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  1. Mike do you have any 7051 kits available?
  2. On the subject of Mercian Barclays what is the 16 inch one like?
  3. Rails have them at £69.50 just now, I bought one on impulse, now have 3 different pecketts! https://railsofsheffield.com/products/33985/Hornby-r3640-oo-gauge-peckett-w4-nicausse-willans-and-robinson-0-4-0-tank-locomotive-no-88
  4. When I was a kid I used to visit my dad when he was covering foreman at the diesel depot in Dundee, the old Dundee West Caley shed. From the office you could see the throat of the goods sidings and the 08’s did not hang about when loose shunting either from memory.
  5. I wonder how far along Chris at High Level is with the chassis he was planning on doing, I would like one of these but without the “kilt” (seems more appropriate for something from Kilmarnock)
  6. Is there a bit of a bend in the cab roof as well?
  7. Interestingly the NB had pig iron and bar iron wagons, specifically for each type of iron product.
  8. The fireman might be a “passed fireman” passed to drive perhaps? I am sure I have heard this mentioned before.
  9. What type of couplings are you using Lewis?
  10. Indeed a form of feudalism continued in property until 2004 when the payment of feu duty on property to the feu superior by the vassal was finally abolished after 800 years.
  11. Thirling There are quite a few legal terms peculiar to Scotland. Was this part of the reason the NB had such a large wagon stock?
  12. They do the 8mm 6 spoke I must have missed it off when copying on this phone.
  13. Hi Lewis Regarding the wheels It was Gibson I was thinking of who still have them in the catalogue page 39 “We produce a small range of wheels for narrow gauge, which are constructed in the same manner as our other 4mm carriage and wagon wheels. Since there are a number of permutations it may be easier to give the details of the ‘building blocks’ rather than specific items (at least until we devise a parts coding for them). Axles - 1.5mm diameter pinpoint axles which are either 15mm or 20mm long are provided Gauges – We currently assemble wheelsets to
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