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  1. Most of the end detail on this fits through the end to be soldered.
  2. I started the bogies on this tonight. They're both in a similar state apart from one has wheels temporarily fitted. Once I've decided how many washers to put on for side play, I'll solder the bearings in and get them finished.
  3. Anyone done sidelines train alarm gear before? I could do with a photo as I'm not clear just from the sketch.
  4. Added the extra jumper cables tonight. Train alarm gear next.
  5. I haven't forgotten this one I've been working away on it but due to the amount of detail parts, it takes a lot before progress is obvious.
  6. That doesn't include the race rail, well or installation module though I don't think
  7. Tonight's session complete. Race rail finished and now I can do the hard bit and finish building the bridge/ deck.
  8. A bit more done on this 1/109 mineral wagon earlier. Fitting out the solebars next.
  9. Something I don't say often, finished. What a learning curve, not perfect but happy with my first coach and only the third kit I've ever finished.
  10. The instructions take a bit of reading, that's for sure and the M2 nuts are often awkward to tighten up.
  11. This is what I have been up to tonight, still more spacers to add before the stiffening angles get rivetted and added.
  12. Ready for varnish and glazing then tis done.
  13. More done now. Just the coupling hook link plates then onto the axle boxes/ W irons.
  14. A bit more done tonight, a few more of these bits left to put on.
  15. Pretty good effort tonight. The other half then I need to do the bridge as the upper board needs checking against the bridge prior to fixing in place.
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