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  1. Hi Modellers. Happy Easter . I have been considering the idea of converting an ex Dapol L & Y Pug for a while now, although everyone says “ Simples “ it would be my first go at doing one. The idea of the Pick Ups going via the chassis and the mention of “ hard wired “ puts the fear of God in me. I got as far as buying a Decoder, and stopped. Happy Modelling Kev
  2. Hi Phil. When I said about being crowded and doing something wrong I meant that Nearholmer was using my full name. But now I have gone and something wrong, I have got my wiring in a muddle, causing a polarity problem. My idea of “ Designing a BLT has got derailed “. I will have to hang up my keys while I scratch my head, and think about it Happy Modelling. Kev
  3. Hi Andy. I like your idea of a “ small Shunting Layout “ , due to my limited space . But I don’t want to either “stray off topic or steal your thunder “. All your ideas look great. Happy Modelling Kev
  4. Hi Redgate Models. Thank you. Yes I do use toggle clamps (c/o Station Road Baseboards) but I didn’t think of that. Happy Modelling Kev
  5. Hi Cliff. Thank you. Yes they are the regular 4 mm banana plugs and sockets, the plugs are wired to the bus and pass through the baseboard ( crudely but isolated) and the sockets are secured to the original baseboard and the wires are soldered to the bus. As for a photo, My iPad does take sharp photos, but how do I post them on RMWEB , And what part of the wiring? Happy Modelling Kev
  6. Hi Modellers I have got a problem connecting two baseboards together electrically, I am only concerned with the bus wires, I thought that it would be simple and chose “ Banana plugs and sockets “ but I have come a cropper! I keep getting a short circuit , which I cannot trace. The first baseboard works fine by itself, but there seems to be a short somewhere . Could it be the banana plugs? Happy Modelling Kev
  7. Hi Adrian. Again very good work. I have tried similar techniques, but, my results were lacking something, as I used card instead of MDF, With brick paper, that wasn’t so cooperative? I used that well known brand of solid non stick stuff, a wallpaper seam roller , and famous brand craft knife. Happy Modelling Kev
  8. Hi Modellers. I have two Shunting Puzzles, both have the 321 magnet. And both have been working fine with a Bachmann 08 Shunter, but recently I found that one of them was causing trouble with another Loco. I had been considering neodymium cube magnets, c/o YouTube video? which were unsuccessful with code 75 track, I went out and bought some code 100 with the gadgets to fit code 75, which should give the Locos a better chance of passing over the magnet . Now to disguise the code 100? Long grass or piles of ballast? any suggestions? Happy Modelling Kev
  9. Hi Northroader. I have taken your advice. That is an excellent layout. I don’t know if you have seen the series of YouTube videos on former branchlines in Kent , including Westerham, the Hawkhurst Branch etc etc. Really worth a viewing unfortunately long gone now . Happy Modelling Kev
  10. Hi Andy. I was too impatient to wait for a green 2 EPB and bought a blue one instead, what a twit, should have waited, but maybe some heavy weathering could disguise it? Happy Modelling Kev
  11. Hi Andy Y. Thank you. Terrific EMU . But, I have removed a lot of blanking plates on other Locos. Is there something different with the class 416 ? My one doesn’t want to go anywhere. Happy Modelling Kev
  12. Hi Adrian. If I was going to attempt a similar layout using an 0-6-0 Loco? Would you please tell me which class would they use with a “ Push Pull Set “? Because the R1 class in the photo that I saw online of Westerham, I cannot find any details of that number. Happy Modelling Kev
  13. Hi Westerhamstation . What a handsome looking layout, I had better resign? or think of an alternative, I could never compete with this workmanship. I don’t think that I would have enough time to learn the techniques let alone build such an impressive model. Happy Modelling Kev
  14. Hi Kevin. Thank you for being so polite. Before I think about my own thread , I have been on YouTube again, and looking through photos also online. I found a photo of Westerham in Steam day’s with a small yard, a platform and runround ? But I couldn’t see a turntable, does anyone have any more information about a turntable? But it could be a good model to begin with. Happy Modelling Kev. PS a long time ago, when I did something wrong my Mother would call me Kevin, I hope that I haven’t done anything wrong now.
  15. Hi Phil. That is probably down to me? I am here for guidance, not knowing which “ Road to take “. As previously stated, I have been following advice on YouTube, and more than likely took the wrong route. I had been out of Model Railways for so long, I really need a pilot man ( as per single line working) or even a token. Please advise me. Happy Modelling Kev
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