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  1. Why not prop up the tow bar on some bricks or breezeblocks, jockey wheels break and it would fit in with the ambience.
  2. I take it 7050 was a one off and none were built for industry?
  3. I would be interested in a kit of 7050 also if you were to go ahead. How many sales would make it viable?
  4. It’s a beast of a thing. Any more info on it, when built, power output, dimensions, engine etc?
  5. Hi guys This is just an idea at the moment and I am looking for your thoughts Could steradent tablets be used to clean tarnished brass etches? My reasoning is based on something my old dad used to do when I was a kid (quite a few years ago) He was a prolific tea drinker and he would clean teaspoons marked with tannin from the tea in a steradent solution, this wa very effective in producing shiny teaspoons So logically you might get a similar result with tarnished brass However old teaspoons are not made of brass so one
  6. Not much difference in loading gauge height the highland could build up to 13’3 3/4”. The Rivers and some Castles were built to this height The Drummond 0-6-4T was built to a lower height of 12’9”
  7. If anyone has read “The Broon’s” by DC Thompson about a city tenement dwelling Scottish family they go on holidays sometimes to the “Butt and Ben“
  8. The LMS did build replacement boilers for the GSWR 0-6-2T and some of the Highland tanks were fitted with these. I have read that the reason for their early withdrawal was cracked frames.
  9. Might be better off returning to the seller and getting a refund Those sides are not for a V1/V3
  10. This might be an example of something that someone thought was a good idea at the time, currently on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372980883903
  11. Hi Chris Have you made any progress on the Barclay?
  12. How does the bodywork compare with the DJ models version? have any improvements been made?
  13. Hi Arthur Do you have a list of what you have currently available?
  14. How did you go about making the J78 Chris?
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