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  1. While on my all-line rover ticket last September. I had my digs for the night booked in Edale. So while walking along the footpath I could hear this East Midlands Railway service snaking through the valley floor, bound for Nottingham/ Norwich. 13th September 2019 Regards Ross
  2. I've uploaded this photograph a few years ago on another thread. Tell you what I never get tired of looking at this photo, the subject being DMU 'Class 101' 51188/56352, owned by the National Railway Museum currently based on the North Norfolk Railway. With a service bound for Sheringham, running in between the golf course and A149. 30th September 2015. Regards Ross
  3. Thank-you for the info. Thanks for the kind comment, it was difficult to keep ones balance while taking that photo with the heath covering the uneven ground. The end result shows the North Norfolk Coast with Weybourne peeking through, with 76084 charging up kelling heath bank with the 'Aspergers Flyer' headboard on the 19th August 2015.
  4. A collection of photo's from my grandad's archives. The East Somerset Railway in 1987, with 9F '92203, Black Prince' on shed with LMS 3F '47493' running the service trains that day. While GWR '6634' in restoration* *Have yet to be steamed since withdrawn.
  5. Derby station, with Class 150 keeping the HST company for a brief period, 1995 Derby station nearly 30 years ago 20th June 1990 with HST '43048' leaving Derby bound for a service to London. Regards Ross
  6. 17A

    Locomotive portraits

    Here are many, many photographs that use to belong to my grandad. I am sorting out and scanning while in in lockdown. First is Dean Goods '2449' at Builth Wells. Here we see Modified Hall 7914 'Lleweni Hall' Fresh from overhaul at Didcot 12th January 1957 And finally we come across GWR Bulldog 3705 'George A. Wills' Swindon Works on 27/08/36.
  7. Class 745 105 thunders through Colchester bound for Ingatestone on Sunday 15th March 2020, Norwich station, Class 90 003 and Class 745 002. Could well have been my last journey on a class 90 on that weekend . Sunday 15th March 2020, In all it's charm, Gunton station. With Class 775 335 working the Sheringham to Norwich service, Sunday 15th March.
  8. I personally think a GWR class 4575 would give a stadler flirt a run for it's money any day of the week. A small prairie tank wouldn't need a software update.
  9. Two photos from my grandad's collection and one from me. I don't think my grandad told me about the rail strike of 1955. I am puzzled, as during a strike why services were still running? Regards Ross
  10. Meanwhile back in my old stompping ground of the Derwent Valley line (Derby to Matlock line). It would seem the new/old class 156 are very welcome in that parish. Amusingly the latest news on the FDVL website is that they have caught wind of the, shall we say hick-ups of our new class 755. http://www.friendsdvl.btck.co.uk/News2020/NewsItem118 Regards Ross
  11. New kid on the block, D5509 at Witham. My grandad has written on the back of the photo. 'Brush diesel awaiting to depart from Witham with a train for Colchester, Ipswich. Sun 10th August 1958. Strange to think that D5509 is only 3 months old in this photo. http://brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=locodata&type=D&id=5509&loco=5509
  12. Hold the phone, isn't the 7:40 one of the new Norwich to London Liverpool Street services in 90 minutes...…
  13. Had my first proper trip on the flirts today. By and large a very pleasing experience, what struck me which has been said before is the acceleration, by gum do they take off. Having a quick nose around it seems that T-keys/ carriage keys aren't all that welcome on the new class 755, saying that looking at emergency stop handle requires a T-key to reset the system. Still good to see the last strong hold of Class 156 415 going for a bit longer, I'll try to make an trip on a class 156 within East Anglia before they all go.
  14. I say …. if all else fails on the Norwich to Shez line, then we should have a whip round to invest in 7 & 1/4'' gauge track. We'll need to bring all stations to ground level and at Whitlingham we'll have a new station called 'Whitlingham International'. Of course we'll need permission from his lordship, looking at prices for speed limit sign and Upper Quadrant Home Signal Arm at £3.50 on ebay. Not only will we be saving money we'll be far more environmentally friendly and just to boot it'll be a community railway project. I'll get started at Gunton ……
  15. 93) Midland Railway No 118. Wirksworth station, 7th September 1961. The Wirksworth branch was used quite a bit for railway publicity. Even the Midland Pullman made it to Wirksworth.
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