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  1. I'm not a DCC user, but I have to concede that if there is any doubt what can be achieved, to convince someone starting a new layout project, this demonstration is overwhelming! I did a calculation of an estimated cost to convert all my locos etc and as a pensioner, £3-4000 is way beyond my resources. However, having a distillery based small layout in mind, I could be tempted, depending on the cost of a control system and the components to put in my Ruston. I have no idea at all, what that would be. Getting that kind of control and sound out of such a tiny loco is impressive indeed. I could be tempted, but don't tell the wife........!!! Tod
  2. In all the pages on this subject, apart from DCC and analogue control, I haven't seen any comments about feedback control and whether it would be good or bad for this delightful little loco. Today I had access to both types, but was wary of running it with feedback (Kentrol) controllers, but ran it a couple of feet both ways. Later, on a friend's layout with Gaugemaster normal controllers it was given an extensive workout and in both instances, without its wagon. The latter layout's code 100 set track is not in the best condition, so not surprised it stalled once or twice at very slow speed. So, feedback or no feedback, that is the question, whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the smoke and nasty smells, or be safe amongst the DC normality ( apologies to the Great Bard of course!) ? Tod
  3. Apologies. Had I looked at page 2 I would have seen the impressive OS map and aerial photo overlay by AJCT. That is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks for that and others showing building drawings. All together, you have you lot have given me no excuses for not "getting on with it!" Now when I get home........... Thanks eveyone Tod
  4. I'm in Pitlochry visiting family and went to Dewers Aberfeldy site to have a look round. The loco and wagon sit on what I believe is original siding. With a planned project in mind, I can't see if there were more than one siding/ headshunt etc. The O S map only indicates one set back siding. If anyone has a detailed track plan, it would be most helpful. Tod
  5. Got mine yesterday at the Fareham exhibition, (very good by the way) and a quick test proved it to run with and without the wagon, though Peco insulfrog pointwork splendidly. It comes with a pair of couplings that fit in the small pockets. I haven't had time to fit those yet as I'm about to drive to Perthshire tonight. No time for playing trains, but I can wait a few days. I will do some field work at the Aberfeldy Distillery with a view to use it as basis for a small layout . Lots of ideas to explore!! And before you say that the Dewers Ruston would be more suitable, that one didn't reside at Aberfeldy. Their Andrew Barclay is light green and its still there ( also on my list to buy), so my Ruston needs to be green. Tod
  6. I found the answer, or most of it, on the other thread that is running. I hadn't realised there were two threads running on the same subject. Anyway, at least one of the Rustons has arrived and is getting very good reviews, which is very pleasing. Tod
  7. I presume the small panel below the coupling hook is the blank covering the NEM socket? If not I'll need to make some sort of wire loop that will plug in underneath the buffer beam. It looks really nice and though I will probably get the Dewers one, I also like this livery, not dissimilar to Hatton's Andrew Barclay "Coronation" green. Co-incidently is very close to the colour of the loco on display at Dewers in Aberfeldy. A potential project in the making!? Tod
  8. The Dewers one. So I can wait, patiently......., no twist in my knickers! No point in getting uptight about it, nothing I can do. Tod
  9. Hattons informed me today that delivery is expected November. Tod
  10. I'm looking for a copy of this magazine as I hope it has an article for building a turntable from a record player deck. Tod
  11. SweenyTod1

    Oxford N7

    Thank you for all your comments, all very valid. We all agree that that it's a great model, certainly capturing the N7, well made, plenty of grunt to haul prototypical loads etc. If Oxford had presented it in the 7990-9 batch, perhaps this conversation may not have happened? So far, 35 pages of chat and no doubt it will continue. I have made my point about the numbering, altered my loco to suit, so I'm happy with it. There I will leave the topic and wish you all, Happy modelling and good night, sleep tight and make sure the details don't bite!! Tod
  12. SweenyTod1

    Oxford N7

    In short, my answer to you, is yes. As far as I can see from photos and text in Part 9A RCTS, all N7s had the W+VE system, apart from the 8000-11 (Westinghouse only and the Beardsmore built, 2642-2661, steam brake (loco) and vacuum ejector (train). So even the VE pipe should be seen on the latter. Agreed , it is a minefield. Conversion to other brake systems, push-pull and round topped fireboxes is outside my modelling period, so not relevant here. If there are any "experts" out there willing to put their heads above the parapet, please feel free to join in. I believe the model represents 102 out of a total of 134 N7s from 1923 up to 1938, so why Oxford chose the 12 locos that didn't have a vacuum pipe is the mystery. They obviously don't read the books that I do!!! Perhaps they should............? Tod
  13. SweenyTod1

    Oxford N7

    Today I finally got round to renumbering my 8011 to 7998. It still needs some light weathering, but at least it is now in the correct number group having Westinghouse (engine and train) and Vacuum ejector (train) brakes, as were 102 N7s in total. It begs the question as to why Oxford used the 8000-8011 number series? Wrong, but the model is fitted with the pipework allowing a renumber from a larger selection, without any butchery, up to February 1938, when condensing apparatus was finally removed. RCTS part 9A, pages 112, 121-123 refers. Tod
  14. Hattons are predicting October to December 2019 for delivery, so maybe in time for Christmas? Don't hold your breath! Tod
  15. Hmmm, I feel a song coming on...."I'd like to get you (it) on( from) a slow boat to (from) China!!!!" All to my self......... etc etc. Tod
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