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  1. Cool, not often that one gets done. It was one of those odd ones that was non standard with its dark roof and CE markings on the cab side above the stag plus it’s orange cantrail stripe. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
  2. Some actual modelling done today! Heljan 37 that was getting sound fitted with a Legomanbiffo 37/4 file. It’s the WD version with wheel slip etc but given that I have only a yard of track at present, that wasn’t being tested. Next job will be to number it and add all the various detail parts. After that I have an 08 to do next. Kinda back to where it all started. More about that over the next few days on the layout thread.
  3. Absolutely superb Ken. They really suit that livery.
  4. Very true However, my inbox has been filled with an email from KMS about expression of interest in 73/9! Time to put money where my mouth is.
  5. There are significant differences in the /9 that prevents a quick conversion or repaint job. Would require a complete retool or all new model. As I say, shame it’s a missing link in the modern Scottish scene given the spread of operation within the region.
  6. Maybe but the appeal of the shorter Aberdeen and Fort William sets for folk with smaller layouts would mean they have no traction for it. Even the 8 coach Inverness set would require locos. Even if a dummy was done (highly unlikely of or obvious reasons) then at least you pull it with a 66 as it has been fairly regularly up here.
  7. Would love to get a Sleeper set but as there is no 73/9 to pull it, I’ll have to leave it. Really only wanting the Fort William set for a wee side project. Shame really.
  8. Well, it’s almost a month since I have touched the layout. Main reason is that I’ve hit another bout of modellers block and just run out of mojo and inspiration! I’ve got some more track and points sitting that I bought to change the depot area but now that seems like I’m trying to cram too much in. I’ve also realised that I have far too much stock for the layout with more on order- think it’s time to get realistic about what I want this layout to be going onwards. I’ll not be making any hasty decisions yet as I’ve come to far with this layout now to just bin it all, like I
  9. Some more Inverness and area pics. 170427/158727 with the 1046 Inverness - Edinburgh 26/9/20, 37521/667 on a private charter seen at the UHI Inverness and Dingwall, 68003 climbing through the woods at Culloden 25/09/20 and 70816 on the diverted Slurry tanks 25/9/20
  10. Got to admit, I’ve not seen or heard of anyone else having these issues with “transfers” coming off. Given the nature of the internet, pretty sure it would have been all over the various outlets by now if this was the case. Having owned countless versions of Bachmann locos, the only time I had an issue was self inflicted, when I spilt some plasticweld near one! That’s certainly not a flaw in the model.
  11. My Rails triple pack arrived this morning and last night I managed to grab a couple more from Trains4U so I’m extremely happy now. I’ll wait till the final two are here before weathering them (and the 6 BAAs) Attached pic of the current rake- need to sound fit that pair of 20s now!
  12. Who doesn’t love a Turbot! These are good wagons to start with but the time and effort has certainly paid off. Excellent stuff
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