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  1. Greetings all... I have been doing some research into a couple of my favorite stations.. both SDR/GWR stations.. Dartmouth and Brixham. Today I was looking at some new pictures that I obtained, both from about the turn of the century and noticed that on both stations, there is a large advertising board, which I would have thought would be headed Great Western railway but was in fact headed London and Northe Western railway. (I don't think I can post the photos because of copyright but If someone says it is OK, I could provide a little cut out of the photo to show) The seem to be advertising services to that area of the country, but I was surprised to see the board headings. Can anyone enlighten me as to the rules for these things as i would have expected the GWR to brand the poster boards as their own. Regards M
  2. Many thanks all for the information and responses. Time for me to make some phone calls or send some emails and see what transpires. Again thank you all Regards Graham
  3. Greetings all.. sorry if this is the wrong place, but am getting ready to start my new layout having moved back to the UK. I did a lot of searching on RMWeb but haven't really found any recommendations as such. For various reasons, I am going to want to use ready made baseboards by one of the many companies out there. Having read lots of web sites and seen various materials used in these ranging from laser cut ply to furniture grade MDF, I am hoping that perhaps someone who has used one of these companies may be in a position to recommend a company to me from their experience, or at least offer some guidance. I guess the important thing is that they will need to be a non standard size and in one area, there will hopefully be a cut out for a valley/river bridge. I can supply the company with a track plan to show what I am after. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards Graham
  4. Greetings all. Having just moved back to the UK from Canada and loosing an entire basement to play trains in, I have been doing some pondering for a small layout over here. I have acquired planning permission for a layout to go in the living room.. 7' x 2' to fit against a wall. "Must look nice and not be left as a work in progress for long periods" is the main constraint to the permissions. Whilst in Canada, I was continuing to collect stock and have a huge and eclectic variety of UK N gauge stock from almost all periods, all of which are fitted with DCC chips. The locos came back with me from Canada to the UK and I would like to use as many as possible over the course of time.. So what am I looking for... 1) Watch the trains go by... I have all the electronics and systems to be able to plug this layout into RR&Co and let it run to a sequence (completely overkill at this size, but I have it so will use it) 2) Manual operation.. not that concerned. 3) Because of the eclectic stock, the layout will be setin current timeframe as a preserved railway.. mostly steam operated but with occaisional diesel days. 4) Loco + 5 coaches to be capable of being held in FY and in platforms. 5) Small but nicely made layout, probably using a fair amount of RTP buildings etc to get the layout completed to a "nice" standard.. well the best I can do anyway. 6) Absolutely must fit in 7x2 hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe 7x2'1" may not get noticed 7) Needs to be on two boards so that should we move again, it can be got out of a 15th century cottage 8) DCC and interfaced to RR&Co. So am looking for advice and validation of what I think is going to work in the space. This is the trackplan I have come up with... (and yes it's 7' x 2'1" to give me just a tad more space (don't tell SWMBO) and it is in 2 halves.. both 3'6 x 2'1. Theres a few premisies here... Fiddle yard has 2 roads that will take a loco + 5, and the platforms fit that as well (just) and three more F/Y roads for slightly shorter trains. Track 6 in the yard to be kept clear as it is really the access to the 4 short roads for the little branch line.. those from A operating out and back and those from B pulling into track 6, reversing and the returning the same way. C is a modern shed, like the peco diesel shed with work going on around locos.. Behind the station, is a storage track and then a line with the old buildings on for stock to stand For scenery, I envision the yard area and shed area being acessed by a road crossing the main line at D on a level crossing and then rising across the back to the exit at C being a Bridge over the line with a few buildings along that road. The basic infrastructure will be ex-GWR.. think a little bit like Churston, but smaller. The track uses 2nd radius on the end curves, but all other trackwork is Peco code 55 with medium radius pointwork, 1 curved point and one Double Slip. Anyway.. looking for your feedback or ideas that could improve or mostly "ermmmm that won't work" type issues. Thanks for looking Graham
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