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  1. I see Mortons have brought out something on The Colonel https://www.mortonsbooks.co.uk/product/view/productCode/5587 Is it any good?
  2. Ffestiniog ditto but they were very helpful
  3. Well, Woody Bay has no Woody Bay I am afraid.................
  4. Living in that part of the world they certainly did exist & I remember seeing a rather nice photo of a Peak hauled freight between Redland and Clifton Down
  5. Thank you for that I have e-mailed the L&B to see if they have any, the Ffestiniog & Arcadiarail websites didnt show it in stock so here is hoping.
  6. One of the station staff said that if they have any 'trouble' the Civil Nuclear Police will turn up so some little undesirable can find himself as potential target practice as they are armed.
  7. Blue Anchor, next to the beach with a lovely view towards Minehead. Corfe Castle, the ultimate small village station, complete with Castle
  8. One 'Non Railway Modelling' comment that I might make is that there seems to be quite a lot of rather nice 'ready to fly' RC planes on the market, eg https://www.elitemodelsonline.co.uk/Aircraft/By-Manufacturers/Dynam/111305-/Spitfire-MKIX-With-Retracts-1200MM-Ready-To-Fly but very little by the way of 'Ready to sail' RC boats, at 'popular' prices apart from the Hobby Engine Southampton Tug (Rather nice it is too, middle son has one) My suggestion might be for a few more 'Ready to sail' RC boats, stand off scale, three possible prototypes, the Somerset &
  9. Why not give Swampy the contract and the 71/2 inch gauge Society can provide the track and trains?
  10. AFAIK it was the Steam Railway that started using 'quarry' ballast then Island Line followed
  11. Thinking about it, Bullied proved that a loco with 6ft2 whee;ls could run very fast and I am told that when a Western driver wanted speed, a Hall was the loco of choice with 6ft wheels, so what about a small wheeled Castle? Might not have the top speed but it could make up for it in acceleration & going up hill.
  12. Thank you I realise that it isnt exactly what you want but it might be a starting point.
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