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  1. I finally "found" the missing book. It's title, " Aberfeldy's Railway" by C J Stewart, A Highland Railway Society publication, ISBN: 978 0 954856 8. As suggested by others. the view from the road over bridge shows the station side, but with magnification, a lot of detail can be seen. Peco do a nice HR signal cabin, one of which can be seen at the yard throat. Using that photo with the map above, you can see what goes where. I wish you well with this interesting layout. If I ever get mine into reality, we could join them together? Then there's Ballingluig junction with its two viaducts ( one still survives) and Aberfeldy itself!!!!. Even with missing out the halts in between, what a cracking layout that would be!!! However, it will stay in my head for the time being...................? Tod
  2. It was the National Library of Scotland where you can find the maps/photos. They are side pictures with the OS map on the left and a modern aerial photo on the right. Very useful indeed to see where things were historically and areas where you can walk today to see evidence of groundworks etc. Bing Hybrid, NN 91564 53193 is a reference on the photo. Tod
  3. There is a book all about the Aberfeldy branch line which I think has a couple of shots that might be useful. Coincidently, my older grandson attends Grantully school and the the younger on starts there in August, The school building is quite close to where the station used to be. I'll be quite happy to do a field search for you (and myself) when I get up there from the sunny South. I have been researching Dewers site as a potential project, so that's why I am doubly interested in the branch. Assuming I can get past Hadrian's Wall I hope to travel at the end of this month, subject to the approval of "Queen Nicola". I will have a search to locate the book, but also in this section are the posts I was involved with about my quest for info. The records office in Edinburgh has lot of maps/photos etc. that you would find useful. Let me know if I can assist and good luck with your project. My post are in the Distilleries section, page 3. Tod
  4. I've been looking at chassis options and SEF do the chassis, wheel pack etc. the current prices come out at £81. Gibson also do a milled chassis frame as a basis. I already have a suitable motor and Hi-Level gearbox, but that would be additional cost to those not so blessed. Its horses for courses and depends on the needs and desires of the buyer. For me it wouldn't be right to have an "incorrect" chassis, BUT I respect the concept to get a working loco at reasonable cost with minimum effort. I also appreciate that not everyone on here has the years of prototype/modelling experience that I have. If I can share some of it, free gratis, I consider it my duty Whether anyone pays attention to this old f..t, that's their choice. Any new build I do has a near scale as possible compensated chassis, that's my choice. I like the J69 body, ready to go and hope to get one. I'll number and letter it myself. The chassis? Well you know my thoughts on that!!!! There I will end my contribution to this subject..................... Happy modelling, Tod
  5. Sorry if this sounds a bit picky, but the wheelbase of the Terrier is not the same as the J69. I will quickly say that the differences are not vast, but visually a side on view, the spaces between the front axle and centre and centre to rear axle are very obvious. J69 wheelbase is 6ft-4 inches+ 7ft-6 inches = 13ft-10 inches............25.3mm + 30mm = 55.3mm Terrier..............is 6ft-0 inches+ 6ft-0 inches = 12ft=0 inches.............24mm + 24mm = 48mm The wheels are the same at 4ft diameter..........16mm Assuming the Terriers chassis is powered by the centre axle, it would be possible to chop it about, but of course the con rods would need to be cut and shut to match. Personally, though that is possible with a lot of skill and care, my preference would be a scratch built brass chassis as the better solution. I don't know if there are firms ( Alan Gibson, Finecast etc) that can supply a chassis kit. Worth exploring, as that would save a lot of head scratching and effort! There are plenty of motor/gearbox options available. However with the addition of 16mm wheels, axles, brake shoes, rigging, guard irons and anything I've forgotten, the costs are rising way above the original idea of the loco body and finding a good running second hand Terrier chassis! Soooo, having thrown a grenade into the party, I shall run away and hide, as I can feel some responses coming my way!!!! Oh come on, you know you want to............... Happy modelling, Tod
  6. I Hi Pete suppose there was a chance we were in Tony's shop at the same time? I joined the South Hants MRC in about 1973 and lived in Southsea until !977, when we moved "over the hill" to Waterlooville. I still visited Tony's until his passing, when I was either on leave or during  shore duties in Pompey. I "left" the club when they went EM, whereby the 00 members were too much of a fringe group with our tram interest.

    Moving swiftly on, the knowledge I gained from the original SHMRC was the best thing I could have done. I learned so much, including where to go to get all the bits and pieces.  50 years down the line  and I'm still at it, though the collection of unbuilt or part built projects, hide away in boxes. Arthritis in the digits can be annoying, apart from painful sometimes, could be an excuse. The "boss's" job list, diplomatically, dictates what I can fit in!!

