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  1. Hi All, Thanks for your input. I was trying to use things I already had, and which had a sound structure. The Silver Fox and dc Kits products have good points but ready made up are expensive, while the conversion kits require more skill than I have! However, this is a long term project so something may turn up! Cheers Paul
  2. Agree with you Phil re the benefits of a head shunt or a loop! Another possibility might be a long refuge siding on the visible side of the divide at the bottom of the layout? I thought we might get away with the infill I mentioned because there is such a large area in the top right corner of the layout that does not need to be accessed except for scenic treatment as there are no tracks! Cheers Paul
  3. If you could live with a small triangular infill in the top right of the operating well to allow the loco approach road to be longer, the loco sidings and turntable might fit in the space top centre, releasing the space currently occupied by the loco sidings for more holding sidings for freight rather than the single siding at present beside the mainline at the left of the layout? Hopefully someone with better drawing skills than I can draw this up for you? Another thought is that a "down" freight could be backed into the bay platform or one of the carriage sidings between duties. Or it could be a parcels train rather than a freight? Cheers Paul
  4. Hi All, I am thinking about the possibilities of forming Class 119 DMU DMS and DMBS by cut and shut on a Mk1 coach with a Lima 117 drivers cab. I have not got as far as checking drawings or any serious work on this. I thought it sensible to try to avoid reinventing the wheel by asking the Forum for help and assistance. So if anyone has built these units, not necessarily by the method outlined above, I would appreciate your help. Many thanks Paul
  5. Hi Clive, Sorry to hear your sad news, I will be thinking of you. Best regards Paul
  6. Hi Clive, Now you are talking! But you know that you will get the Swindon set 75% complete and then some clown of a manufacturer will steal your thunder? Seriously, keep us informed with lots of pics and posts please so that some of us mere mortal modelers can try to copy!! Cheers Paul
  7. Halsey, It seems to me that you need more information about how the real railway operates? So, some background questions:- 1) do you have any books about the real railway, particularly picture books? 2) If you do, what sorts of areas do they portray? 3) Do you buy any railway or railway modelling magazines, if so which? From the answers to these, we can gauge what information on the real railway you have4 access to, and may be able to msuggest how to widen your knowledge on the subject? By the way, we all are learning continuously and all had to start somewhere! Cheers Paul.
  8. Hi All, Is there anywhere / does anyone have a list of which Hornby Locos have 21 pin sockets fitted? Does "DCC ready" on a Hornby box mean an 8 pin socket? Many thanks Paul
  9. Hi Bennyb40, If its a loco facility, do you need the run round loop capability? I agree with Mike's post above! Cheers Paul
  10. Hi All, Thanks to the good offices of a couple of readers here, I now have most of the bodies and chassis I need but there are a few other bits and pieces I need, so any help will be appreciated: In total I need:-I need:- Trailer car bodies 2 off ( if any one has these complete with glazing and interior dividers it will reduce the quantities of those items below) Driving car cab glazing 3 off Driving car saloon glazing 3 off Trailer car glazing one off (not sure if they are different to the driving car glazing above) Interior saloon dividers 6 off Driving cab/saloon dividers 3 off (not sure if they are different to the saloon dividers above) Driving car seating moulding 2 off Trailer seating moulding 3 off Body to chassis fixing bolts 10 off Many thanks Paul
  11. Hi Al and other watchers, One classic plan has at the front of your smaller area as an industrial scene linked to a terminus station on your larger area where the industrial locos swap wagons with the BR locos. The disadvantage of this scheme is that the "fiddle yard" for the terminus end up behind the industrial scene and therefore not too accessible! Had you more length this could be got round by an incline so that the fiddle yard and the industrial scene were on different levels. It might be possible to have three levels, with the terminus on the middle level and the tracks going down to the fiddle yard at the front of the smaller board and up to the industrial area at the back of the small board. Afraid my drawing skills are no where good enough to try and sketch this out for you! Hopefully someone else can take up the challenge? Best regards Paul.
  12. Hi All, I would appreciate someone stating in simple terms the pros and cons of ITrain Pro and TC9 Gold when used with the Z21 and in their practical experience which was easiest to set up? Many thanks Paul
  13. Hi Al, I am sure someone on here will be able to help you. Firstly though we need a few more facts, so let me test my assumptions? 1) you are talking of 00 gauge, if so have you considered N gauge? 2) I assume your L is only accessible from the inside? 3) Is this a permanent installation or might you want to take it to exhibitions in the long term? 4) Is this layout just for your entertainment or are there/ might there be young folk interested or to be interested? 5) Any thoughts about control systems (e.g.:- DC or DCC), or as a newcomer are you confused by these terms? 6) Is your main interest operation or construction? 7) (Lastly) Are you interested in building rolling stock, or engines, buildings, or track? Hope the above is not too much to digest in one go! Your canal idea could develop into something interesting! Best regards Paul
  14. Hi there, Throwing you all a curved ball, and realising that Balders may have somewhere precluded this, and I have missed it, but how about making more of the space by modelling a secondary town/outer London type location? This could have several benefits:- The cramped site could be quite a generous in town site. The "gasworks" site could be a goods shed, and could realistically be worked more frequently than a gasworks. Also more vans could be worked which gets round the problem of unloading open wagons. I would bring in coal wagons loaded, run round them and run them back out on the notion that the coal yard was off scene on the line into the terminus only capable of shunting by a train working out from the terminus? The train frequency could be increased a tad. Blocking the scenic exit would be easier with town buildings. Cheers Paul
  15. Hi All, Been following this thread with interest, and thought now might be a good time to throw in my thoughts! 1) While I agree with Phil that he and I would want a fairly extensive fiddle yard, others who are less inclined to try to operate to a particular timetable may not see the need for it. 2) Following on from this, Leominster (to me!) cries out for timetable operation. Something much less based on a real location less so, and if operation is not your aim then perhaps you need less of a fiddle yard but I would suggest a loop each way off the main lines to allow trains to be alternated is the very minimum. Without this every train has to start and terminate in your station or goods yard, or appear twice in them in quick succession, or stop in the mainline somewhere which then blocks the line! 3) another factor is train length:- with short trains, the loops I mentioned above might hold two trains each. even with longer trains one can play crafty and have two trains in each loop, but one is a light engine, or a engine + brake van, or an auto train? Hope the above helps? Happy modelling (or model planning!) Paul
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