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  1. Nile I have just read through all 37 pages Very impressive work I do have a question, what would you recommend as the best method to join white metal to white metal and white metal to brass?
  2. Hi Arthur How are the Tennants coming on?
  3. Arthur if if you are still taking orders for the tennant I would like one.
  4. Hi Guys Managed to pick up one of these off Ebay, a jamieson freelance 0-4-0T. Any thoughts on what it could be turned into? Was there any resmblance to an actual prototype?
  5. Hi guys i see it’s some time since this thread was updated is the jumbo kit still a possibility?
  6. Appreciate I am a bit late to this discussion. However I know of several examples in Scotland where dormitories were provided for enginemen on lodging turns At Brechin, a large and impressive branch line terminus in Angus part of the station building was a dormitory. In Mallaig at the end of the West Highland line there was a separate dormitory block across from the platform. And I believe there was also a dormitory in Kyle of Lochalsh. So perhaps this was not so unusual?
  7. Hi guys has anyone experience of the products of this supplier or made up any of their kits?
  8. How did you do the cobbles? They look really good
  9. Hi guys, has anyone come across the jm products range of kits? And any idea of their quality?
  10. Andy 


    I will add your name to the J71 list.


    Just realised that  your surname is Robinson so you can ignore my request in the reply re the D20



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