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  1. https://www.nulon.com.au/products/aerosols/start-ya-bastard-instant-engine-starter
  2. While range may be an issue with Tank Loco's, the Fowler versions did a lot of work on the Central Wales & the 'Freight Only' W's were a Southern Railway version of the same thing
  3. I know that after the WR takeover Pannier Tanks & 2251 class 0-6-0's worked the branch & north of Evercreech Junction. I visited Spetisbury with my oldest son today & after seeing a picture of 3205, the surviving 2251 class loco, we wondered how far south did the ex GWR loco's go, & was there any reason for them not getting as far as Bournemouth?
  4. What is interesting is that a number of trains appear to have a brake van at both ends
  5. It may have been a question of preference - the roster clerk thinks the 4MT tank is better for certain jobs, & there are suitable locos for the freights. There is a picture of a 4MT on a military freight on the S&D - may have been Blandford after closure of the rest of the route
  6. The Lyme Regis branch loco's were shredded at Lyme not Axminster & a converted coach(?) provided for accomodation - it was a lodging turn from Exmouth Junction. I gather one firemen got himself an evening job as a barman in a local pub which came with accomodation! I also seem to remenber that at the terminus of the Mid Suffolk Light Railway some sort of enginemans hut was provided for crews to overnight in, but they took their bikes & cycled hell for leather to the nearest main line station for a ride home at th eend of the day
  7. I might suggest starting by evaluating your model building skills, what do you know you can do and how much time & money do you have.
  8. I have never had anything to do with DJM & have just stumbled on the thread, but looking at the price that is asked for DMU's/EMU's a 'full sized' APT strikes me as a most unlikely project. Not many layouts have the room for it, let alone the possible price.
  9. The GWR had taken over the S&D As far as I can see 1. The Somerset Coalfield could have been serviced via the Frome to Bristol line 2. The line South of Evercreech isnt particularly restricted in terms of loading gauge as prior to WW2 GWR Outside Framed 4-4-0's worked Weston to Bournemouth trains 3. Until the early 60's there wasnt enough capacity to take the traffic from The Midlands to the South Coast other than via the S&D 4. The interesting 'what if' however has to be the tunnels outside Bath as they are rather restricted Ideas?
  10. Didnt Swindon build some LMS designs for use on the S&D in the 1950's?
  11. How were weeds dealt with in the past? I assume that the ballast was simply 'weeded' by hand
  12. What is the issue with GWR Brake vans compared with other designs?
  13. One obvious point is that air/high speed travel in general leads to an 'all you can eat' situation. If we took the train rather than flew or used public transport/bikes/walked rather than drove moving around suddenly becomes less straightforward/quick resulting in us travelling less, a win-win.
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