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  1. After what seems to be an eternity, I’ve finally made some progress worthy of a post. As you may know, this last three or four months has been pretty horrible for us as a family, however, we are starting to see some light at the end. Dad has adapted to life on his own so well and it’s a weight off our mind. Still needs regular trips to Oban to visit and do stuff for him but the signs are encouraging. Myself and the good lady had a few days away which has also really helped with clearing my head. Some sea air fairly did the trick! Anyway, on with an update. I’ve finally got all the tracks down on the storage yard and are wired up. I’ve used a couple of switches to reduce the current load whilst stuff sits in the yard. I’m starting to do some testing but the bulk will be done in the week coming. I’ve also embarked on coupling fitting programme which will see the wagons grouped together in triples with Kadee on the outer ends and Hunts in the middle. Once that’s done, it’s on with the coaches. I’ve picked up a few items whilst in Edinburgh on Thursday. I’ve had a slight change of plan for the cottages which has seen me start to mount them on a separate piece of plywood so I can detail them away from the layout before fitting the whole lot in a one. So far I’ve done some ground cover and made a start on the fencing.
  2. Not sure why the Sleeper 73/9 issues are being discussed here since this is a ScotRail thread and not a CS one. But, 73/9 have still got some issues and these haven’t been fully sorted yet- one such issues was an inability to use maximum throttle as it was blowing alternators (although I believe this has been sorted).
  3. Just a wee update for those who follow the layout. There has been virtually no work done in the shed on any layouts since June due to, what can only be described as a horrendous time with the family. I lost my Granny in June then two weeks ago my mother suffered two strokes, the second of which sadly proved fatal. I’m back home now after her funeral yesterday but we also lost my Aunt (same side of the family) on Saturday. As you can imagine, the modelling has taken a back seat for a while but hopefully I can get back out there later this week or early next to try and get the mojo back. Cheers all, Eddie
  4. Indeed, I’m just looking at my Platform 5 book from 1988 and there were no less than 8 of the allocated to ScR. 4 at IS and 4 at Polmadie.
  5. Cheers Bill. I’ve not been out in the shed much last wee while, moser recently due to family stuff getting priority Cheers
  6. Sorry for the lack of updates on the layout but I’ve been through a spell of not being scunnered with it. Probably down to having done so much at once. The sector plate board is here and I’ve had to modify it to fit the available space but it’s still going to allow 7 tracks on it. It came from Tim Horn - and was actually fully assembled which was a bonus. I’ve started painting it grey and the sides will get done black to match the rest of the layout.
  7. They look rather tasty. Thanks for sharing that Cheers
  8. A couple of days with workbench activity rather than the layout. Following on from @young37215 layout thread, I bought a pack of the NEM adapters to fit to my grain wagons. They arrived this morning and within 20 mins, I had 2 wagons converted. I’ve used Kadee 18s and the gap is still a bit bigger than I’d like so will substitute them for 17s eventually. Also on the go are a couple of wagon kit builds. Both are Peco (ex Parkside) products - one fish van and one pipe wagon. These are lovely little kits and go together very nicely. I’m also batch building Kadee no5s….
  9. Thanks Andrew, need to sort something out for that once the storage yard board arrives. I’ve got a short section of track as an exit only at the moment. cheers
  10. That’s superb, really transforms it. That’s tomorrow’s job taken care of!
  11. Another afternoon in the shed, another update. I’m sure you’re all starting to get fed up with this endless procession of posts So, I got gore Tasma products stuff “planted” , the cottage has a couple of gates (temporary ones till I scratch build better ones and some more WS fine leaf foliage surrounding the SM cottage. I’ve also toned down the car park surface using lighter shades of ground up pastels. Finally, playing about with TinkerCAD with a view to eventually getting a 3D printer. Started by creating a (very) rough outline of the base for a water tower. All just to get the hang of using the software.
  12. I’ve actually got a Highland Railway one (the Helmsdale box that Peco do) so I’ve got that option but I’d also need to swap the station building Its something I may come back to eventually but I need to sort out a large number of trees next -well, after I’ve “planted” the cottages…
  13. Few more pics from today’s efforts. More done to the station masters house and the gardens. I’ve also bought a tractor- goodness knows what for but I liked it
  14. Following on from a reply to a Twitter post I made, it was suggested that the signal box probably wouldn’t have been white and blue in my time frame. A bit of research and I’ve found that Taynuilt kept its green buildings till 1980ish, so it was out with the paints! Since posting that update, it’s generally been accepted that this was the right move! And then what do I do, dig out a 1986 onwards loco…..
  15. Cheers. the folk at Pop Up are brilliant, their service is excellent and delivery is very quick. Hopefully they’ll do the station builds for Taynuilt as it has very special memories for me.
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