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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334084818676?hash=item4dc901c6f4:g:bOAAAOSwEylg-DG7 Described as "EXCELLENT. This locomotive has been professionally assembled and painted. (By whom?). Fitted with an open type motor with fine gearing. There are some light marks. It is working, but will attention to the valve gear on the left side as on of the parts had come away, but is included. With a little fettling you will be away". So not working then! and "OO SCALE" is not a scale. (4mm -1ft is the scale).
  2. You missed the 'r' from between the U and the D.
  3. andytrains


    Try and find a timber merchants. Most are very good and will supply and cut you sheet timber to your specification. They are not cheap but most will have good quality sheet timber. If not in stock they will be able to source. Personally I would not use B&Q for timber as most of it is warped or full of knots. Their Plywood is very poor quality, (well that I have looked at in my local stores). Layout looks exciting with A4's and perhaps A1 and A2's whizzing past with also the occasional A3?
  4. Offered £1, as it is an un-prototypical pile. Awaiting negative reply.
  5. Hi All. Has anybody got a set of instructions for the Nu-Cast K2, 2-6-0, that they could pm to me. I have what appears to be most of the body for the loco, no tender and a LRM chassis kit. (I have a suitable GN tender kit). Thanks in anticipation. Andy.
  6. Front end of a Garrett anybody? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/403021600915?hash=item5dd5f59893:g:~CEAAOSwuHhg~tKv
  7. We are going through the locos, both kit-built and RTR for two deceased club members. They are mainly EM gauge, so restricted customer base. Most of the kit-built are either poor or non runners, despite being supposedly 'professionally' built. Most I have got to go, but not running well. I think Expo EM will be the point of sale for the EM stuff, as a more concentrated customer base there. (I help Roger Sawyer on the stand, so know a little bit about the market). The RTR stuff is mainly slightly damaged or in some cases suffering from Mazak rot. So do you repair and spend time doing so, or do you sell, 'as is'?
  8. Our family spent our summer holidays visiting my grandparents in Glasgow. I can remember going on the Waverley from Glasgow to I think Ayr and back on the train. This was back in the mid 1960's, when I was 10yrs. Happy memories. Glad to hear your Mum is on the mend.
  9. We need to put a nice Hermit Crab bait out and catch the buggger!
  10. The idea is to Preserve the bloody thing , not to scrap it!
  11. In modelers Licence world they could have done. Only one month!
  12. When I retired I was not contacted by HR until two weeks after. The person asked me to come in for an Exit Interview. I asked if I would get paid for it, to which the answer was no. I told them, not much point then and put the phone down. I found out later that my exit interview was done over the phone, two weeks after I retired.
  13. Tony. Thanks. I had not noticed that. I will have a look when I get the River out next, Andy.
  14. River class, built by the late Ewan Crossweiller. Fitted with a Porterscap and runs beautifully in EM gauge.
  15. Fuel in a Milk Churn! Crash Barriers? Where are the Safety Elves?
  16. I told you to use Bill Bedfords, not Brassmasters! (Or the other way around).
  17. Why, after all these years are we using Tension Lock Couplings? They are obtrusive and detract from models. And don't get me started about the monstrosities they put on N gauge models. Just my opinion!
  18. The checked/tartan? trews are fantastic as is the blue anorak with the 'go faster' cream stripes down the arms! Green Arrow looking good.
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