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  1. I am still looking at the suburban trains into High Wycombe and which could go on to Bradenham, but first, I have been playing with the possibilities for Auto trains and single car diesel units. One train that I am planning to terminate at Bradenham is the single car plus trailer that leaves Maidenhead at 0737 and arrives at High Wycombe at 0819. In reality this left for Maidenhead again at 0846, which gives it time to pause at High Wycombe in both directions , and have a 5 minute turn round in Bradenham's bay platform 0830-0835. This unit will also pass through Bradenham to and
  2. So as to finalise the signals for Bradenham, I have been working on the timetable. There is still quite a bit to do but here are a few of my ideas, for your examination:- 1) I wanted to improve the shunting capacity at Bradenham, by getting a shunting engine there at some times during the day so that the trips by the High Wycombe shunter could be just that, thus not leaving High Wycombe without a shunter for too long. The break though came when I remembered that the loco which bought in the morning parcels to Princes Risborough from Reading via Maidenhead, returned around 0930 to Slo
  3. Other folks input will be welcome! Cheers Paul
  4. The boiler saga moves on steadily. Current estimate for completion is lunchtime on Thursday. Meanwhile the layout signalling plans are also nearly there. Attached is a sketch where Stephen Freeman has superimposed the formats of the signals on the track plan. I think there is just one set of movements that might require an additional ground signal. Then it is a matter of sorting out the controls. Of course, if anyone can see more than one set of movements that the signals do not cover, please let me know. Here I exclude all shunting movements within
  5. Here we are with another week flown by! It has been complicated by our heating engineer asking to start on our boiler replacement 3/4 weeks earlier than we expected. So our utility room has been out of commission for the last three days (Yes! I know we are lucky to have one!). Therefore modelling has been limited, but all the modern era items ordered last week have arrived, except the Class67/DVT which are having their decoders fitted. I have about finalised the signals for Bradenham, just the wrong road working to Wycombe End to finalise, then will get them drawn up.
  6. Thanks Russ, Any idea when they started to fit them? Did they fit plastic lenses in the light apertures before they started to do working lights? Thanks Paul
  7. Hi All, Can anyone confirm that a 1989 made Lima class 37 would have working lights? If it would have how did the system work?-what sort of lamps were used, how were they connected into the loco's electrics? Was there a Printed Circuit Board, and where was it fixed in the loco? Many thanks Paul.
  8. I have moved my layout location from Thame on the Oxford to Princes Risborough line of the Wycombe Railway to Bradhampton (which never had a station) on the High Wycombe to Princes Risborough section of the GW & GC, but using my double track version of the Thame track plan. I have done this because it has become clear, for a number of reasons, that my aim of modelling both Thame and High Wycombe will not happen, but I wanted to run some of the GW & GC 1950s/60s trains that ran through High Wycombe . Thus my thoughts on signals have changed to include the possibility of some b
  9. Signalling is progressing, but getting more complicated! It looks like the down to up crossing near the goods yard is going to have subsidiary arms on the bracket signals at both ends rather than ground signals and simple(!) bracket signals. I am also debating how to deal with the wrong road working of the High Wycombe shunter when it accesses Wycombe End. One possibility is a shunt forward signal facing in the up direction of the down line near to the down home bracket signal. I will have to dig out my GW signalling tome , and my General Appendices to the WTT. My wallet
  10. Good evening , one and all, Work on my full size mock ups for parts of the scenic treatment of Bradenham, has been slow this week. Partly this has been due to my realising that with the build of the layout rolling steadily along, I ought to pick up the finalising of the signals with Stephen Freeman, particularly as i hadn't discussed the change necessary due to the change over to Bradenham with him! While the track layout of Bradenham deliberately is the same as for Thame, the traffic is a bit different, so some changes to the signals will be needed. The necessary change ro
  11. Richard, what sound have you fitted in the DVT? I would have thought the sounds from a DVT were pretty limited, but I have little experience of them at the lineside, so maybe I am wrong? Many thanks Paul
  12. Hi All, Has anyone fitted an 00 gauge DVT/ class 67 or class 68 with diesel sound and lights chips to run trains such as the Wrexham and Shropshire or Chiltern Rail trains? For instance I am contemplating a class 67 with TTS sound chip running on the same code number as a non sound chip in a DVT. What are the potential problems? Many thanks Paul
  13. Hi All, I thought I would start today's post with some real steam! The Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway finally started it's 2021 season yesterday. I hoped to get some shots of the first train away, but due to getting held up in the post office on the way, I got there just in time to see the train disappearing in the distance, and it being a cold day i decided not to hang around for an hour for the next train! This morning, I started out in good time, got halfway there and it started raining, so I diverted to the nearest road crossing to home and walked around the area so a
  14. I think you need to be very careful about yellow banana vans! I suggest they were, by and large, dreamed up by model manufacturers to interest young modellers? Certainly any such vans would have been dull yellow rather than the bright yellow of a lot of van models made. This topic has been the subject of threads on this site before, but the details escape me at present. Happy Modelling!!
  15. Good Afternoon All, once again from a wet and windy Bedfordshire. So here is the current state of play in the scenic plans for Bradenham. This is still very much a work in progress, although I have tidied it up a bit to make it understandable (hopefully !) to readers. Two areas that need reworking are the exit of the station approach road from the scenic area (at the left of the layout) and the area at the top right of the inwards goods shed to turn it from a 90 degree bend into a crossroads. Here the main road across the layout needs to disappear behind a bu
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