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    Mainly scratchbuilding S7 Midland Railway and LMS locomotives as well as some industrials. Currently building an S7 layout of a Midland Railway MPD circa 1906 featured on the Midland Railway Company topic.

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  1. Sorry for not posting in reply to this sooner. I got a Rover Damask Red spray can recently from MPex at Marston Business Park, Rudgate, Tockworth, York YO 25 7QF Tel. 01423 358000 email mpexdirect.com It's not cheap - about £11 per can IIRC - but it seems to be good stuff. Dave
  2. Coming from someone with airnimal's modelling expertise, that is praise indeed! Dave
  3. The Patriot chassis is, I understand, presently a large collection of bits at West Shed where it is hoped that it will once again take on the shape of a steam locomotive but this time one that will work. Although my sciatica was still in full force this morning it eventually subsided by mid afternoon to a background annoyance and allowed my modelling mojo to kick in sufficiently for me to spend some time in the workshop. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Stafford in September is a tempting thought but I can quite understand HH's concerns. There is much that can go wro
  4. Without exposing too much sensitive information, the Llangollen engineering works allegedly made a horlicks of the Patriot build that resulted in the job being moved elsewhere and involved quite serious financial adjustments, which can't have helped the Railway's bank balance either directly or indirectly. Dave
  5. Have you tried the chocolate biscuits aisle? Dave
  6. Spent most of today hors de combat with sciatica but things have improved somewhat now. However, we got some very good news that a dear friend who has been having allsorts of treatment, operations etc. for bowel cancer for over two years has just been told that her latest scans show no sign of the disease. If it wasn't for the lockdown we'd be over there with several bottles of bubbly and probably legless by now. With luck and providing I'm mobile I should get in some modelling time tomorrow so time for eyelid inspection. G'night each. Dave
  7. If you find any like that then yes, they were Dave
  8. When you find the box, can you see whether my small plastic box of screw couplings is in there? They ran off a while ago so may have teamed up with your stay alives. Dave
  9. No comment on my last sentence re Grand Slams? Dave PS Still got the Penderyn and Welsh cakes ; any chance of a spare red shirt?
  10. The trumpeting from the Muddy Hollow is deafening. Well done the men in red. Grand Slam coming up? Dave
  11. Which led to the well-known Hippocratic oath - "If this bl**dy thing doesn't work I'll be really pi**ed off!" Dave
  12. A couple of days absence due to bad backitis but things are looking up, at least partially due to having laid in stocks of Lagavulin and Eccles cakes to sustain the inner man while a certain game of rugby is watched tomorrow. I shall also be checking on stocks of earplugs though, as either cheers of joy or howls of despair from the Muddy Hollow are bound to echo at level ten on the North Hipposhire air in the early evening. Tatty bye people. Have a peaceful and restful night. Dave
  13. I think I could write a long list of superlatives about this model but I'll just condense it to ...WOW! Dave
  14. Thank the good Lord for the MRMS* so that such poor souls can be saved. I believe that there are active members in both Yorkshire and France? * Midland Railway Missionary Society Dave
  15. And of course there was the famous occurrence at Hawes Junction when the Helm wind caused the turntable with a locomotive on it to rotate out of control until the crew managed to stop it by shovelling clinker onto the rail, which is why the stockade of old sleepers was erected round it. Dave
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