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  1. Hello I've decided to work on a small side project, involving a 1:76 spitfire. I plan to use this diorama as a chance to apply some new techniques, like applying static grass, and realistic weathering. I'll hopefully update you with some pictures soon -RJ
  2. This one will be a bit smaller than my previous one. I have some spare rail left over from the other one, and I plan to make a small scene with a big focus on precision and detail. I'll post an image soon of the plan -RJ
  3. Hello again I have finally finished the model. I am thinking of possibly adding a backdrop with some hills, mountains and birds to add some depth to it, but I'll see how it turns out to decide whether to keep it or not. I will take some photos later in the day and add them to this post, or make a new one with just the photos. -RJ
  4. Hello again. I have added a few finishing touches to the piece, such as the small pond, small rocks for balusters by the rails, and the people. I used some small sticks that I got from my garden and glued some bush material onto the sticks to create trees that I could stick into the landscape. I am currently waiting for the lake part to dry; I'm planning on letting it set overnight. I also added some varying heights of each bush line so that it looks more natural. I bent a large toothpick into a curved shape and threaded some cotton balls through it so that I could create the illusion of smoke coming from the funnel, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Here are a few good photos that I managed to get while waiting. Thanks -RJ
  5. I have started my diorama (finally) and achieved quite a bit today. I started by gluing down the Styrofoam sheets and created the baseline for a slope. I then got some thin cardboard to create small slopes for the grass mats to mold to. Once the cardboard strips were glued down, I used Woodland Scenic's Ready Grass Vinyl Mat to glue down on top of the cardboard. After I'd finished with the mat, I then marked out where a small patch of water was going to be, and scraped away the grass texture that was in the way. Finally, I used the landscape kit to create a (quite rough) shoreline, added a pathway, and some bushes separating the hill and pond from the railway. As you can probably tell, I am rather new to creating dioramas, and don't know a whole lot about them, but I'm sure with time will come knowledge. The scenic cement that I used was quite powerful and came out in strong bursts, so I'm not too sure about how well it will turn out in the long run. Does anybody know any good ways of keeping the bushes stuck to the diorama itself, because I think that although the scenic cement was rather strong, I don't think that it will keep the bushes on if the diorama is tilted at certain angles. RMWeb's photo uploader is having a few issues at the moment, so these 3 are the pictures that I can upload at the moment, so you can get a good idea of what I'm creating. I'm also thinking of creating a small b-roll sequence to do it justice once it's finished. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions! Thanks. -RJ
  6. Again, please excuse the abysmal camera quality.
  7. Here is my plan for the diorama. It's a pretty rough sketch, but I can see where I am going.
  8. Oh wow. I didn't think it was that old! I'm thinking of touching up the paint job and accents. I took a look at the Jubilee, looks really nice!
  9. Here are a few photos of some stuff that I bought for the diorama. Grass mat has my hand for scale. Also, not in photos, but I bought some track for the Princess class.
  10. This is the picture of my Princess class, "Elizabeth". Sorry the image quality isn't the best. Future photos will have a better resolution. You can also see my SMIT Frankrijk in the background. (It's not finished)
  11. I've recently obtained a Coronation class engine, and am planning to create a small diorama with it. I plan to use a variety of techniques, like sculpting, using resin for a small lake, and flora placement. I will post a picture of it soon.
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