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  1. Disappointing news to be honest but couldn’t have been an easy decision to make for you guys. As a suggestion for an alternative project, how about a range of Mk2B and C coaches. It’s unlikely now that Hornby or Bachmann will look at them, good geographical spread and a massive gap for post 60s rolling stock.
  2. Agreed. It’s quite a common combination with a good number of renumbering options.
  3. Speakers and decoders now arrived for the HST so now it’s on to deciding where to mount the speakers. There seems to be a decent space behind the cab bulkhead but may require a mounting plate to attach it.
  4. Slowly unpacking all the recent purchases and populating the yard! Most of the passenger stock will end up in the upper yard so that will free up space for some more freight. Think a nice long rake of HAA wagons and a pair of 26s on the front would look good. Also got a rake of 15 PTA tipplers on order so that’s two roads taken care off!! I’ve also started on a new work area in the main layout area. This will primarily be for DCC stuff and will have a programming track on it plus all the necessary storage boxes.
  5. After many days of deliberation and discounting different ideas, we have some proper progress on the layout. Todays efforts in the shed have seen the fiddle yard throat remodelled and the relief lines have started to be laid rising up to the mainlines. Slow progress but this is the happiest I’ve been with a layout since an old loft layout in a previous flat I owned. The preliminary track plan for the main junction an be seen in the last picture. I will swap one of the long crossings for a single slip but apart from that, I am fairly happy with it. Just need to get another box of track to continue the upper mainlines now.
  6. My two packs of Cawood PFAs arrived this morning, great service again guys, Thanks. The whole packaging is even of such a high quality and obviously the contents are absolutely superb. Definitely need the 30ft Russell ones now though!
  7. Finally some positive progress with the rebuild. I’ve constructed the rise up from the lower level storage yards this afternoon and since the pics were taken, I’ve added the support legs too. I’ll need to tidy up the edges of the track bed boards. Next job is to lay the dirt yard of track before I install the top deck boards. Night get that done tomorrow if I get finished early....
  8. The lights have been fitted to one of the Swallow power cars this afternoon. Such an easy task, some 2mm holes and that’s about it. Will test them to see if there is any light bleed before I permanently fix them in. Just waiting on the sound decoders and speakers to arrive before I can proceed. Also managed to reassemble 37506- got a decision to make about whether I add the large white numbers and nameplates to it for completion.
  9. Another week of man flu/work/domestic duties has flown by with little work in the bench. However I did manage to start the woodwork in the shed for the layout. One of the many purchases from this week though, is this pair of Railroad HST power cars. The powered one will be used with another to create a twin powered set and the dummy coaches will get moved on. I really must get moving on with the ever increasing pile of stock that’s amassing in the spare room!
  10. Over visiting my mate who has just got his pack each of BF and Cawoods. Seriously impressive wagons- so much so that I ordered two packs of the Cawood for myself. Not strictly in my exact time period/ area combination...... but they are so tasty!
  11. As usual I am late to the party with this release but I received my set of 3 STS grey wagons this morning. Was blown away by the detail on them, just stunning. Only problem- 3 wagons now isn’t enough! So I’ll need to get another pack or two.
  12. How about another run of Polybulk wagons too? The ones on eBay are going for silly prices. Large logo centre box 37/0 or 37/3 would also be rather tasty.
  13. Oh, yes please, pretty please.....
  14. Another couple of pics from tonight’s night shift. Three sets all ready for traffic. HA21 (43012/175), HA31 in the middle road and HA05 at the rear.
  15. Some of my older pics of the HSTs stabled at Inverness in the sidings behind the CSMD.
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