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    Apologies if is the wrong place to ask, but after trawling through these pages and searching Google, I can't find an "idiots guide" to reconnect new wiring X6113. So before I attempt to dismantle the loco to get at the motor, some help is requested from you lovely experts please. The supplied plug has, as you would expect 4 wires :- red, black, yellow and white. With the loco upsidedown and the plug placed in position over the tender socket, red is on the left and white on the right. I have the Service Sheet HSS No.343 (dated February 2009), which is not a lot of help, as there is no colour code to say which wire goes where? The loco is only to be used in analogue mode and I presume the black and red wires are there for that? The wires poking out the cab footplate are all black and much thinner than the replacement set. I have never understood why Hornby chose such a flimsy connecting system for such a crucially important function?! So please help this old fart, not very well at the moment, and could do without additional stress, I just need to know which wire is to be soldered to the motor/ pickups. Thank you for your patience to read this and hopefully some kind soul will tell me what I need to know. PS , this not my loco, I am attempting to help a friend here. Tod
  2. If the Wickham railbus was produced in 00 scale I would definitely buy one. Can't remember who, but someone produced a whitemetal body kit of the Bristol version years ago. Even more exclusive than the others, only two, rather than the others in batches of five. There must be some clever person out there who could print a few body/chassis kits for these elusive types. Who will rise to the challenge then? Ever hopeful! Tod
  3. Strange, I got a message from Hattons announcing a forthcoming re-release of the W&M railbus yesterday on my phone, Even more expensive than the original release!! My one is away for repair, but if the ad is genuine, I do hope it has a more reliable motor capable of driving an excessively heavy model? The weight may have been part of the motor killing process! With the cost of my original and the expected cost to repair, I do hope my one may enjoy a reasonable lifespan. The person at Heljan who designed the railbus probably enjoys weightlifting...........................................................................? Tod
  4. Thanks very much Pete. I will do that, but I need to establish the motor failure, as without that going, I can't test it. I'm away from home for a few weeks, this week, so I may not get the opportunity to open up the body before the family visit to Scotland. I'm hoping its a simple solder job, but while I'm doing that I will attend to the gear issue. Thanks again, Tod
  5. Oh you hero Charlie, I will do that tomorrow. Thanks very much. Tod
  6. Thanks for your responses, most helpful, especially the info on Gaugemaster. Many moons ago, I was their Southern area sale rep, but didn't last due to a foot injury, as you will realise meant a lot of legwork, often not able to park my van anywhere near the shops I visited!! Anyway, water under the bridge, so I will start to investigate, starting with the duff gear, though with the lights working, power is getting to those from the track, a mystery for sure. Assuming it is DCC ready, there must be a blanking board lurking somewhere in the bowels of this beast. I have experienced a fault with a Hornby loco whereby the tender was rewired to bypass all of the DCC bit. It works a treat since. I may end up doing the same to this one, but we shall see. Progress will be slow as I'm heading to Scotland soon, so may have to wait until my return. More anon. Tod
  7. On Thursday last my railbus was happily was running round my friend's layout. After several circuits I reversed it and very soon emitted a knocking sound, slowed down to a crawl then stopped. I removed the wheelsets to discover a split axle gear on one end, which would not grip, understandably. Placing the bus back on the track the lights work fine in either directional power applied, but no go, not even a hum of the motor. I have yet to venture into the disassemble procedure to see if the motor has died or a wire come off etc. The instructions show me how to get inside, removing horns to get at screws which seems to be very complicated compared with other models access procedure. So apart from the duff gear and a possible dead motor is there any other likely cause to resolve. Also does Heljan have a UK based service centre I can contact for the necessary spares or can send the unit to be fixed please? Any help and advice most welcome. Tod
  8. Here I go again, stable door bolts come to mind! I'm looking for the single unit in its original passenger time before it was used at the test centre, ie Green with speed whiskers. Dc kits used to do a kit, but not available on their website. Silver fox does a rtr one for £150, far too much for my budget. So if anyone has a kit, in any stage of build needing a new home. then please contact me. Ever hopeful, Tod
  9. Hi Julia and Al, Many thanks for the update, disappointing yes, but fully understand the difficulties you face. I will be patient though and wait for these to eventually appear, but not too long please, as I'm getting a bit long in the tooth!! Keep up the good work, Tod
  10. It appears I was wrong. I asked for one and two come along at once! Thanks to a nice chap across the "Pond", we eventually completed a good deal. So D6722 and D6755 have joined my diesel stud. I'm a very happy bunny! Tod
  11. The J70s could manage 30-40 fruit vans, so should be able to pull a crane. Luckily most of the track was flat as a pancake!! I have fond memories of the Fens, being a Littleport boy.
  12. Yes indeed, the first two had smaller rectangular windows, also a straight pipe exhaust. The first one had no visible pipe above the casing, but was soon added. I modified an Airfix/Dapol kit and managed to obtain etched valences and cowcatchers to make a good representation of 11102, in black livery, powered by a Mainline chassis. I remember seeing them, as a small child, amazed at these odd looking locos wandering across the road. I have vague recollections of the Y6s and J70s, but don't recall the double cab Sentinels, which would be a suggestion for a project. There has been a kit (Kalgarin? )some time ago, but I don't think there is one now. No doubt someone will put me right? Tod
  13. It appears I'm looking for the impossible, so I'm modifying my search for any make, but green livery 37, preferably without yellow ends, but not the priority. Here's hopeful, Tod
  14. I'm looking for this loco, complete. A non runner would be acceptable as I have a spare motor. All sorted now thanks. Tod
  15. Well I think that 50 + years of model making and the military 5 year technical/academic apprenticeship, plus the serving time, both afloat and ashore, should give me some degree of "expertise" to recommend or not, an engineering procedure. Also I used bold, not capitals. I did quantify my caution with a warning to clean off the abrasive. To leave it could wear away the bearing over time, causing more issues, already mentioned in these posts. My methodology worked for me and I put it out there gratuitously as a suggestion, not dogmatically. If it was thought that, then my apologies. So a good time, I believe, to close the subject now. Happy modelling to all, stay safe and well. Tod
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