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    BR 1948 - 1968, Steam/Diesel, Scotland.
    Layout based on Yoker, 65G, Loco shed, Glasgow in 4mm/1ft. EM Gauge.
    Member of East Ham and District MRC. EM Layout, Clatterford, Ex-GE branch in BR days.
    Proper Beer.

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  1. One of the Hornby Caledonian coach I have been working on.
  2. Davy. Yeah, no movement on the early variant for me either, not even shown to follow. But no customs for me! Andy.
  3. Re: C15918. Think they got the destination wrong on 158784, this Newcastle to Liverpool service. 'Street'.
  4. I would rather have a model that's been detailed rather than a sterile, out of the box item.
  5. The only 4mm Caledonian Coaches I know about are kits from Caley Coaches. https://caley.com/index.php The Hornby Caledonian coaches are not right. The underframe and ends, I think, are from Mk1 coaches.
  6. I read somewhere that 57565 is not due into Rails until this week. I have two on order for re-numbering.
  7. See:- https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p704337679/h4F62F2FE#h808da843 For tender details and thinness!
  8. I have ordered two of 57565 to be re-numbered. Luckily I picked up two Caley Coaches McIntosh 3000 gallon tender, Type M2, for a song, so they may be very useful! Looks like these two are going to me my Crimble Pressie from Wife and M in Law. (The locos).
  9. Gosturde again. BRANCH LINES AIRFIX KIT BUILT BR 2-6-0 STANDARD CLASS 4 CAPROTTI LOCO 76075? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363502313918?hash=item54a26d21be:g:Vf4AAOSwTAlhE5Jt
  10. With a description written by the Policeman off Allo Allo!
  11. The last East London Finescale Model Railway Exhibition was on 7th/8th November 2015 at Whybridge Junior School, Blacksmiths Lane, Rainham. Essex. Layouts that attended were:- Horseblock Lane N gauge. Detford OO gauge Cheddar S4 Willowbrook Marsh O gauge Fen Drove O gauge Sandford & Banwell S4 Llams y nit 3mm Harlyn Pier O gauge Port Wenn O-16.5 Andy Neil.
  12. OWS is Overhead Warning Sign. OHLE is the Overhead Line Equipment.
  13. I gave my H&M Duette to the son of a work colleague back in the noughties. Work colleague was not into model railways, but his son was just starting up.
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