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  1. When I first posted this subject, it was just to highlight the shortage of couplings and how frustrating it is. However, I did not expect all the responses, most informative I must say and two of you kind souls packaged up and posted me a selection of your surplus stock. You know who you are and you have been thanked more than once in my PMs to you. So I will leave the subject there, again with a thank you to you all and hope that Bachmann will try to keep a regular supply to the retailers. After all, in my younger days, the motto was, " the customer is always right!" So please Mr.Bachmann ta
  2. Oooh!! So tempted, as I vaguely remember seeing it when I was a small child. I have three J70s, a Y6 and and an 04 with skirts and cowcatchers for that yet to be built W&U layout. I keep telling myself and others, "there are no pockets in a shroud", so if that price holds, there are two more days to think about it. If it rockets up or goes? Ces la vie! Tod
  3. I've used their service many times and they have always been good for me. Highly recommended. Tod
  4. Hi, 

    My immediate need is for short straight and short cranked, so if you have a pack of each at normal price, that would be very nice. If you let me know, we can go from there. 


    Thanks very much for your offer,



  5. Thank you all for your responses. Most informative indeed. I have checked that number Blue Max , it is 027 as you say I was a bit steamed up so an easy typo mistake to make. As it happens I have just enough couplings to complete a current project thankfully, but now no reserve. Johnster, you covered all the commercial side of things very well, but still very annoying for end users, such as myself and many other modellers . So when they send a container full of couplings, I hope I can grab a few packs to keep me a happy bunny again. gwrrob, I will pm you. Thanks again Tod
  6. Thanks for the info, but I was after 36-037, short cranked version and 36-061 short straight version. Tod
  7. It has been many weeks now that I have tried to source the tension lock couplings, either straight or cranked short type. Apart from some Ebay , profiteering pirates, no one seem to have them in stock. I wonder why it is, that on several occasions, these spares/accesseries disappear into a black hole? Surely with stock bought up by traders and individuals alike, I would have thought that Bachmann would cotton on to the fact there is a constant demand for these products?! Frustrating and annoying that after spending many hours building stock, I can't get the couplings to run them together! Yes
  8. I seem to remember some time ago that after the W&M, AC and Park Royal rail busses were produced, the Wickham version would be produced also. Apart from the Bristol version, the others were made in groups of 5, so it begs the question, why Heljan didn't follow on with the Wickham bus? There was one of them retained at the Derby Testing unit, but whether that would be commercially viable, I'm not sure, as there was a (wrongly) W&M model issued in the Derby Testing livery by Beatties? As far as I know, there are no kits available in any scale of the Wickham rail bus, but if you know d
  9. They both were rebuilt in 1942 becoming P1/2 after being fitted with A3 boilers. Thompson scrapped them in 1945. I don't have my RTCS books to hand, away from home just now, but I think the boosters were removed or disconnected during the rebuild. I have a Crownline kit I've had for many years awaiting building. The boiler unit is a Hornby A1 body which has to have its footplate removed and replaced by the etched brass one supplied. My DJH U1 Garret (two motors) will pull the world!!! Tod
  10. My two pigeon van kits arrived today here in wet and soggy Scotland, after asking Matt to divert my order to here instead of the sunny south (or it was when I left it on Saturday!). A quick look at the parts so far reveals great quality, never bought Chivers kits previously. Providing I can keep the excited grandkids fingers away from them, I hope to get at least one of the vans built, possibly both, but no painting until I return home in about 4 weeks. I'll make the roofs removable, using some of the sprue to make clips. I look forward to the 009 body kits coming out again in due course, as I
  11. I think it was a red letter on a white backround. I always understood it was there to advise following traffic, that it was a towed trailer, as opposed to an artic or rigid lorry rear. It predates the "Long Vehicle" warning signs we see today. I seem to recall that the letter had reflective studs for night time or poor visability. I may be wrong, but going out with my dad as his "mate" many years ago in the 50s, I believe he told me that. The "T" may have survived into the 60s possibly. Have you searched the vintage/ commercial magazine folk? I'm sure they would know chapter and verse of suc
  12. Watching this subject takes me back to my childhood, (born 1946), and I have a memory (surprisingly!!) of a single deck, half cab Easter Counties bus that was occasionally put on the Littleport to Ely service. It was a noisy beast and very slow, but as the frequency of service was limited, we had little choice. Now if it was still around, I would love to ride on it. As a teenager I had very close encounter with a Premier Travel ( of Cambridge ) AEC double decker, contracted to ferry Pyes (later Philips) workforce to and from their Cambridge site. On a dark, cold, wet winter's night
  13. I dug my Proto 2000 locos out yesterday, both the E7 and GP15 have the dcc logo on the boxes as does the Spectrum "mountain". I couldn't see any info on the E8/9, but as it was bought at the same time, I would think it likely it is dcc ready also. If I did attend one of the meets, I would probably take one loco, to see if some kind soul could fit a suitable decoder temporarily, so that I could see it operate. It would have to be returned to dc of course, unless I get the bug?!!!!!!? We shall see what the future holds if and when Covid19 allows us all to be "free" and for more than just a
  14. Thanks for that. I would have never made the connection (sorry!) with the word "Freemo" but I get it now! I have seen layouts in the past, N gauge, 009 that were joined together at an exhibition. Some worked better than others, mainly having issues with the crucial join across neighbouring boards. The individual layouts were all different though. I presume a national or even international baseboard joining standard has been designed for the different scale/ gauges? Does such a thing exist? A strict and rigid discipline must be followed for sure and the old nugget of dc verses dcc comes into p
  15. Freemo is not something I have heard of. Can you please enlighten me as to what it is and who organises this event? I live in the central South area and never seen such an event advertised. Thank you Tod
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