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  1. Hi thanks for the likes, I hope to start on my cakebox next week. I’m collecting all the items I need before laying down the ground work.
  2. Callum I still like to watch this video of your wrapping paper box build. Can I ask what the baseboard dimensions are as I would like to build something in a wrapping paper box.
  3. Hi thanks for all the likes, my crane has been built and painted and some weathering applied. I have gone with a sand type ballast, this has been laid this morning but needs to thoroughly dry out now. I have uploaded a picture of my progress today. I’m pleased with the way my micro layout is turning out.
  4. The buffer stop solution has been used many times, especially on rural sidings.
  5. A wonderful little layout, the scenery work is nicely modelled.
  6. Chris your cakebox entry is coming along nicely, lovely modelling.
  7. Some more work commenced today on my micro layout. The paved areas have been painted and weathered, which looks a lot better. The areas to be grassed have been given an earthy brown undercoat. The build on the yard crane has started today. A few pictures of my progress.
  8. Hi Callum it’s always great to see this layout you built. I do like the Christmasy snow theme.
  9. Hi today my buffer stops arrived for my micro layout, I’m really pleased with the way they look. They just need painting up and weathering.
  10. OB the garage is looking good. It’s always fun to purchase some railway items as it always brings a smile to ones face.
  11. Johns thanks, I have just sent Andy a pm.
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