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    Mainly scratchbuilding S7 Midland Railway and LMS locomotives as well as some industrials. Currently building an S7 layout of a Midland Railway MPD circa 1906 featured on the Midland Railway Company topic.

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  1. I got to know John Poyntz through my mate Bob Meanley who organised some boys' days out to such places as the French NRM at Mulhouse, the Dutch one at Utrecht etc. , one of the participants being John. Once in Amsterdam we were having a chat in a pavement bar when one of the other chaps came and said, "Mind if I join you?" to which John replied, "As long as you have your majority." The chap looked a bit nonplussed and asked what he meant. "Rank of Major or above old chap," replied John. "Would the fact that I was planning to invite you for a footplate trip on my locomotive be of any help?" the chap said. "Ah," said John, " That in itself confers the rank of Colonel at least. Do sit down." A great bloke. Dave
  2. When I lived in Roermond in the Netherlands in the early '70s the local model shop had a fine display of Fleischmann and other German HO models that attracted my attention and I was tempted to start a layout based on German railways. Then living in Germany a few years later would probably have crystallised the idea except for the fact that I was in a model railway club populated by Brits and modelling 4mm UK stuff so the itch eventually went away. When I lived in America in the mid '80s I also became interested in the D&RG narrow gauge as well as visiting the superb model railroad in Balboa Park, San Diego, where the huge HO layout caught my attention. On returning to U.K. I became fascinated with a friend's G scale (if that's the correct nomenclature) garden railway and started developing plans for one of my own but a few house moves got in the way as well as most of my modelling time being taken up with working on Bob Essery's Dewsbury and Pete Kibble's Severn Mill. Fortunately common sense prevailed and the various ideas for projects faded away leaving just the main interest in S7 Midland or today I would probably have a myriad of unfinished projects living in boxes rather than just the one large (ish) MR example that is enough to keep me fully occupied for the rest of my time in this life. I did have an invitation from Bill to help exhibit Hochstadt (sorry, no umlauts again) at Guildex but that is obviously now in abeyance, which is a pity as I was very much looking forward to it. And as HH has said, a lot of this stuff carries a very big price tag with it. I remember David Jenkinson buying an Aster Gauge 1 locomotive (can't remember which particular one) and being taken aback at the eye watering price he paid as well as the cost of my friend's narrow Gauge garden stuff being in the new mortgage range. Mind you, were I to depend on RTR 0 Gauge stuff it wouldn't come cheaply. Thank the Lord that my main interest is in scratch building (says he ignoring the cost of the lathe etc.). Have a good day all, y'hear? Dave
  3. Note that the seraphs were flying so obviously the good guys! And let's not forget Philippians 3:16. Dave (sorry if this post is a bit opaque for some) Dave
  4. It is a bit windy here but then we did have rhubarb for dessert yesterday It is sunny though so we are off for a walk in a few minutes then I have high hopes of some shed time this pm. Q, I did know Geoff slightly as a good mate of mine, Paul Day, was boss of BBMF for quite a while and as my office was in the next hangar I'd sometimes nip over to see him for a cigar, coffee and a chat and often Geoff would come in to talk to him about some engineering matter. Have a good Sunday people. Dave
  5. Q, did you come across the Ferranti service engineer Ian Ansell (known affectionately as The Ferret) who ended up working for a long time with the OEU and became Mr. Foxhunter? Some years later he set up his own consultancy and still lives in Woodhall Spa; I saw him last year. Dave
  6. I only saw his garden Gauge 1 railway run a couple of times but my favourite train of his was hauled by, I think, a Pennsylvania RR loco. Dave
  7. When I joined the RAF in '66 David Jenkinson was an education officer at South Cerney, which was where the aircrew Initial Training Wing was so I actually had lectures from him on service history and such. Sometime in the late 70s I recognised him at a model railway exhibition and we got to chatting then when I moved to Boston (the one in Lincolnshire) in 1980 I met a chap called Geoff Holt who at the time was Chairman of the LMS Society and a friend of David's and with whom I became friends. In 1981 I joined the new Midland Railway Society launched by Bob Essery and a couple of years later was invited to join the LMS Society so got to know DJ quite well and together with Geoff Holt would visit him when he lived in Knaresborough and was building his first O gauge railway. Also at that time I was starting to do some serious research into MR and LMS locomotives and since David then worked at the NRM I met him there whenever I managed to get to York to delve into the archives as well as seeing him at LMSS meetings and at his home. Then, in about 1988, when I was instructing on the Tornado F3 conversion unit David's son Chris Jenkinson joined the staff and we worked together for a few years. So, all in all I was involved with DJ one way or another for quite a while and even did some work for him servicing and fettling locomotives that ran on Kendal Castle. My fondest memories of him, though, are of late night chats in the bars of various hotels during model railway shows or LMSS meetings when he would almost invariably introduce some contentious topic and sit with his pipe and a glass of red wine wearing a slightly mischievous grin as those around him got into heated discussion. Quite a character was DJ. Dave
  8. Au contraire mon ami. This morning I cycled into town for some paint and other essential (i.e., modelling) supplies then after lunch Jill went out with a friend and left me to my own devices without any instructions so as she exited the drive and rounded the corner I was off to the shed like a rat up a drainpipe and spent four hours working on the old goods shed PW store for my layout. On the womenfolk's return it was declared G&T time on the patio so I felt more or less obliged to join in on the basis that it would have been churlish not to. As long as it is only slightly cunning the potential for an alarming amount of damage is probably marginal. I suppose it involves cake? Dave
  9. Looks good to me Richard. Dave
  10. HH, I've just sent a googlearth picture of the Muddy Hollow to my friend on XV Squadron just in case they have a spare LGB that's looking for somewhere to go Dave
  11. Which type of Tornadoes did you work on Polybear? I flew F3s whereas Dave Tanner was on GRs. FloLoWo, are you sure you will have time to attend high school? You seem to have a full time occupation fettling, bodging and building things with the odd time out for culinary explorations. 'Night everyone. Dave
  12. I'm not sure it would fit, Jamie - the layout is only 26 feet long! Dave
  13. Another superb creation Mike. The planking on the verandah floor looks incredibly realistic - is that just by careful painting or is there some other secret? Dave
  14. HH, the fault is in those dodgy hearing aids you bought from that bloke in the pub. When I said I was building some Park Royal wagons for the Shed you misheard it as the Ark Royal for the Med. Actually I think that you had also been distracted by me mentioning that there was cake available and it was probably over an hour since you had been given any. And pardon me for being pernickety Bill but if Richard is making a 1/48th Harrier it can't really be suitable for fitting with 1/43.5 wheels. At that scale (American 0) it is probably a USMC AV8B so it must have Lionel wheels. Don't get him started, though, or he'll be making an ME 109 or something for Hochstadt (sorry - couldn't find the umlaut key) under the mistaken impression that since hoch means high it must be something to do with aviation. It's all that mud you know. Enjoy the day everyone and stay safe. Dave
  15. After a socially distanced (about a hundred miles or so) discussion with the Rambler we decided that it's about time we had a cigar and a dram..... ah, sorry, got a bit carried away there; we decided that the goods shed on the layout would sit with my back story better if it had been taken over by the PW dept. as an area depot. It will also give me an excuse to have some nice red ED wagons. I seem to recall that someone made some posts somewhere about the axlebox covers on them - anyone recall who it was? Dave
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