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  1. This is a small micro layout I am planning for my next build. The idea comes from one of SDJR7F88 builds. As this is a micro layout the board size is 240mm x 110mm. The layout has two levels and the locos and wagons will run back and forth. I plan to use n gauge throughout the build. I hope it sounds ok and I have snapped a few pictures of the baseboard build..
  2. Great video update Callum, the laser cutting work looks nicely done.
  3. Hi your loco shelter is taking shape nicely, look forward to seeing this in it’s finished form.
  4. Lovely modelling, the bung looks great and I do like the little tap.
  5. Callum looks like you have been somewhat busy painting all the items up. I do like the painting of the soldiers.
  6. Mark the footpath area behind the platform looks really good and tricking the eye you have achieved really well.
  7. Really nice work on the bottom of the bund and the tank and lagging look life like..
  8. Hi Marlyn my railway modelling has slowed down a little because of work and problems the weather has been causing. Will be watching as work continues on your cakebox.
  9. It’s a shame you have had very little response but I’m sure this is the right place. The fuel tank which you have built is modelled nicely and with some salt weathering. I for one will be watching your progress on this layout build.
  10. Steve nice work on the ballasting, I like your selection of locos and rolling stock.
  11. Nice pictures showing the attention to detail within the layout. I hope the exhibition goes well.
  12. Callum your cracking on with this layout build, looking forward to seeing more..
  13. Mark nice work on the footpath. Look forward to seeing the tunnel mouth painted, weathered and fitted in place.
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