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  1. 100% agree with you on that. When doing the scenery on my own layout -Glencoe- I’ve tried replicating the techniques that Richard (and Luke Towan) use and I feel it’s helped make my modelling that little bit better. Every day a school day , as they say.
  2. I’ve spent the last few days going back through the EJ archive on YouTube and it’s fantastic how the level of detail has improved and evolved. Very impressive stuff indeed.
  3. A brief visit to the shed this morning before work saw the recently arrived coal staithes assembled and the final cottage glued together. The cottage has since been primed and will get the joints filled over the weekend. Nothing much happening tomorrow as I’m taking a trip to Glasgow to catch up with some friends (and probably stock up on some bits and pieces!).
  4. Funny you should say that David. Around Christmas time I bought a handful of Revell kits and started building them. Spurred me on to do some wagon kits and before I knew it, had the old mojo back and Glencoe took flight properly.
  5. Some spotters from the Central Belt have been up shed bashing and stopped off at Glencoe to see the branch loco before carrying on back south
  6. Love it! Looking forward to seeing more in the future.
  7. Hi Rob Thanks for that. The point across the join was something that I’ve thought long and hard about. As you rightly say, these two boards can’t be split now, but I have made the decision that the layout won’t be going out to shows. However, if I did have to move it, these two boards are only a combined length of six foot so that’s not unmanageable for 2 people. The reason for the additional point will be for when I extend the board width by approx 6-9 inches (more likely 9) to accommodate an additional siding and goods shed. I’ve been gathering info on the Ballachulish
  8. Managed a fair bit of progress today. The exit bridge has got some steelwork now. It’s a Wills Occupation Bridge kit and one side has been built up. Nextbwill be to get a deck for it cut then mount it properly but that can’t happen till I’ve airbrushed the walls. The cottages got a coat of primer and the corners filled and sanded. The station building now has a fancy set of valance/barge boards/fascia (*delete as applicable). In addition to this, I’ve extended the fence up and round the platform The big job though has been to install a small RH point (flat bott
  9. Nothing much happening but the next 4 cottages arrived and the basic shell has been built. I’ve since ordered a 6th one so it will be 3 pairs of cottages, all going to be slightly different. Also arriving was my new compressor and airbrush set. Be able to start weathering all the scenery.
  10. Indeed. Much the same with me. Always had great service from them. In fact, my latest order also turned up this morning.
  11. The Cupar one is a very impressive looking kit. On a separate note, think the box for Glencoe will get changed for the Taynuilt one. Many a happy hour spent there in my youth.
  12. Looking forward to progress Bill.
  13. That’s true Kris, I’m sure if that a similar issue had happened, it would have caused a problem of the same proportions. Is it luck, good quality work on the HST, or poor spec/ workmanship on the 80x, or a combination? Not for me to say, but I’m glad it’s been identified early enough before bits of metal fly off units, which is horrifying. The way I see it, problem identified, units withdrawn till checked and once a fix is identified and implemented, then we can get back to normal and learn from it for future builds.
  14. Just a number of points on this. 1- from the information at work, it’s not the yaw dampers but rather the jacking point box section that is cracked. 2- people saying “why don’t they just put the HSTs back on”, well, the ones that are stored are in ridiculously poor condition, would require exams and many hours of work to get them back serviceable, plus large numbers of crew would need refresher training (or for newer staff, complete courses) 3-the reliance on a single type of train for a TOC is not good. If it’s confirmed that the 385s do have cracks, then at l
  15. It’s precut strips that just require the little bits cut to get them off the sheet. I lay each row (starting at the bottom) and then overlap each subsequent row. The attached pic hopefully shows what I mean. The strips are about 0.010 thick and build up in a nice 3D way.
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