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  1. Cracking stuff Jonathan, love the chassis upgrades, they make a massive difference to the look of them .
  2. Has to be said that the Far North is the Cinderella line when it comes to attention. I love driving the line, it provides a challenge but the scenery is stunning and ever changing. I would urge anyone to make the trip if they can. You won’t be disappointed...
  3. Saturday afternoon on the shed sees quite a few of the fleet have a well earned rest prior to a new working week.
  4. Today was all about depot buildings. But first a small tale of someone (who shall remain anonymous) not reading the roster at work properly. Said individual was convinced that he was 0630 spare today so, as per the rules, they phoned the Time Office to be told that they were on a Hidden day today..... completely forgot that I had agreed this earlier in the week!! So, this morning I finished of the household chores and headed to the shed to make a start on the office block for the depot. Its basically a kit bash of the PECO LK81 kits. It’s a two storey affair using most of the window sections and about half the plain sections. I’ve strengthened the joints with plasticard from behind and allowed it to set over the rest of the weekend before fitting the windows and doors. There will be some gaps to fill and then the whole thing will be primed at the same time as the shed buildings. I’ve also made a start on what would have been the original depot building using balsa and Ancornton laser cut windows. The whole thing will be clad with embossed plasticard and weathered.
  5. This afternoons wee visit to the shed was spent wheel cleaning and swapping chassis to allow me to move a couple of locos on whilst retaining the sound fitted chassis- hence that 37423 has red buffer beams- a job that I'll rectify tomorrow. The feel of the layout has moved slightly forward in time as you can see from the various locos placed on the layout! One job that i did manage was to add a couple of loco storage sidings near the signal box. These will normally hold pairs of smaller locos such as the 20s and 26s. Tomorrows big job though is to knock this pile of kits into an office block for the depot. I've got a rough plan in my mind for what I'm aiming for but that may change as the build progresses.
  6. Thanks Andy, good to meet you. Once I get a bit more organised, we'll sort out a visit for you.
  7. Found out why Scotrail have moved the hopper windows on their 158s.... there is a luggage rack partly filling the first bay so the window wouldn't open! I was discussing a train prep with my trainee today and she asked why they needed the windows if the unit has air con. Had to point that it wasn't always reliable!!
  8. Cheers folks. I was keen to get something a bit bigger than just a single shed. All the doors will remain closed so I don’t have to model the interiors! Next up will be the fuel bay which I’m going to base on the real one in Inverness. Hopefully get some pics today at work.
  9. The various parts of the shed now taking shape. Just loosely attached till they get roof vents etc then painted. Can’t decide on the colour but I’m leaning towards brown metalwork and sand coloured bricks as per the CSMD at Inverness.
  10. A couple of jobs progressing on the layout. First up we have the corner hillside now has its greenery on it and blended in to the existing part of the tunnel. Loads of layers to add plus some trees etc. At the other end of the scenic section, the depot is coming along. I've added to more roads that will disappear into the new building. Talking of the building, its going to be kit-bashed Gaugemaster products for the main structure with various other added parts once I get the basic shape together.
  11. Managed a bit more progress tonight. The new boards have been fitted and painted. The layout also has its first building- the former signal box for the junction. It’ll be distressed some more and dummy point rodding fitted as if disconnected. The new new extension is in for the hillside and just needs plaster bandage to cover the foam before the usual coats of undercoat, foliage etc. Also on the plan, I have placed a couple of points temporarily to see what an extension to the shed would look like, not sure yet but nothing getting committed till I’m happy. The shed building will have to be built in sections as it’s going to be huge!
  12. Early morning at Ardgay a few months back. The 0626 gets ready to head back to Inverness after being split from the 4 car 5H58 ECS. 158718
  13. Brave decision (or a stupid one) to remove the backscene boards to allow an extra 4.5 inches of room to allow for more non-railway scenics. I will need to relocate the socket up the wall a bit but not a major job. What it gives me is the ability to have a derelict signal box for the junction plus a better representation of the big depot building. There “may” be another shed road laid but not at the expense of cramming it in. I’ll have a look once the boards are in-tomorrow’s job after work. Watch this space......
  14. Latest progress on the stock front. A 7 coach Clansman-esque type of rake. It comprises of a Bachmann Mk1 BG, 2F FO, Mk1 RMB, 2x Mk2F, Hornby Mk2D TSOT and a DCC fitted Mk2F. The Mk1 coaches have been fitted with the Keen Systems NEM adaptors and Kadee 20s. Really pleased with how it runs and need to do a bit of light weathering on the chassis of all the vehicles. I’m going to have a look at possibly converting some old Dapol coaches to a BFK but that’s for the future.
  15. Update: changing the controller direction has worked. Cheers for that help.
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