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  1. The end of tonight's session on the bogies. Just a bit of brake rodding to add to the other end and the tie rods, then to do it again for other one. Pleased with the results.
  2. Thanks. I will give it a go, got plenty left to do.
  3. Thats where I'm up to with the bogies. The brake shoes take quiet a while to position correctly and they're still not 100%
  4. I use loctite tip cleaner. Great stuff. My soldering isn't the best but I wouldn't say its all over the place? Anyhow wheels have been blackened now and bogies started.
  5. Good idea. I will give it a go.
  6. The very devil. I would like to put them on and haven't given up yet. Separating them from the etch is OK but cleaning the cusps off is very difficult.
  7. Hi John, these are etched on the outside to drill out for the wire but that is only the buffer. There is suppose to be a oval shaped surround like this too
  8. Sole bars and Queen posts in now. My initial attempt to separate the door bumpers for the etches proved unsuccessful, without losing them in the process. I will try again soon. Thankfully I ordered plenty but they are tiny.
  9. My CPL order arrived today, excellent service. The loco cab dials are not related to the coach obviously but I thought they looked rather good too.
  10. Thats the roof done. Nearly went mad marking and cutting the strips out.
  11. I've finished the body now apart from handrails and door handles after painting and the roof is now secure and just awaiting the panelling joint strips. Onto the underframe next.
  12. A few more bits tonight. I'm leaving the coach side handrails and door handles off until after painting, or they will get in the way of lining. I'm also waiting for some flat styrene strip for the panel joins on the roof and will hopefully be getting some etched door bumpers from CPL. Oddly, my other sidelines kits have the etched end plates for the corridor connectors but this hasn't got any.
  13. Roof vents fitted tonight. Quiet happy with the positioning.
  14. Not much done tonight but got the roof cut to length and sitting right
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