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  1. Wow this post keeps going. Well from my first post I've abandoned the SMP plastic kits and now going down the route of ply sleepers and Exactoscale chairs. Just deciding which society to join to order the parts from. Ive made my own sleepers for testing purposes but there too thick as I only had 3mm knocking about. Cant wait for the parts and gauges to arrive.
  2. Thanks all for the great responses, really appreciated, currently away but once home this weekend should have a copy of Iain Rice’s book waiting for me.
  3. Hi all, I am fairly new to the forum posting wise but I’m fancying building a layout using some hand built track. I had planned to use some old SMP copper clad I’ve taken up from an old club layout but I recently found a plastic based SMP kit cheap on eBay, got the bug just from this kit. Down side is they only do the kit in 36” turnout and I want to do a dmu stabling which ideally would be smaller turnouts. So now looking at the SMP copper clad kits, the Dcc Concepts legacy and C&L kit. I’ve been advised to get a copy of Iai
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