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  1. Hi Marcus I agree with the other comments, with a few additional thoughts:- If the blue L is the road access, how do vehicles access the goods shed? you might be better with the goods shed on the other side of the track so that you view the vehicle loading side and there is room for vehicles to turn round, back up etc. If this is a heritage line it needs more coach storage, perhaps between the loco stabling/display and the station loop? But if it is a heritage line only, why the goods shed? Before going any further, I suggest you decide on the heritage line's heritage! So is it to have one of the Big 4, or BR 50s/60s as its main focus? What loco stock do you have? Is the refuel point diesel or coal and how does the fuel get there? Do you need coal wagon or fuel tanker sidings? Few heritage lines are diesel only. Hope this helps? Cheers Paul
  2. Hi all, Many thanks to you for your posts. The reason for the question was that I am changing the period of the modern era of my Western Region Region/ FGW model from 2002-7 to 2016 (so now Western region/GwR). I need to decide how to use/ repaint my Railtrack wagons. From info you sent I think the JJAs will just loose their branding and the PNAs will go rusty. My excuse for still running PNAs is that I like them and the scenario is that the JJAs etc. are too big for use on the branch lines so some PNAs are still in use! I will also take up the suggestion of looking at Flickr in specific years. Best regards Paul
  3. Hi all, When were Railtrack wagons such as the PNA and JJA rebranded to Network Rail Was the Railtrack branding blanked out prior to any repaints and if so when? Thanks Paul
  4. Fair enough! I don't get upset if folks don't reply to my postings, I am afraid I sometimes forget or get sidetracked myself. Its your layout so Rule 1 applies. Sorry, can't help with the W&M Railbus, not my era or railway line. Your other thread suggests the layout is developing well so good on you. Cheers Paul
  5. And there was me worrying about restarting some projects that I last touched 20 years ago! Agree that its a hobby not a chore. I used to worry that my part built projects would get overtaken by shiny new Manufactured items, but the price so many of them are now -who cares!! Cheers Paul
  6. I am looking to try the Soundtraxx Econami UK steam or UK Diesel chips, so am looking for examples that anyone has surplus? Many thanks Paul
  7. Sorry Folks pressed wrong button! Fair comment Richard, What I am trying to say (perhaps not very well!) is that we don't have good choices. The lower cost options are far inferior in the range of models that can fitted, and there should be better options for those who don't have the £120 budget. I think a lot of people are having to settle for completely non sound DCC, or with just a few sound fitted locos who would love to do more Sound but are frightened that once they put a toe in the water they will be sucked into paying out more money than they can afford? (Bit like current media frenzy about gambling!). If there were better entry level options more would try and might be able to go for sound in a careful way. Then, in the end there would be more sound business for suppliers. Ask yourself for instance,why, when DCC Sound has been around for 20 years, that sound in many exhibitions is found on only some 10% of layouts, and of those, a good number are of specialist models such as North American layouts (are their chips relatively cheaper?)? Cheers Paul
  8. Yes, there are options if you don't want to (can't afford to!) spend £100+ per loco. However, those options are not all that good, and there are not many of them, especially outside the most common locos,(and I exclude all the oddball low volume models!) see below, (with apologies to Dungrange and his original comment a few posts ago, which I have altered in italics!):- For those who can only afford a £40 sound decoder, we have Hornby' TTS (twin track sound)(IMHO better than £40 especially diesels but limited range even in Hornby prototypes) For those who can only afford a £70 sound decoder, we have the Soundtraxx Econami (multi channel but fairly generic). Agreed but still a limited range For those who can afford a £85 sound decoder, we have D&H decoders (with Locoman's sounds) Limited but growing range, IMHO 15% saving is not all that attractive For those who can afford (maybe because they only have a few locos?) a £100 sound decoder, we have Zimo decoders Good but expensive For those who can afford (maybe because they only have a few locos?) a £120 sound decoder, we have ESU decoders Good, but IMHO not worth the 20% cost uplift. So I am suggesting there is room for someone to make a move to improve the sub £70 market?? I think the people with medium/ large fleets and limited budgets (such as the large number of retired people in this hobby!) are poorly served. I agree the uplift in Loco prices is huge, and is why I spend less now on locos than I did 10 years ago, so I have to be very selective on what I buy! Cheers Paul
  9. Unfortunately these are only available for a limited number of Diesels, and no steam:- Class 20 Class 31 Class 37 Class 47 Class 66/67 First Generation DMU (According to Hattons web site) So a possibility if you wand any of the above. They also have the advantage (or not!) depending on your view of not having a speaker supplied. So they have their place, what do others think? Cheers Paul
  10. If I took your post seriously, I would ask your evidence for your assertion readers LIKE topic wander! However, as it clearly isn't serious I will say Ha Ha, now lets move on with the topic of this thread. If you are not interested in the topic then please move to another thread. You will probably say to me "Move on yourself", why should I, do you realise if you did say that then your so called humour could be interpreted as BULLYING!!! Getting back to the cost of chips, an earlier post suggested that if we start stripping features out of full priced chips than we end up with TTS. Not so, I suggest there is room for something in the middle between TTS and full priced sound chips at say c£70? What do others think? If you agree with me, post which features are MUST HAVE and which could be LEFT OUT ? Best regards (even to the jokers!!) Paul
  11. Around 1960 W34 worked between Paddington and Slough weekdays with a trip to Reading on Saturdays. If there is sufficient (any!) interest I will dig out my 1960 Carriage working book which has the exact details? Cheers Paul
  12. And the relevance of this to the cost of Sound chips??
  13. Are there any pics or videos of the new steam engines?
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