    Happy modelling,


    1. PJT


      You'd have seen me in Tony Collett's sometimes late afternoons on weekdays, or more likely Saturday afternoons, because I spent all my school years in Portsmouth (we had school on Saturday mornings as well as in the week).  I'd walk to Winter Road after school and then have a long trek to Portsmouth & Southsea station afterwards to get the train home.  I felt very empty when I went back a few years later and found both Tony and the shop had gone.  We were well blessed with good model shops in Pompey around that time, weren't we?  Tony Collett did all the components and kits, from easy to seriously complicated, Fratton Bargain Shop had all the exotic stuff like Fleischmann and Marklin with a fair range of Hornby, and Robin Thwaites' in Arundel Street had loads of Airfix kits and Hornby along with - very, very unusual in those days - a full range of Grafar N Gauge.  Did you know Robin was also the saviour of Godshill Model Village on the Isle of Wight, buying it and restoring it with funds from his shop from the late 1960s onwards. 


      I've always kind-of ploughed my own furrow with railway modelling - never really been a club sort of person, though I'd readily concede I might well have got further more quickly if I had been a club member.  I do enjoy local shows which, of course, are usually club-organised.  For me, as a hobby railway modelling is just like gardening (which I also enjoy) because, as my Dad used to say, 'Doesn't matter what worries you've got, within half an hour of working in the garden you've forgotten them all.'  I've always found model making has exactly the same result. 


      I remember one day, some years ago, when I had a day off work and decided to hang everything and spend the whole day modelling.  My Pam went to work in the morning, leaving me putting tiles on the roof of a model building.  She came home in the evening and... I was still putting tiles on the roof.  There were also a couple of really good plays on the radio that day to listen to while I worked.  I genuinely could not have been more contented.   Pam quotes that story to friends when she feels a mischievous need to put me in my place.  I know I am, though, exceedingly lucky to have a partner who's always delighted to see me modelmaking.


      Enjoy your modelling, too.


      Pete T.


  7. Aren't they nice, I never got round to building any though. I must dig them out of hiding and consider building one. A bit of nostalgia and a memory of Tony, but, the imminent arrival of the D&S kit will have priority over all other "nice to do" jobs! Tod
  8. Hear hear Pete, on both counts. On the first, I have been after the DS GN 6-wheel brake for many years, so today I got one ordered . I've missed opportunities before, so despite the higher price, I bit the bullet and its on its way. Quality always sells. On the second point, I too visited Tony Collett in Winter road in the mid 70s I was a novice modeller (late 20s) and advised to visit his shop. I lived a few streets away, so very convenient. His knowledge and lovely manner is legend in these parts and I still have the Stephen Poole E4 kit I bought from him. I also have a few of his lithograph PO wagon overlays. Happy days and happy memories............... Tod
  9. Thanks for the link, most helpful, though it appears they are all sold out at present. The link to Thanet models has some really nice options that I wasn't aware of. My credit card could get a real bashing if I'm not careful!! Thanks again Tod
  10. I have had a look on Ebay and Google to find a sales avenue to consider buying one of the J69 loco bodies, but I either end up back on here or to a Covid 19 site. Please help this old chap with the link to CDC Models, so I can progress from here. Thank you, Tod
  11. Thanks to you all for the updates, at least I can get one now, hopefully despite the price being a bit higher than I thought. Such is life, hey ho, I must bite the bullet, being in my senior years, I can't hang about too long!! Tod
  12. Thanks for the quick update, I live in hope that I can get hold of the brake 3rd or full brake 6 wheelers to compliment the milk/luggage van. I can kick myself for not getting the kits at the time I bought the van! One of my life's big regrets, well on the modelling front at least! I may just have to go with Hattons generic offerings when they become available. Not quite pure GN though? Tod
  13. Does anyone know if all or some of the range has been sold on to other companies? I have a particular interest in The GN 6-wheel coach range that Dan did. Any update will be welcome. Thanks, Tod
  14. I'm really looking forward to this model coming out. I've sent an email as requested, so hopefully I'm on their list to get at least one in the LNER livery. One of the photos shown, there are two locos tender to tender with a plough at each end, but I won't be greedy as it will be a limited run issue, one on its own will be fine. I did think about scratch building one a few years ago, but that's as far as I got. I'm sure the model won't disappoint. Tod
  15. Thanks for that Paul. My suspicions were correct then. Its a shame that there is no update on their website or even taken down. I presume then I won't get a reply from them, [t seems, especially as track alignment is key to the device working reliably every time! Tod Good to know the project isn't completely dead in the water and I wish it every success. I can fully understand the cost implications due to its complex construction, but not managed as well as it could have been, as many of the comments on the list of posts sent to me from the Mod, relate to customer complaints and questions, some still outstanding it seems. A brilliant concept, but I feel it was too much too soon. Definitely not a DIY project, but as suggested already, a simpler, more robust idea, may be the way to go. The interest and support for such a device is obviously there, so lets hope the future will be successful. Tod
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