of 8 I was heading for Doncaster but jumped on the wrong Cross Country Train and headed for leeds instead, nothing lost. Leeds to Keighley, 16:28 to skipton is the where what feels like the whole of Leeds fit onto one train.
  13. Following on from my October trip last year, thought I would push the boat out a little more for this years holiday. A 'All line rover' is pushing the boat out by a long way. When I first entertained the idea back in 2017 I just couldn't swallow the price £347.15 for 7 consecutive days with rail-card discount. As my little jolly last year with split ticketing showed it can be good value. At £49.59 a day for 7 consecutive days, I am someone who wants to squeeze every penny out of this ticket. With my accommodation booked, in the order of staying York, Haworth, Newcastle, Mankinholes, Edale (Derbyshire) and finally Penzance. To say squeeze every penny out is a understatement , starting my little jolly from North Norfolk yesterday (9th September) I want to knock down quite a few stretches of line for some it will just be another commute by train for me it's a voyage of discovery. Setting off Gunton to Norwich, No problems here's, always a good start. Norwich to Stowmarket, Minute down due to a late departure for the 10:57 EMR Stowmarket to Cambridge, Well broken down freight between Ipswich and Stowmarket and 'Vehicle striking a bridge'. Credit to the staff a Stowmarket for keeping the passengers updated, sadly lost 1 hour 20 minutes and the train to Cambridge now going to Ely only calling at Bury St Edmunds only, making up time by terminating a train earlier is standard practice which is something my Grandad told me about when he worked for BR / Central trains. Any who getting to Ely and our guard being very useful and information which trains to take for onward travel. For me London Kings Cross. Ely to London Kings Cross, for a country bumpkin those class 387 can really take off and tried the 'Free WiFi' all in all no problems. Kings Cross to St Pancras. St Pancras to Sheffield, no problems here, I'd be interested to see what EMR do, the old saying 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' comes to mind but we'll see. Sheffield to York, No problems just the usual busy service. With day 1 down Gunton to York via Stowmarket, Ely, London and Sheffield not bad going. I'll try and post my fun and frolic over the week.
  14. Hi Dan, Thank-you for the message, Sadly the stations aren't available anymore. I have sorted out arrangements with a another person only just this evening. Thank-you for your interest though. Regards Ross
  15. I am shorting through the loft and have found, 1 Hornby R590 OO Scale Wayside Station Halt Kit (complete) and 1 Hornby R8009 OO Scale Station Terminus Kit (incomplete). Both are free to a good home, sadly in my child hood days I didn't look after my model railway stuff. You are more than welcome to pick 'n' mix or have both. I'm quite happy to send by post with a small donation going to the inshore Mundesley lifeboat, collection from Mundesley, North Norfolk is also possible.
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