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  1. Has anyone got one of these units ? if so would appreciate an opinion warts n all. Thanks.
  2. As you have tried other decoders with the same result, it would suggest to me that the fault is in the unit. How you find it i haven't a clue, except have a probe around the wiring could well be an intermittent break or a dry joint. Good Luck.
  3. As you can see things can get complicated, and maybe expensive. From my point of view who doesn't have the knowledge electronic wise I went this way. using Train-Tech projects. As a previous comment, Fully Automatic. Rather than go into how, have a look at their website, look under Tips. Find the one that features. Lights & Tail Light using an Inspection coach.
  4. Thanks to all you guys for responding. Time to get tools etc together. Have obtained both ians books on Chassis & Body building. Expect not to soon though
  5. John. Have abandoned the Keyser Kit, bits missing, & the wheels are nasty. I also have 2 DJH Kits. ( Again Free ) BR STD Class 4 2-6-4 Tank. BR STD Class 5 4-6-0. Both appear complete. + they have Romford Wheels.
  6. About to make a start on my first Kit. So have questions for this group. I am fine with soldering. Its sticking White Metal ??? I am told Super Glue is fine ?? What about gap filling ? What is best in practice. Poppys Chassis jig looks to be able to do the job to put it together. How do I work out which one. The Loco is a Keyser kit. ( Gift by the way) so not expensive to make a mistake. 4mm. 6 Coupled. Tank. I am sure you are going to ask me questions await with interest I
  7. As already been said. It's your railway wire it to suit you. Just remember whatever 2 colour you use for wiring the track from the power bus dont use these 2 colours for anything else.
  8. Interesting reply when you said . I do it without thinking about it. Well, so do i with my 511 & 611. Bit like driving a car. I must agree the 511 did have problems, most sorted with the 611. I wait with interest when Taunton Controls produce the forthcoming Ambassador. From what I can gather it wont have a number prefix. IE. 711
  9. Interesting comments. How different then to find an ID with other command stations anyone.
  10. CV8 is the key so to speak. With the 511 its the button press sequence that gives the decoder ID. Point - Loco 8 Enter Right.
  11. I know you can read the manufacturer ID of a decoder by pressing the appropriate buttons on the 511. Anyone know how, cant find it in the manual. I did know how, but memory fails.
  12. Dont forget to set CV6 once you are happy with CV5 setting. Can't find my chart, but I think it's finding a % of CV 5 and using that value for CV6. Personally I use 40%
  13. There is a Upgraded 511 to 611 on ebay right now. All manuals etc Plus a 622 remote. Bidding at 99p at the moment. Dont forget to ask IS IT BACKLIT.
  14. I would suggest when searching for a Backlit Screen on ebay make sure you ask the seller IS THE SCREEN BACKLIT. Beware of those sellers who have no idea of what there selling, or selling on behalf of someone else who is 6ft under. Always best to phone Graham with help and assistance.
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