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  1. the answer to the takeaway rubbish (currently) is to print the registration number of the vehicle that is collecting the food order - not properly disgarded, the registered keeper of the vehicle gets a £100 fixed penalty, and a photo of the rubbish. Regarding the sanitation issue, we need more of them opened, not just the ones that have been shut this year, but the ones that have been shut for a little while. The people that use them will use them however they have been - I have been in the toilets in motorway services, and I have witnessed people use the toilets and then walk straight out without washing their hands - they are beyond educating!!
  2. Of course I could be barking up the wrong tree. I've seen The Fool On The Hill.
  3. Going back to the Beetles song titles cartoon thingy, has anyone else picked up "Hey Bulldog" from the Yellow Submarine album?
  4. I wonder how much the aspergers test score could be affected by another health issue? I have depression, which I do occasionally suffer from, and I've just done the test and got 35. I do struggle to make new friends, and I am normally quite happy on my own - which is good as I'm a truck driver - but when I'm in a social situation, I normally sit with my back to a wall, facing an exit, unless I'm with someone else that I know reasonably well. As a child I had a fairly good imagination, and used to come up with stories that I'd tell myself all the time, now I'll have an idea for a model railway or nevawazz rolling stock.
  5. I think you need to see a psy. . . . Phy . . . . Pshy . . . . . Oh, damn it, you need to see a head shrink!! Or your bank manager!! You've gone Loco.
  6. All this talk of removing statues, and other monuments, to people and places of old smacks very much of the youth of today not educating themselves, nor being educated, about the past. It also runs wider than statues, monuments, and street names, but peoples circumstances and opportunities.
  7. As mentioned above it is China Clay Slurry. I'm suprised that if it's arriving in Aberdeen by boat, why isn't it being shipped to Lynn docks for unloading?
  8. I work for a company that delivers malted barley to Heineken in Manchester, and ABInBev just outside Preston, as long as people drink those two "beverages", we've got some work - and we deliver sand to some glass factories in Yorkshire, so as long as people buy bottled stuff, we've got work. However, I miss going to my local cafe/bar for breakfast - and dinner, and I miss taking my mum out for a pub lunch. I would like to see the pubs reopen soon, as I know that the hospitality trade is suffering, but I am concerned that I might socialise before the virus has passed it's peak, and unwittingly catch the virus, and thence infect my mum. I believe that it is a case of "Caught between a rock and a hard place".
  9. Going back to sheds with triangles, Gateshead was sat between two triangles once, and entire rakes have been sent 'the wrong way' out of Newcastle Central to get them turned round.
  10. To answer your question, HOBC is a High Output Ballast Cleaner. But don't ask me how it works, I still use soap and water to clean my ballast.
  11. I can't answer this question, but I guess what Hexagon is trying to get at is how each notch on the DBSO equalled the power crontroller position in an 86. I know the DBSOs were refurbished before they were deployed to the Anglian Main-line, dit the cabs get refitted at the same time?
  12. If I haven't been beaten to it;- 89001 was repainted from Intercity to Intercity Swallow, and Named "Avocet" at Kings Cross. The naming was to celebrate a significant anniversary for the RSPB - who use an avocet as their logo. The honourable person who performed the naming ceremony was Margret Thatcher PM, after the naming was done, the loco hauled a special formed of mk1 (landcruise) stock to Sandy. if I have been beaten to it, sorry for the duplication.
  13. Another couple of flows would be (malted) grain from East Anglia to Scotland, for whiskey, and continental freight through the Harwich train Ferry, although these flows could be conveyed on a speedlink service. Edit;- There was some vanload traffic from the Campbells factory in King's Lynn, again via speedlink, and there was Trainload freight conveying tin cans and pet foods from Metal Box, and the petfood factory (now Nestle Purina) from Wisbech to Trafford Park.
  14. Hi folks, I have got the Dapol (nee Airfix) kit of Oakham signalbox, which I am planing to use on a layout set Circa 1985-2000 ish. Can anyone guide me in the way that toilets and kitchen facilities could have been provided for the signaller? Cheers.
  15. I had to look closely at that last photo, but I don't remember owning a stripey shirt as a kid. I can't add any photos myself, but I can remember the nice warm weekends, with freight locos on depot, and the more friendly depot foreman allowing an unofficial visit round the depot. Toton, was never one of those though, but if you did it right you could 'bunk' 3/4 of the shed without even needing to get out of the car, before you parked up and looked for the shed foreman's office. Occasionally though BTP would be parked at the top of the approach road, and they'd turn you away before you'd got past the cement silos.
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