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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    For sale I have another Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST 16” 'No 6' in NCB green. The loco has only been out of the to test run and it runs very nice.


  2. Mark the rocky outcrop and foliage to the right hand side looks great. Look forward to seeing the pathed area across the tunnel area.
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    Hi I for sale is this lovely kit. Slaters 4mm 8 ton box van, everything is in the box and parts are unopened.


  4. Nice pictures Dave. I like the boiler in the background.
  5. Very nice Dave. I do like the different liveries of the Austerity loco.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    Parkside Dundas 7mm wagon kit PS46 LNER 12 ton fruit van. Everything is present including wheels and bearings.


  7. Yes this is looking really good, hopefully we will see more of this build.
  8. Mike this looks promising, I liked your Gray’s Maltings layout very much.
  9. Hi this morning I have tediously scribed in the brickwork. It’s worth it as it will all come together once painted and weathered up.
  10. Hi guys a small update, I have started building the wagon works factory building. I do like these laser cut kits from scalemodelscenery. Next will be stick brick card to the factory or scribbling in the brick work.
  11. Alex a nice simple plan layout with plenty going on. Look forward to seeing your next instalment.
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