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  1. Love it, superb work, I would pay good money to have that as a Display really nice idea
  2. looks awesome buddy might have to do this as a test track
  3. built my Van last night, going to give it a go during the week thanks for the tips and inspiration Pete
  4. excellent work Ian, I have a ground van to build for my layout, was a freebie from a magazine, so will be giving the salt weathering method a go keep up the good work Pete
  5. oh wow I love this thread, so many 66's and 60's and 37's all my faves, I am so jealous of your job
  6. Thanks Ian thats a massive help, i will go and have a look now
  7. Thanks Ian, that's a massive help, i am trying to do my first loco re-spray and couldn't find the correct colour keep up the good work P.S. was the water that you used for the transfers cold or slightly warm, I was advised to use slightly warm water but had no success thanks Pete
  8. Hi pal, loving watching your updates on youtube, i was wondering, what is the name/number of the light grey colour on the 60’s keep up the good work Pete
  9. love this layout, think i might have to build an O gauge layout, so much more pleasing to the eye keep up the good work Pete
  10. Nice one Gerry, Will have a look into them, mine are rather short and am looking for some taller ones Cheers Pete
  11. What Make are the yard light they look amazing, or did you scratch build them ? thanks Pete
  12. Lots more bits done since my last post, I’ve been rather productive whilst off work, Would have cost me a fortune in fencing if not for my 3d printer Hope you like Pete
  13. So, a few bits done over the Christmas/new year period Afew bits accuired and a few bits bought for me by my awesome other half Let me know your thoughts Hope you all have a good 2019 Pete
  14. this thread may be of use http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/123078-removing-printed-decals-with-sharpie-permanent-markers/page-3&do=findComment&comment=3378738
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