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  1. Hi everyone thanks for the response to my photo plank build.

    I'm going to be away from railway modelling for a little while due to health issues. This won't stop me from popping in from time to time on the forum. 

    Looking at the different layout builds will take my mind off things when I'm at a low point.

    Take care and keep modelling. :sungum:

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  2. Hi I'm pleased with the ballast as it's dried nicely. This morning work has started on the area leading to the coal bunker. Filler has been laid and I have also made some undulations in the surface to emulate where vehicles would have been. 

    The surface will be weathered and painted to give it that hard packed ash, muck and cinder surface. As always a progress picture..


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  3. Nick don't worry about it being a disaster, we fellow modellers have all been at this stage and things go wrong or look crap. 

    It's about learning and having fun. I normally use n gauge ballast for oo gauge modelling or depending on the area you are modelling kiln dried sand is another product I like to use.


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  4. Hi and thanks for touching the likes button. I'm pleased people are liking my railway modelling. 

    Originally the front of the plank was going to be where the fence runs, but now the fence is going to be at the rear of my plank as it looks better this way. The plank base has been drilled to accept the fence posts which have also been glued for strength. 

    As always a progress picture..



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  5. This morning I have been concentrating on the ballasting. I'm using a new product from SMS called urban ballast and it's gone down nicely.

    Needs at least 24 hours to dry before more weathering is applied to the chairs and ballast.

    As always some progress pictures..


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  6. Some more progress this afternoon, sticking with weathering I have completed the coal bunker as well as the track sleepers.

    I'm going to add a few bits of brown to the coal bunker, but all in all its coming together nicely.

    I have built a small grassy area to the rear right of the plank. As always a few progress pictures..


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  7. I have been weathering the buffer stop which is made by fixing three railway sleepers together. This used to be used in little sidings where chains were wrapped under the rails and around the sleepers.

    This is what I plan to do, I'm pleased with the old wood look. As always a progress picture..


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  8. Today I have managed to fit the boards to the coal bunker which will need time to dry before painting and weathering commences tomorrow.

    Wood coffee stirrers do come in handy when scratch building is required. As always a picture of my progress. :)


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  9. Thanks for the likes. Progress has been slow due to working nights and family life. As you can see I have rejigged the plan by have the track on an angle. With the front of the plank now having a small grassy embankment.

    The back of the plan will have a coal bunker which I have already started by adding the uprights which are match sticks. The planks of the bunker will be modelled from wood coffee stirrers.



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  10. A tiny bit of progress was made today. I reworked the grassy embankment along the back of the plank as I wanted an access road for railway vehicles to use.

    I'm happy with how it's turned out, tomorrow I will add the access road using filler, pva and mix in some colour. :)


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