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    BR 1948 - 1968, Steam/Diesel, Scotland.
    Layout based on Yoker, 65G, Loco shed, Glasgow in 4mm/1ft. EM Gauge.
    Member of East Ham and District MRC. EM Layout, Clatterford, Ex-GE branch in BR days.
    Proper Beer.

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  1. Matalsmiths do 42/50/60/70 ft Cowans Sheldon turntables in 4mm scale in kit form. Also GWR types. See http://www.midrailcentre.com/4mm-scale-00-em-p4#anchor
  2. Its not isolated. There was a class 66 in the siding a few weeks ago. You are probably right about it being rusted to the rails. Surely a few squirts of WD40 would sort that out!
  3. Shenfield Shark is still there. Why have some preservation group not got hold of it. Or, Is it too far gone? It is not in its original condition.
  4. Yoker is presently up but under the baseboards of the 'upper' layout in the railway room. I might incorporate it into the new layout. One of the problems being is the quality and depth of the new baseboards compared with the new. The old ones are fine. Built from top quality 6mm ply. Double section and built on the T or L system, which is very stable. I had the new ones built for me, they are 9mm ply of unknown origin and they have warped slightly. So I will have to consider a rebuild of the new boards. It seems at the moment:- One step forward and two steps back! Some pictures:-
  5. Ian. Thanks for the tip I will try the Microscale Liquid Decal Film. Just ordered some off EBAY. John. I use your transfers and Modelmaster for most things. Just don't like throwing the Woodhead ones away. Thanks everybody for the replies. Andy Neil.
  6. I have some old sheets of Woodhead Transfers. They have deteriorated and when you try to use them they fall to bits. Is there anyway of restoring whats left on the sheets, so they are useable?
  7. They should have made them Class 12. They would have saved a fortune on paint!! (Not).
  8. John. I can read. I was asking if you liked this one. (ha ha).
  9. andytrains

    Roy Jackson

    Roy will be missed. He always had a smile and a pleasant way about him. RIP Andy Neil.
  10. Very appropriate tee shirt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir3oV9gxOMk
  11. Thanks. The NB Diag. 69, ordered a few minutes ago. Andy.
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