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  1. I would think that the 800 would come off worse, but there might be one or two slightly bruised piggies.
  2. Going back to the Bagult crossing incident, I noticed that the signaller at the work station had previously worked two mechanical boxes in NORFOLK! If a train crew is supposed to have route knowledge, would it be an idea for the signallers responsible for a route to also study, and sign for, the route knowledge?
  3. If that is for the current era, then I would say go for a blank nose, with the current group standard light clusters.
  4. I don't know if this would count as an imaginary railway, but;- The Midland & Great Eastern Joint Railway - A Mainline built from the Newark-On-trent/Sherwood Forest area across the Fens to to Kings Lynn, a route that is currently filled by the A17. I can't imagine that there would be much of a commercial need that couldn't be met by the routes that were built by the various "railway mania" and pre-grouping companies, but then again, It's not unknown for different companies to fall out over running rights. My rationale for the route is that it allows the Midland Railway access to the east coast ports of King's Lynn, Yarmouth and Lowestoft ( via the GER ) for coal exports, and it allows the Great Eastern Railway access to the midlands for fish and agricultural traffic. I'm not sure, yet, how or where the line would cross the Trent, Welland, Nene, or Ouse rivers, but at this stage in time I am only looking at a rough route anyway.
  5. If I was in the position of the OP here, I would have no worries about reporting the incident. Yes we ALL have bad days, sometimes there might be an unknown (by all parties) health problem - I speak as someone with depression, and I find I get angry very easily - Is there an issue with the conductor's health? Has there been another 'incident' earlier in the conductors shift? Is the conductor really in the right (customer facing) role for their personality? - I know I'm not a "people person" and couldn't do a customer facing job. I would report the incident - not complain - because the points I've mentioned above might be investigated by the TOC.
  6. It's the bridge known as Rhubarb Bridge by the trading estates. Or do you mean the rest of it?
  7. John, I'm going to have to disagree with your statement, that I've highlighted in red. The line from March to Spalding crosses fenland, with numerous drains, a requirement to provide solid foundations that don't sink, the Rivers Nene, The Nene (New Cut), and Welland, along with two main roads (A47 and A141) at Guyhirn , all that costs a lot of money, especially maintaining a foundation that will keep sinking into the fens. The 1980's consultant you refer to was called Serpell, and he produced a report in 1982 that proposed closing the ECML north of Newcastle!! (he did get a knighthood for it though) The M&GN was as much a politically motivated closure, as it was a cost saving exercise. Most of the former M&GN formation from Peterborough to the outskirts of Norwich has been used for road improvement, including the site of the old bridge at Werrington - the site is now where the A47 crosses the ECML and A15.
  8. The last deep Mine in england - Kellingley, closed December 2015 - was going to be filled with concrete. The site has been cleared of all but two buildings, and it looks like the land will become another housing estate. With regards to the "decent" employment opportunities, as a nation we rely on the service industries to earn money and they do not generate the amount of income that supports a reasonable wage, neither do they generate the same levels of career progression that heavy industry and engineering would provide. But none of this has any relevance to the increasing carbon footprint, as has been mentioned before a growing world population is increasing the output of carbon dioxide and other environmentally harmful actions.
  9. "Have you seen my pet spider, he's in this matchbox" That normally encourages people to move away.
  10. Slightly off topic here. I live in Grantham, but the transport yard that I'm based at is in South Lynn, the journey can take me between an hour to an hour and a half, and I'm normally taking enough kit to spend the week away from base, I would happily go by train but I feel that the journey will take considerably longer by rail (and bus). The other issue to consider with reducing our carbon footprint is how the commercial supply chains have become less "local" and more "globalised", for example I take malting Barley from Norfolk to Burton Upon Trent, and can then be tasked to take the malt to Manchester, or I'll take Oilseed Rape to Erith (kent) for milling!! It will take a lot more than not flying overseas on european holidays to greatly reduce peoples carbon footprints.
  11. You mean I've spoilt it for everyone else?
  12. That is a very good "photoshop" there Corbs. if you look closely at either gentleman, you will notice that there is a visible out line to them, along with the lack of any background beyond the shed building. to answer your location question, the are at New Romney on the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch railway. these will be the 15inch gauge, I forget the scale, pacifics that J P Howey ordered from Davey Paxman of Colchester, they are designed in the style of Gresley A1s, but the big give-away is the desigh of the tenders. I hope that helps.
  13. Kenton has "vanished" before, I believe as a result of external requirements, but he did return. I have noticed that some profile names are in grey and the profile holder is a "retired" profile - does that mean they have chosen to quit the forum?
  14. I'm going to throw in a curve ball here - I don't think the 'boxes' on the conflat do have open sides, or there would be some hints of the internal shapes. I suspect that the black squares are some form of picture censorship, to remove any and all identifying marks from the 'boxes'. I will agree that they are designed to be craned on and off differing modes of transport, and there does appear to be some sort of loading or inspection hatch on the top. My initial thought was some sort of container for creosote to be used at the PW works at Chesterton. But I considered a few other things, the location (East Anglia) the general era (immediate post WW2 / Cold war) the pictorial "flatness" of the dark black (censored) and the driving force behind ISO containers (The US military) - I'm going to suggest that they were a tank or hopper of some sort for use by the USAF at somewhere like Mildenhall or Lakenheath, and being mounted on a passenger rated vehicle meant they could be moved by the branch passenger services if required.
  15. Going back to imaginary railways, I keep toying with a "light Railway" network to serve the Thetford Forest area, with links to the GE and M&GN. The initial reasoning would have been to aid the forestery based industry in the area, but there would have been a basic general freight and passenger service - with the increasing military presence in the forest, the line would have been upgraded to cope. I really could do with some serious planning time.
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