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  1. Hi your yard layout is coming along nicely. I like how you have captured the untamed long grass on the embankments. The yard lights go with the yard theme nicely.:good:

  2. Afternoon all. Today I have managed to glue the brick plastic sheets to the back and both sides of the yard. 
    The small grassy section has had some brick sheets applied as well as the raised platform for the yard crane. 
    The two joins at the back will be hidden with drain piping and weathering will be applied to all the brickwork once painted.


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  3. Hi I thought a would post a quick update.

    As you can see the entrance building to the workshop has been finished and once it’s in place I can do some more weathering. Hopefully the brick sheets will arrive this week along with 4mm scale laser cut workshop windows.

    In the front left corner will be a small embankment area which will have a brick wall around it. This will be planted with static grass and shrubs and there will be a small section where some soil and debris has cone over the brick wall.

    In the centre of the y point I have glued a piece of wood. This is where a raised platform will be to house a wills yard crane.

    I have added a picture of the layout to date:



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  4. 1 hour ago, TechnicArrow said:

    That's a fine little model, isn't it! It should look excellent on this layout, especially when surrounded by weeds and yard clutter.

    Thank you for the nice comments, the model has turned out great even though it’s been made into a low relief building. 
    This is the entrance to a workshop which will run the length of the back scene.

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  5. Hi everyone thanks for pressing the likes button. 
    Some work has commenced on the yard office building, I have used a scalemodelscenery laser cut kit and also a laser cut kit for the coal staithe.

    Tomorrow the brickwork will be added to the office and hopefully start building the roof section.


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  6. Afternoon all. I have started to build a small table top layout called Boxton Yard. The name of the layout is fictitious but the theme of the layout is modelled around a busy coal yard, where coal and other aggregate are being brought in by rail.

    As you can see the baseboard is complete and the Peco track has been laid. I had to use Hornby track pins which are quite cumbersome but this should hide well once ballasting and weathering is applied.

    The layout will have a stick which will form the head shunt.

    I have added a picture of my progress..


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