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  1. A Clock tower is another option very popular on mills round here.
  2. There is a Gibson one going for £59.95 on eBay just now Cannot add the link as cannot copy from eBay app on this phone Did PC models not do one in 4 mm as well?
  3. Millholme did a Furness 0-6-0
  4. Anything Scottish might be popular.
  5. Nice work you are really capturing the look of these buildings
  6. Looking very good and some useful kit there. What other types of kit are you looking to do?
  7. I got these in a job lot off eBay and sold them on photo not too clear I am afraid
  8. I just received a copy of LYR wagons volume 2 and having a quick look through I wonder if this http://britbahn.wdfiles.com/local--files/gueterwagen-der-lancashire-and-yorkshire-railway/LYR_30_tons_Bogie_Covered_Goods_2.jpg could be made from three of the old triang insulfish bodies? And if so what underframe/ bogies might be suitable? sorry I cannot figure out how to include the image here
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