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    Mainly scratchbuilding S7 Midland Railway and LMS locomotives as well as some industrials. Currently building an S7 layout of a Midland Railway MPD circa 1906 featured on the Midland Railway Company topic.

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  1. Every time I build from a kit (which is actually quite a rare event) it reminds me why I don't often build from kits! They never seem to go together properly, never quite match up to prototype fidelity and aren't constructed as I would do it. Hence half gets scratch built anyway so I'm not sure why I bother. And this is from someone who used to produce kits (Pilgrim Models if anyone remembers them) so is it poacher and gamekeeper talk in reverse? Dave
  2. When I was about ten years old my maternal granddad asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said a vice please. My Mum thought I was daft wanting such a thing but it is still in use fixed to my workbench and has been so in nearly every house I've lived in. Another tool I wouldn't be without is a screwdriver with six different blades in the handle that Jill bought for me many years ago. On the modelling front I am currently (and unfortunately slowly) making the double flight of steps up to my coaling stage; what a fiddly job that is. Once that is done and the water column fixed
  3. I like your layout Neil. It captures the essence of the area you are portraying and looks like a joy to operate. The scenic work looks splendid and the trees are good. At the moment I am wrestling with my first go at using static grass without much success whereas looking at your photographs you have cracked it. Any hints and tips gratefully received as at the moment all I am achieving is a mess of flat grass. Richard, if Jamie can get over to visit the Muddy Hollow you must bring him here as I have a couple of wagons for him to use on LGA; cake will be provided (but don't tell the
  4. Richard, the reason I asked why S7 is precluded is that the wording on the new group's website states that, " 7mm Scale railway modelling is based on the wheel and rail standards in use by leading manufacturers, such as Slaters, Peco, Minerva, Dapol and Heljan in the UK, generally known as ‘fine scale’ standards." Those are not the standards that S7 modellers work to, hence my question as to why S7 is precluded. When I read the opening sentence of your post I was pleasantly surprised and immediately thought, 'I'll join', but on looking at the website, the wording I copied above put me off. If
  5. Why does it preclude S7 Richard? I would have thought that a growing lad would have wanted more than the leaves on the top Douglas. Dave
  6. Douglas - There's a Shropshire fidget lives with me..... It could be one of the Webb 2-2-2-2s as seen when it was trying to set off in different directions at once. G'night all. Dave
  7. Richard, I'm a bit confused (all too easy to achieve I know but bear with me). The Midland 4F had a G7S Belpaire firebox boiler, the barrel being closely similar to the earlier H boiler which had a round topped firebox. Regarding short cut-off v long cut-off when running, although the latter is undoubtedly more economical on coal and less inclined to induce sway, it is more punishing on axleboxes and I have spoken to enginemen who were reluctant to go below about 30% for that reason. As one said to me (paraphrasing), "No wonder some of the Scots had awful trouble with the back box
  8. The vast majority of my railway books are concerned with the pre-grouping era, many of them Midland related but lots of other companies including American and other countries as well. I agree that to gain a reasonable understanding of the railways, even if your main interest is in the present day, at least some knowledge of what went on in the early days is needed. Dave
  9. The main reason for railway companies shying away from the use of Belpaire fireboxes was the extra cost of construction. The arguments for and against Belpaire boxes are many and complicated and are far too involved for a simple discussion here; suffice it to say that, as with many aspects of steam locomotive design, opinions varied and successful as well as cost-effective types were developed both with and without Belpaire boilers (and the Wooton firebox which was a development). Dave
  10. Belpare fireboxes were widely used in Europe and introduced in the UK before the K4s appeared. They were invented by Alfred Belpaire, a Belgian locomotive engineer, in about 1864 and first appeared on the PRR in 1885 on one of the R class Consolidations having been introduced to the USA on the Shenandoah Valley RR (which was a PRR subsidiary) by an English locomotive engineer called R P Sanderson. They were then widely used on the Pennsy but the only other American railroad to make much use of them was the GN. Dave PS - Good morning everyone
  11. The Pennsy K4s were magnificent locomotives, highly thought of by Hughes and influential in much of his design thinking when he was CME of the LYR/LNWR and then the LMS (albeit, sadly, not including the rather disastrous type of piston valves he employed in the Dreadnoughts). They are one of my favourite locomotive classes and I enjoyed seeing them in the film Douglas posted - thanks buddy. Whilst I am generally supportive of my friend in the Muddy Hollow I was not dismayed that the men in red lost today, particularly as I was deliberately and undeservedly provoked by references in
  12. Liberal amounts of Penderyn could also help warm the extremities but beware that too much can get you steaming - or is that the ultimate goal? (note to Douglas - not advised for fifteen year-olds, even those with recalcitrant Moguls). Tomorrow looks like being a reasonable day as Jill and my Dad are going to the nearby Dorothy Clive gardens and leaving me to my own devices. I'll be off to the workshop like a rat up a drainpipe as they leave the drive. Dave
  13. I see that Morrisons in Telford is now permanently closed. Was it too much up-market for Telfs? That's a very erudite post concerning Douglas's steaming woes Richard but you missed out the first investigative step of having some cake to stimulate the thought processes. Dave
  14. Ken hasn't lived there for many years. Dave
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