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  1. CJ Freezers 'Minories' is often mentioned, but what was the inspiration/how many such stations existed? I am taking it to mean a small terminus, BUT which isnt a 'Branch Line' The obvious one that springs to mind is Bath Green Park which is fairly compact at the 'passenger' end but has an overall roof, turning facilities etc
  2. On another forum som may recognise me from, I can select 'New Posts' & it gives me all the threads which have something new, and when I select the thread it takes me straight to the first unread post in that thread Can I get this on RM Web, if so how?
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TS_Queen_Mary You mean this one, generally regarded as the finest excursion steamer to run in the UK?
  4. Someone I knew many years ago, his middle name was 'Cedric' after the ship he was born on. These days I suppose it would be something like 'Pride of Bilbao'
  5. In the Mid 80's I noticed a service in the timetable from TM to Avonmouth that then 'disappeared' Drawing the obvious conclusionI boarded it one day and asked a surprised Guard for a ticket to Filton. The response was that I had to make sure that the signalman at Hallen Marsh Junction didnt see me & was welcomed aboard for an interesting trip via Henbury & an invitation to come again of I fancied another ride
  6. In some ways I am suprised that 'The Furniture Trade' has never thought of producing these as there must be a lot of people - war gamers, military modellers, arts & crafts people etc who could have used some sort of modular system like this
  7. What about.............. 1. 'open top' baseboards and options on leg heights so you can lay your own trackbed with ground falling away 2. Some 'one foot' boards to allow for maximum flexibility
  8. I take it that they had GWR rather than LMS pattern push pull equipment fitted?
  9. If you just want something to run, you can pick up some real bargains at shows, I got middle son a Mainline Manor for £9 about two years ago.
  10. My oldest sons grandfather made an interesting point that there are a lot fewer 'skilled' people these days - engineers, mechanics etc who might want a hobby that utilises their skills while my brothers who are both into 'General Aviation' - light aircraft say that numbers active in that field are a fraction of previous years.
  11. Reading the obituaries, and adding up what is in them, I realize that some years ago, I worked with his sister.
  12. Good Question as clearly the vehicles must have a kinetic envelope - bounce on their springs
  13. I have only ever fired on an oil burner and the coal burning ships I have been in were all quite small - Kingswear Castle, Diesbar, Mayflower & Dresden, however I am told that there was a very high suicide rate amongst Merchant Navy stokers as the job was by the sound of it pretty horrendous with 'stoking indicators' a sort of metronome setting the rate at which they had to work.
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