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    BR 1948 - 1968, Steam/Diesel, Scotland.
    Layout based on Yoker, 65G, Loco shed, Glasgow in 4mm/1ft. EM Gauge.
    Member of East Ham and District MRC. EM Layout, Clatterford, Ex-GE branch in BR days.
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  1. Sleepers Models in Gravelly Lane, Erdington, Birmingham. Just realised I have posted about Sleepers before. Doah!
  2. Bit pricey. I usually make my own, by the beam method and as Boss Andy says, good quality timber. Thanks for posting though, it is always good to see new traders come to light.
  3. It is Scotland it was probably snowing! Looks good though. Very convincing.
  4. What no steam! Those OH wires look very close to the underside of the footbridge in the pic of the class 101. The last picture, I presume is a new footbridge as it looks higher.
  5. Will there be a Shrubbery? If not I will fart in your general direction.
  6. And the knights who say ni,
  7. Did you go in the flooring shop behind the loco? Only joking!
  8. Cromdale station house is up for sale, complete with a Camping Coach. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-68746566.html
  9. What! You obviously haven't heard of the great paint shortage of 1970!
  10. I know, but it would have saved on paint!
  11. Class 11. At Crewe, not sure of date. Why did they not make them class 12.
  12. Barrow to Cambridge service, I think does not exist anymore. Shortest journey time I can find is around 9hrs with 3 changes.
  13. I will post updates as and when I can, but I am still working, albeit from home. As long as you leave your computer connected you can spend as much time on the layout as you want!
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