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  1. Good Day everyone, I thought as an antidote to all the "heavy engineering" in posts during the last few days, I would post my views and some pictures from "an average modeller". I am not into, but admire the skill of those who are into the nuts and bolts! So here are some shots of my newly arrived 16xx. This example is 1627 (weathered), which spent some time allocated to Oxford, so might have worked to the Wycombe area (where my model is set), direct or been sent to Aylesbury shed on "loan". First shot from the rear tackles the bunker seam controversy. I think i
  2. Good Day everyone, I thought today rather than continuing the everyday stories of Wycombe End folk, I would show some shots of my newly arrived 16xx. This example is 1627 (weathered), which spent some time allocated to Oxford, so might have worked to the Wycombe area direct or been sent to Aylesbury shed on "loan". First shot from the rear tackles the bunker seam controversy. I think it is ok in the weathered version? Apologies for the modern "box" in the background, but Mallard is lurking in the left background! Second shot shows one side, and I
  3. You just have to keep telling yourself that you only need to do the sleeper job once! And then next week you find one that you have missed!! It helps having a "nice" job lined up next, something to look forward to? Cheers Paul
  4. The platform Kiosk, does look good. What does the back of it look like? I ask because I had only ever thought of this item being back to a station building in which case the back is irrelevant! I knowit can be argued that standing where you show it no one will see the back, but it somehow doesn't look quite right to me. You could of course, if your platform is wide enough buy a second one and have them back to back! In a previous post I mentioned my approach to coal sidings. This is a variation on Chris's open backed building in that the siding disappears under a bridge r
  5. Afternoon All, I thought it time that I moved forward my "everyday stories of Wycombe End Folk", (with apologies to a certain long running radio series and its subtitle!). You might remember some time ago I told you about the cement problem that Barry and Harry had on their fencing project. Well, as is the case with many things at Wycombe End, things haven't moved on much! It did look at one stage earlier today, as if at last they would have a supply of cement, which if push came to shove they could mix by hand. A large artic loaded with bags of cement arrived outsid
  6. Hi Jules, In my opinion it is worth thinking through fairly early on in developing them what sorts of "things" are going to be delivered to and picked up from your goods yards. For instance, to me, the biggest "snag" with goods yards are open wagons. Or to be more specific emptying and loading them. IMHO nothing destroys the illusion we are trying to develop more than "the hand from the sky" loading and unloading them, or loaded or empty wagons entering a goods yard and later leaving it again in the same condition they entered! My pet solution is to keep the opens to
  7. Good Day to you All, Modelling has been limited to the odd few minutes here and there since my last posting, while other household and gardening matters were caught up on. Tomorrow I hope to get a decent session on the railway and get a few photos taken. I expected to get some rude comments on my photo in the last post as apart from the modern items creeping in the edge, all the steam locos were devoid of detailing particularly real coal and lamps! These and a few other detailing jobs are on the agenda for next winter, along with a major Kadee coupling push!
  8. Hi everybody, I have continued with the sorting out of the codes on my locos However, for a change, I thought I would post something for the steam enthusiasts! So this photo is a shot of the loco yard taken (supposedly!) from an office window on the nth floor of an adjacent, but off layout, office block. The idea was to take a steam only shot, apart from the civil engineer's newly delivered Tamper machine, While I successfully hid one diesel behind the repair shop, I missed the fact that a 66 was on an adjacent siding! So, here we have a Hall, two
  9. Good Evening Folks, I have been busy today in the railway room catching up on time lost over the last week with the wretched weather! So today I have been busy setting up DCC Loco codes on a number of locos that have been sitting in their boxes, all coded 003. I soon got into a routine:- unpack, check run ok and functions work on 003 using the test track. If ok, and all thankfully were, run through the menus on my NCE PowerCab to reset the code . As far as possible the new code is the last three digits of the loco number, but some have to be 0 followed by the las
  10. This is good sense! I think you will find you have your hands full with scenic work and operating sessions without the added work, cost and stress of a second level/layout. Best of luck! Regards Paul
  11. Good Evening All, In my previous posting I mentioned Mrs. West and the odd job man Ben, with a promise to say more about them later. Mrs. West is the cook at the site canteen in the old signal box. Ben is the site odd job man, and actually is quite harmless, but Mrs. West being short and thin and Ben although being very tall and very broad, is surprisingly nimble and quiet on his feet, so has made her jump a few times! He doesn't mean any harm, in fact he wants to be friends with everyone! So here are a couple of views of the canteen (old signal box):-
  12. That is because everyone (bar one!) treated the enquiry as a serious question! I know we all need light relief in the current situation, and I am often the first to mark a reply as "funny" but, those replies so marked, usually, are clearly light hearted! Some locos , who were accident prone, probably ended up slightly shorter than they started? Take care Paul
  13. Hi Folks, Can anyone tell me (approximately will do!) when 37411 gained its green livery and dual numbering (37411/D6990), and when did it loose that livery? Many thanks Paul
  14. Julian, I know what you mean about a balance! One of my other interests that got wiped out last year is Traction engine Rallies/Country Fairs. Lets hope for better things to come! We have both had out jabs last Saturday, as we are in the over 70s group. So in another 3 weeks we will start to feel a bit safer! Take care both of you, Regards Paul
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